Friday, 17 July 2009

A Jolly July Catch-Up: Some news and updates for y'all

Evening all!

Apologies for the eery silence at of late. The gals have been super busy laying exciting plans for future Made In The Shade events and ventures. Eeep!

Cowgal Clare shows off her best western get-up in The Sunday Herald

I know, I know. We've been banging on about Clare appearing in the Sunday Herald for ages - but honest! It's really happening! Clare enjoyed her little photoshoot this afternoon and she's gearing up for her interview on Monday. Our gal will feature in the 'My Favourite Outfit' column in next weekend's Sunday paper. Keep your peepers peeled!

Made In The Shade featured in Big In Falkirk documentary

Our chums at UZ Events forwarded us this link to a documentary made by a talented media student during the Falkirk festivities in May '09. For those of you who didn't make it along to the festival, this little movie gives a splendid overview of the event - hopefully enough to entice you to attend next year! For those of you who did swing by, then you'll catch a glimpse of some of your favourite acts and installations. Look out for the grannies on giant shopping trolleys, the flamenco dancer in the snow globe and... Made In The Shade! The film features quick interviews with our very own Suzanne Smith and the lovely Rosemary Cunningham of *piplessjam. Hooray!

To watch the Big In Falkirk documentary in full (it's about 10 minutes long), click here.

Exciting developments (that we can't really tell you about yet!)

We've been working very hard behind the scenes at Made In The Shade HQ. We're laying some pretty exciting plans and we hope y'all will be as thrilled about 'em as we are. We're not quite ready to unveil everything properly yet, but we can tell you that not only are we toiling away to produce some fabulous events for you, but we're also scouring the city for the perfect property to house the all-new Made In The Shade Hub! The Hub will act as a permanent base for the Made In The Shade Gals to do all their important business and will also house a flippin' wonderful retail and showcase space. but - more about that later once we've got everything arranged.... Opening day is a fair way off yet, but we want to keep you up to date!

If you are a designer, maker, crafter or vintage seller, you might be interested to hear that we're about to launch a folio of very special services designed just for you - aiming to help you develop your indie ventures. We'll be launching these very shortly, so look out for an info mail coming your way int he next few weeks! If you just cannot wait and you need to know more NOW then we'll do our best to answer your questions. Get in touch!

Glasgow's own purveyor of prettiness featured on Monday's MITS Blog @ The Skinny

Rachel Lamb, owner of everyone's favourite online boutique, Hannah Zakari talks to the Made In The Shade gals for the next instalment of the Made In The Shade blog at The Skinny. Rachel has very kindly taken part in our 'Whatcha Doin'?' series. Be sure to visit on Monday to read all about the adventures of an inspirational indie business woman!