Monday, 23 February 2009

The Perfect Sunday Afternoon

[We Are] Fuzzy Felt Folk & Country Crafting take place at Macsorley's Music Bar this Sunday (Sunday March 1st). Made In The Shaders, Carrie & Clare will be entertaining Sunday loungers between 3pm - 7pm. Carrie will bring the 'country', Clare will being the 'crafting' and we'll all have a swell ole time!

There'll be colouring in (of course!) and Clare's crafty pub project this month is the ever-lovable sock puppet! Check the Country Crafting profile for more details.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Springtime Jamboree Vendors

Whoof! We have been utterly inundated with vendor applications for our Made In The Shade Springtime Jamboree at Oran Mor. We received twice as many applications than we have spaces so the team have had to make some REALLY tough decisions this season. However, we think we've succeeded in bringing y'all a fabulous, perfectly balanced selection of design, neo-craft and vintage lifestyle! Phew....

Introducing... the Made In The Shade Springtime Jamboree Vendors!

All makers at Made In The Shade design and create their own products.

All vintage sellers have the eyes of magpies and offer quality, personally sought out items.

Little Sister Lucy: Luxurious nightwear, jewellery & accessories by Lucy Balloch

Pammie Annie Mackay: Gorgeous clutch bags, make-up pouches & pretty shoppers by Pammie Annie

Doublethink Designs: Unusual prints, cards & framed interiors by Victoria Evans

t-boo & Stella My Star: Jewellery & accessories made with love from vintage reclaim and pretty things

Kitty & Dude: Cheeky ceramics to appeal to the eye and the brain - by the fabulously talented Cosima

Pea Millinery: Must-have millinery by Paula Cooper. Vintage & contemporary designs - gorgeous!

Covetables: Hand sewn plush characters for children and grown-ups alike. Oh - and you must try the scrummiest cupcakes in town. By Michelle Aaron.

Eyes Wide Open Vintage: Vintage clothing, accessories, jewellery & pretty things by those 60s obsessed psych/garage gals!

Bindy Boo: Beautiful handbound books and journals by Bindy Boo, Eva Gustavsson.

Silly Lily: Handmade gifts & accessories for the home; bookmarks, doorstops, egg cosies, paper weights, scented sachets and washbags and... and... so many more pretty things!

Clare Nicolson: Oh-so-sweet springtime textiles and interiors. Add a little pretty to your surroundings!

Nana Moon & Lady Wurlitzer: Vintage style, homewares, beauty and ephemera by Carrie Maclennan

YHF Photography: Photography exhibit with a touch of quirk by Garry Maclennan & Friends

Margolily: Fancy accessories inspired by 1920s sparkle. Ribbons, silks, feathers and handknits; indulgent!

Madness of Many: Owls! Robots! Stags! Handmade interiors & giftware by Kimberly Diamond

Made By Mother: Art, illutsration & giftware by Mhari McMullan. The home of handmade lace braces!

We Are The Robots: Nautical, rockabilly & pixelated jewellery by the coolest robots in town.

Feel Fuzzy: Giving childhood treasures new life: vintage inspired paper-goods, embroidery & gifts

INTO Textiles: Fabulously cosy knits by the super-talented Lorraine Linton

Crikey Aphrodite: Glamorous corsetry & undergarments for the goddess in you (or your honey!)

Global Guru: Eclectic textiles, accessories & interiors by Morag Macpherson

Electra French: Citrus-tastic clothing, pants, jewellery & gifts by Dougie

Elfie Loves: Fashion writer/stylist, Diana Kiernander opens her vintage closet to MITS customers!

Art by Neil Slorance: Welcome to Neil's OSM world of robots, spacemen and shy boys, unlucky in love. Whimsical and melancholic yet utterly delightful and engaging!

Miso Funky: Offbeat homewares, accessories & embroidered samplers by Claire Brown & Mr. Miso

Sarey Poppins: Sarah Martin of Belle & Sebastian cuts her crafty teeth at Made In The Shade with her Springtime range of bags, accessories and special gifts.

Emoni: Michael Clarence returns to MITS with his luxurious range of ribboned shoppers and handbags.

bYMi: Unusual origami jewellery, art and accessories by Hannah Snell. Gorgeous

Leah Halliday: Handmade homey things, vintage treasure and beautiful giftware by Leah Halliday.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing?

St. Valentine's Day is upon us once more.

Whether you are planning a weekend indoors to avoid the abundance of rose-tinted schmaltz that takes over our favourite hang-outs at this time of year or whether you are wholly embracing the oh-so-sweet influx of hearts and flowers, there's never a better time to indulge in a bit of self-gifting! Better still, have your honey gift it up for you!

Here's our pick of fabulous handmade Valentine presents...

'El Corazon' necklace by Stella My Star

Oh-so-pretty Camisole by Little Sister Lucy

Gorgeous zip-bag by Natalie Farrell

Fabulous illustrated doillie by Made By Mother

Heart-shaped brooch by Lost In The Forest

Rose garter by Crikey Aphrodite

'You Make My Tongue Loose' by Neil Slorance (OSM)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Mini Press Mention

Hi there Made In The Shaders,

We swing by quickly this morning to share a little article you might be interested in. Our fabulous journo chum Claire has recently submitted a short piece to one of our very favourite publications, Amelia's Magazine and has very kindly given a little mention to Made In The Shade!

You can read the article here.

Please note though that there are a couple of wee errors in the story. 1) Made In The Shade is intended to be included in the article as another example of the rise of diy culture in Glasgow - not as an event affiliated with the GCM. 2) [We Are] Fuzzy Felt Folk & Country Crafting! take place in Macsorley's on the 1st Sunday of the month. FFF is run by Carrie Maclennan and Country Crafting! is run by Clare Nicolson. Neither of these events are affiliated with the GCM. They are run independently by a couple o' chums with a penchant for country music, colouring in, making things and chatting to friends over a whole bunch of rum! 3) Oh - and at the time of writing Clare Nicolson was the Mafia Don but has since taken on a new role with the group.

Phew! :o) Enjoy!