Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Made In The Shade WEST

Yes siree!

Get your diaries at the ready! The Made In The Shade Springtime Jamboree takes place at Oran Mor (the beautiful venue at the top of Byres Road) on Sunday 5th April. We will swing open the doors at 12 noon and we'll close 'em over again at 5pm. We'll be putting together a fabulous afternoon of boutique shopping with a sugary sweet, old-time fete and fairground feel.

Celebrate the arrival of the daffodils in style: Come peruse the wonderful wares of this season's hottest Made In The Shade vendors, nibble some candyfloss and jive around to our trademark Made In The Shade Shopping soundtrack!

Check back for more details over the coming weeks - for now, you can get started on whipping yourselves into a handmade & vintage frenzy!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Springtime Jamboree '09!

Greetings Made In The Shaders!

I come bearing exciting tidings.

As some of you will have heard, Made In The Shade has been deemed temporarily homeless for a portion of 2009. However, we have been searching far and wide for suitably fabulous spaces from which to host special Made In The Shade shopping soirees and we think we're about half way there in securing a couple of splendid venues for y'all! We will be setting up shop in alternative venues during Spring/Summer but will return home to The Lighthouse in Autumn/Winter.

Keep your eyes on the site next week for details of our Springtime Jamboree event! Made In The Shade packs its overnight case and takes a roadtrip out of the city centre. This year we are celebrating the arrival of the daffodils and crocuses way out west! Yes siree! Everybody needs a change of scenery don't they? We are adding the final details to the arrangements now. The event takes place on a sunny Sunday at the Oran Mor in early April. Information will be published here first.

If you are interested in selling your handmade or vintage wares at Made In The Shade this Spring, hold on to your hats! A call for contributors will be winging its way to y'all very shortly. For general event queries though, you can email us at madeintheshadebookings@gmail.com We're always pleased to hear from you!

For now, keep yourselves occupied - bake a cake, cuddle on the sofa and enjoy Judy Garland & Fred Astaire in... Easter Parade! What else?!

Monday, 12 January 2009

There's A Party On The Hill

... and we would love you to come! You can bring a cup and saucer if you want and if you fancy a cream bun - knock yourself out!

[We Are] Fuzzy Felt Folk, Glasgow's country music craft-friendly club is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary with a little hoedown in Macsorley's Music Bar, Jamaica Street on Sunday 1st February.

There'll be live music from our talented chums Schnapps and The Invisible Republic and Lady Wurlitzer (aka Made In The Shade's Carrie Maclennan) will provide a country tinged vintage soundtrack throughout the day.

Schnapps, fresh from gigs with White Denim, RTX (and by the time this show comes around) The Brute Chorus, have very kindly agreed to join our party and deliver some raw, abstract wonky tonk to our ears (most likely mediated by the effects of tequila). The band brings together musical and creative talent from all sorts of corners of the city and the resultant mixy-mashy that emerges from the meld is quite, quite fabulous. Oh yes siree!

The Invisible Republic have been good friends of Made In The Shade & FFF for a very, very long time and we're absolutely thrilled to have 'em along (with new members and all!) to our 2nd birthday party. The last time I heard the band play, I was stomping my feet and clapping my hands and singing along to their fabulous renditions of Hank Williams classics (arranged and performed especially for The Parsonage Hank Williams Tribute). Seeing the band on the Opry stage is one of my highlights of 2009 and I cannot wait to be swaying along to 'She Named A Bullet After Me' on the 1st Feb.

Aswell as getting together to celebrate the Fuzzy Felt Folk birthday, we're also tipping our stetsons to the launch of Clare Nicolson's brand new public crafting project, Country Crafting! If you are a maker or an all-round creative type and you fancy joining in on some pub crafting (or even some fun colouring in!) then we'd love to see you! Clare will have a load of creative fun in store and you can come along and ask her about her fabulous plans for 2009! Later in the year there'll be cross-stitch tutorials, knitting classes and all sorts of opportunties to make things. Come find out more!

We'll see you at Macsorley's between 3pm and 10pm!