Friday, 3 December 2010

The Supermercado Christmas Specials - Parts I & II

Now, we love to crack on with our very best Bing Crosby impersonations as much as the next person around this time, and, in theory, I guess I am dreaming of a White Christmas - but if it could just be white on Christmas Day then nice and dry and clear on Boxing Day - that'd be great. As things stand though, we have a white-run-up-to-Christmas and the darned weather is causing havoc up and down the country. Spare a thought for your friendly crafty types during this bitter cold, won't you? There are troupes of hardy indie business owners setting up shop in the courtyard of The Barras Centre every Saturday until Christmas and they are downright chilly willy! We can feed them cup-a-soup, we can ply them with tea, but really, what will surely warm their hearts is having some customers to talk to. Give them a reason to get up from their icy cold stools and show you round their fabulous array of handmade wares! Don your long johns, your wellies and your fur lined coat and shop local, shop indie this Christmas!

Supermercado Christmas Specials:  27.11.10

Last week marked the first in a series of Supermercado Christmas Specials. It was flippin' freezing in the courtyard even with the indoor heating (goes without saying) and while the snow lay thick on the pavements, customers were thin on the ground. Despite the crazy conditions though, our ever-cheery vendors kept themselves perky, enjoying home roasted coffee from Alastair Moodie, delectable sweet treats from Flamingo Bakery and live music from Julias' Daughters (we particularly LOVED the gals' cover of Made in the Shade shopping soundtrack favourite 'A Teenager In Love'!). Sadly, many a rock'n'roll cowgirl was left disappointed as The Meat Men had to call off at the last minute. The ol' red Meat Machine (aka Richard's van) did not cope well with the cold and left the fellas stranded on the other side of town :(

Supermercado Christmas Specials:  27.11.10

This week, despite the snow, we're gonna give it our best shot and go for round two of the Christmas Specials. Weather/engine permitting, we WILL be joined by The Meat Men and we'll be breaking open our stock of mince pies and offering y'all a little treat or two as you browse a selection of work by fabulous designer makers! Setting up shop in the courtyard this week we have... mavens of vintage style, Hot Tam-Ali plus jewellery and accessories makers t-boo, We Are The Robots, Suzy Loves, Dazed Dorothy, Canary Yellow, Sydney's Studio Works and Fantoosherie. 'Lil Bubba Things show off their latest collection of handmade gorgeousness for little 'uns, Purple Herb returns with a glorious selection of handmade bath and body products and Ula & Lucy join us for the first time to debut their beautiful printed products. Fresh from the Country Living Fair at Glasgow's SECC, the fabulous Leah Halliday will be in residence at Supermercado too - selling a whole host of wonderful vintage homewares, accessories and hand stitched gifts. Our favourite man maker Kevin Morris - will wow y'all with his super-stunning handmade bird houses, home accessories and gifts. To top it all off? We do, of course, have the BEST group of foodie DIYers you ever did see. Zoe Makes Cakes is back with us and she'll be bringing a stonking spread of pie, loaves, preserves (and cake). Cupcake-tastic residents Flamingo Bakery will have their barrow choc-full of takeaway and eat-now treats, Venues to Menus will provide the French macaroons (I cannot WAIT) and Sprinkle Happiness will tempt you with tasty homemade tablet and other irresistible sweeties!

Supermercado Christmas Specials:  27.11.10

The Supermercado sellers need you. Keep your crafters cosy this Christmas and come visit us at The Barras!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rock Around OUR Christmas Tree at Supermercado!

Yes! Ditch boring ol' Buchanan Street for the bustle of The Barras this Christmas. Swap bad-mannered elbow jabbers for loud-hailer-voiced traders, hot donuts and a whole heap of bargain hunting and off-the-beaten-track gift options!

Christmas starts here. We're not ashamed. We're not hiding the tinsel any more. It's coming out. We're hanging it up - and by Saturday? We'll be rockin' round the ENORMOUS Christmas tree at The Barras Centre like a pair o' crazy ass elves. To save us looking like eejits, we need you to join us.

