Thursday, 11 March 2010

Neil Slorance Is Not Weird

We've been both friends and fans of Neil Slorance and his illustrations and paintings for several years. A fella after our own hearts, Neil leads a super-busy quadruple life as worker bee, studious college boy, rock'n'roll musician and artist. How he finds the time to balance all aspects, I'm not sure - but we sure are glad that he does!

We are thrilled to announce that Neil has chosen to show his very first solo exhibition in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette next month. Entitled 'I'm Not Weird', the show offers visitors a peep into the mind of Neil and into the minds of others.

Exposing all our little foibles, the crazy ambitions we might bury, our secret wonderings about the guy sitting opposite us on the tube and the judgements we make about our neighbours' curtains, etc., etc., 'I'm Not Weird' explores the spectrum of emotions we slide up and down on daily basis and takes a closer look at our most fleeting thoughts and ideas and encourages 'em to hang around for a little bit longer than usual. We managed to chat to Neil about his latest collection of work and the underlying concept behind, 'I'm Not Weird' inbetween classes and gigs!

"For the past few months I’ve been keeping numerous sketchbooks to hand. I've been jotting down all the little thoughts that would otherwise be forgotten. At the same time, I've been talking to other folk, urging them to make note of any funny little thoughts and ideas they have too. The idea being that later, I'll gather all the notes together and illustrate them.
The end result will be a collection of pieces ranging from the funny, personal and sad; to the downright weird and disturbing. Since the work will be presented tightly in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette, coming to the show will be like walking into a collective brain. A weird collective brain."

'I'm Not Weird' by Neil Slorance will be showing in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette between Saturday 3rd April and Friday 30th April 2010.


  1. I love Neil! :) and his paintings especially. These are lovely little illustrations. Il definately need to pop by and say hello xx

  2. We love Neil too :) We're real pleased that we're housing his first solo exhibit at The Tiny Gallery. You really must swing by! See you in April!