Saturday, 20 March 2010

A New Neighbour!

Y'all know that we run the Made in the Shade business from our dinky little shop on the Upper Floor of De Courcy's Arcade, right? Well. We have a new neighbour. And my goodness, what a fabulous new neighbour she is!

We are so excited that craftster, mistress of the cupcake and all round good egg, Michelle Aaron is now just two sleeps away from unleashing her brand new venture, Auntie M's Cake Lounge! Situated opposite The Maisonette, Auntie M's Cake Lounge transports visitors to a wonderfully styled version of the 1950s lounge/kitchette.

Auntie M serves up a selection of her fine (home)baked goods from the central cake buffet area and tempts sweet toothed shoppers with handfuls of sweeties - some handmade, some rare, some imported - all divine.

Guests get comfy round cafe-style tables (dressed beautifully in vintage table cloths of course) or relax on the 1950s setee while enjoying a flick through Auntie M's vintage lifestyle magazines. Auntie M offers bottomless cups of coffee while y'all listen to her old-time track selections on the wireless!

Do we really have to state the obvious here and say that Auntie M's Cake Lounge is a Made in the Shade gal's DREAM COME TRUE. I'm guessing by the dedication, attention to detail and resolve Michelle has shown in the past 6 months to bring her new business together that it's HER dream come true too! :)

Look at these sneaky peek images of Auntie M's, drool a while then make a date to visit on or after opening day - Monday 22nd March :) We'll see you there! (We'll be the greedy cretins in the corner covered in frosting and cake glitter!)


  1. I'm off cake and chocolate for lent :( But as soon as that's up I'm there!! It looks amazing!

  2. It looks fantastic, i cant wait to visit and try some of those goodies :)