Over the next four Saturdays, Supermercado comes over all 'festive'! And why not, huh? It IS blinkin' Christmas! If ever there was a year to make Christmas last a little bit longer than usual, it's this year. Dance your cares away - save your worries for another day. Eat, drink and be merry (etc., etc.). Complete with free edibles and drinkables, live music, Christmas craft-offs, swap shop stalls and the customary pick of handmade wonders, vintage treats and super-special gifts - now is the time to get in touch with your East Side - and venture 5 measly minutes beyond town and join in with the spirit of Supermercado!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

EVENT CANCELLATION: The Festive Shindig at The Roxy

On Friday night, some kind soul posted a link on our Facebook page. The link, a news item about our fabulous Edinburgh venue - The Roxy Art House, came bearing bad tidings. Due to financial problems of The Roxy's parent charity, the building has been forced to close its doors leaving staff and management without work and leaving Edinburgh without this great multi-purpose arts and creative space.

To read more about the closure, click here or here.

The MITS Springtime Jamboree (Edinburgh)

Made in the Shade has been resident at The Roxy since the start of the 2010. In The Roxy we found our ideal base. We are absolutely crushed to hear of its closure. These unexpected developments leave us in a real tricky spot. At this time of year, alternative events spaces are booked up for other festive soirees (and the ones that aren't are well outwith our budget). We have already spent our marketing money on printed promo for The Roxy event and we've already completed our press work. At this late stage it is simply not practically or financially viable for us to arrange a second event from scratch and hope that within just 20-odd days we can promote it well enough to make it a success for us, our customers and our vendors. As such we have made the horrible, horrible decision to cancel The Festive Shindig. If you are a vendor and have booked selling space at The Roxy on Saturday 27th November, you will receive a full refund shortly. We are so sorry. We know you will be disappointed and if we could find a way to prevent the inconvenience, we would. To our customers in Edinburgh, thanks so much for supporting our move to the city. We'll hopefully be back some time soon.

If it's any consolation, the cancellation of the Festive Shindig and of all other Made in the Shade events in Edinburgh for the time being has serious implications for our little business and Clare and I will need to figure out the best way forward over the coming weeks and months.

Sorry everyone.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Learn to Screen Print at MITS HQ!

Book your place on our all-new screenprinting course! Over four 3 hour sessions, you will learn all you need to be able to make simple screen-prints from home with minimal investment. Pretty neat, huh?

Screen Print at Home Course

The MITS HQ, The Barras Centre, 54 Calton Entry, Glasgow

Wednesday 10th November
Wednesday 17th November
Wednesday 24th November
Wednesday 1st December

6.30pm - 9.30pm

£60 deposit, then £20 per session thereafter
(all materials + takeaway kit worth £40 included)

Book at:

Week 1:

Software setup ( image manipulation, preparation and setup for screen printing) Bring an image you want to print and learn how to prepare it quickly for efficient screenprinting!

Week 2:
Screen-making (simple mesh stretching/adhesion) You will learn about image burning and you will learn how to fix your image onto the screen. Tutor Peter Vallely will share some tricks of the trade to allow you to set up your own screens at home without the need for fancy, expensive equipment!

Week 3:
Printing using water-based ink onto fabric and paper.

Week 4:
More printing! Time allowing, Peter will share tips for multi-colour printing, printing on dark fabrics, plastisol inks, halftone printing etc.

This course will provide you with all the basic skills you need to get going. Once you've perfected them, the opportunities are endless. Endless I tell you! :)

Each course guests leaves the class with a 'lil kit containing a screen with their image on it, a squeegee to print with, a cotton tote bag they've printed on and around 1/4 litre of ink to play around with later. It'll be air drying ink so you won't need curing equipment either. Get printing at home!

The course costs £140. Pay just £60 to secure your space then £20 per session there after.

To book your place, email us at and we'll send all the details you need to make your deposit.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Supermercado: The Early Days

Well, this Saturday we'll be hosting the fourth of our introductory market events at The Barras Centre. Over the last month we've been joined by 20-odd fabulous indie businesses in our new courtyard home. We've enjoyed the company of secondhand booksellers, wonderful bakers, designer makers, illustrators and photographers, fashion designers and vintage collectors. We've munched handcrafted sushi bites and we've giggled at pictures of naked Japanese men in the bottom of saki glasses. The courtyard may be chilly during these autumnal afternoons, but the atmosphere is warm and the support we've had from y'all so far has cosied up our wee hearts and overworked brains! Our Supermercado venture is in its infancy and as such needs some serious nurturing, love and care. We want our weekly indie market to grow into a real worthy shopping destination on the already mighty Glasgow style map. With continued help from you and additional help from others like you, over time, we'll get The Barras buzzing again :)

Supermercado at The Barras Centre

Over the next few weeks we have a TONNE of treats in store. Some of the upcoming Supermercado vendor highlights include...

Rebecca Johnstone

Rebecca (formerly Cotton Candy Corsage) returns to the market scene following a break last year. She'll be showcasing a new collection of handmade corsages, necklaces, belts and other textile accessories. Rebecca is also offering a range of wonderful craft supplies to Supermercado customers - get in quick to snaffle 'em up.

Hot Tam-Ali

If you're on the look out for the perfect vintage frock (and let's face it, we are always on the look out for the perfect vintage frock), then make sure you stop by and pay the Hot Tam-Ali ladies a visit. Hot Tam-Ali offer a fine range of high quality, genuine vintage items - and they also have a keen eye for a hot retro buy here and there too! Don't miss it.


Designer maker Sara Greig joins us in the courtyard for the first time :) You may recognise Sara's beautiful fascinators? We stocked them in The Maisonette last year and many a gal came over all a-flutter at their feathery prettiness. Stop by and see Sara for gorgeous handmade headpieces and other textile accessories.

Morag Macpherson

A long-time Made in the Shader, we welcome textile designer, Morag Macpherson (formerly Global Guru) to Supermercado! She'll be showcasing her latest collection of luxurious pure wool scarves, silk accessories and glorious interior pieces.

Florence Box

one of the first vendors to jump aboard the Supermercado train, smiley-faced Sally Reid offers y'all a peep inside her jewellery box! You will find kitsch brooches, retro necklaces and upcycled charms galore. Our current favourite? Her twin swallow pin :)

Leah Halliday

Leah Halliday is BACK. With a range of vintage homewares and crafty collectables fit for a retro queen, Leah will be wooing you with beautiful ceramics, kitchenware and textiles - plus a smattering of handcrafted gifts to boot!

Zoe Makes Cakes

'Tis true. Zoe does make cakes. However, at Supermercado she'll be coming over all savoury and providing customers with tasty pies and scumptious jams! Cannot WAIT for this. If there's one thing a gal needs in Autumn - it's a pie.

Lynsey Robertson Textiles

Recent textile graduate, Lynsey Robertson, makes her first foray into Supermercado-land and showcases her latest collection of beautiful silk scarves and accessories.

Love Me Again

Last time Laura (the gal behind the treasure trove that is Love Me Again) set up shop with at Supermercado, we had our beady eyes firmly set on a beautiful, pearly French teaset. Amongst other things. Visit her in the courtyard and peruse her vintage craft supplies, patterns, books, textiles, glassware and ephemera.

t-boo & Stella My Star

Jewellery making crafty chums Tracey and Jo show off their respective collections. With an ever-growing and truly lovely selection of brooches, rings and necklaces on offer you will be sure to find the perfect vintage-style accessory. By using found objects, vintage charms and upcycled materials, each piece is uuuuuuuuunique :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Supermercado & MITS HQ Grand Opening Party!

The Made in the Shade Supermercado Grand Opening & The Barras Revival

On Saturday 6th November, Made in the Shade hosts the official launch of Glasgow's only weekly indie market, Supermercado. We invite y'all to the undercover courtyard of the newly refurbished Barras Centre to experience for yourselves, The New Barras.

The Barras:  Supermercado & MITS  HQ Grand Opening

Grand Opening Party - Bring your friends!

Indie businesses - including specialist bakers, artisan coffee roasters, vintage clothing sellers, designer makers, indie thrifters, florists, fashion designers and secondhand music and books traders - set up shop in the courtyard between 10.30am and 4pm.

Supermercado at The Barras Centre

As you shop, expect to be served a heap of old-style treats from The Barras Buffet, choosing from broken biscuits, hot donuts, peas & vinegar and cockle-warming beverages.

The Barras Buskers provide live entertainment during gaps in the Supermercado shopping soundtrack. The live music line-up features a special live acoustic set by rock'n'roll honky tonkers, The Meatmen.

The Summertime Hop - Edinburgh 2010

The Made in the Shade HQ will have a 'doors open day' for visitors to sneak a peek at our new creative base and workshop space - with the opportunity to take part in drop-in sewing workshops with seamstress extraordinaire, Leah Halliday.

Oh-Sew-Pretty Workshop

The Barras Centre Cafe will also be open for business providing a comfortable hide-out for public crafters and people watchers.

The Barras: Glasgow with Personality

The launch also marks the beginning of a DIY campaign by Made in the Shade to encourage shoppers back to the market district.

With a mighty budget of zero pounds, we've devised the first steps in their campaign to ignite a Barras revival. We're gathering quotes and stories from people about The Barras for use in our crusade. Local film makers, photographers and musicians are already onboard to help us raise the profile of the Eastend shopping hub through a series of guerilla events, online promotions and impromptu stunts. :) If you would like to lend a hand, let us know!

We will be offering guided tours of The Barras Centre and the surrounding area on launch day and we'll be presenting information on our plans and efforts to rebuild The Barras.

Like a wise man once said, "Let's get back on it!"


Vote The Maisonette your Best Small Shop!

The Maisonette celebrates it's 1st birthday on 30th October. A whole YEAR has gone by since we opened our clattery black shutter and welcomed the first waves of jolly customers to our little home. Mad, huh? It seems just a moment ago that we were bopping around in our paper suits covered in green paint. It definitely doesn't feel like a year has passed since we bought up pretty much the entire stock of the Salvation Army to use as shop fittings! Remember when Angharad and Laura bounded up to the new shop with armfuls of homebaked cupcakes? Yes! Me too! And you remember when Elvis showed up? Yes! Like it was yesterday! Bonkers.

12 months on and we've settled into our hidden secret spot in De Courcy's Arcade. We have lots of new neighbours and - our shop's considerably larger than it used to be! :) We now stock designer makers from all over the UK and beyond and we have introduced goodness only knows how many new designers to our roster in the last year. We've hosted tiny workshops, curated tiny exhibitions, hosted pop-up shops, put on the Piney Gir matinee gig and we've played hostess to the Lady Luck Rules Ok tour! We've catered to rock star requests, styled a tv pilot and featured in the blinkin' Easyjet mag! Waowsers.

Vote The Maisonette!

We need your help. We would love, love, love it if you would vote The Maisonette one of your Best Small Shops as part of The Telegraph/Mary Portas campaign. Please submit a vote for The Maisonette in the homes/interiors category. Ah, go'awn, Y'will.
We need to gather enough online votes to be shortlisted. After that, the winners will be selected by a panel of judges. We're not usually ones for competitions and accolades, but on this occasion - yes siree, we want to be included, if only to receive a letter from the Queen (of Shops). The categories don't really work for us since we're as much a gift and lifestyle shop as we are an interiors store, but the silly categories are pretty rigid.

Vote for The Maisonette HERE!

Decorative Plates by Le Petit Oiseau

Foxy Print by Fledgling

Knit Print Cushion by Justine Ellis

The Maisonette - August 2010