Monday, 26 July 2010

Whole Lotta Shoppin' Goin' On in Edinburgh!

We've just about recovered from our big Summertime Hop day in Edinburgh. Just about.

We had a lovely, lovely time once again at The Roxy. The Summertime Hop is one of our favourite events of the year and this, our first in Edinburgh, was a swingin', rockin' affair - just as we'd hoped.

Nearly 500 visitors took the time to shop handmade with 41 wonderful indie designer makers during the course of the day. We met some friendly new chums and we got a chance to spend some time perusing handmade and vintage wares and chatting with our talented vendors ourselves this time round! Favourites for us this season include TRASH, Wondrous Makes, Paleface, Leah Halliday, Moody Monday and Plastic Bat.

Auntie M's Cake Lounge did a roaring trade as ever, satisfying the cravings of hungry shoppers with scrumptious cake and sweet treats!

Our Music Matinee was one of the highlights of the day I think, with The Meat Men performing a mixture of original tracks alongside Hop thumpers like 'Hey Good Lookin'', 'That's Alright', 'Shake Rattle & Roll'.

Toes were tappin', hips were swayin' and hands were a-clappin'! The live music element of the afternoon sparked a surge of new visitors and a flurry of sales for our vendors too! Who'd have thought that a dose of rockabilly magic was all that's needed to perk up a weary shopper! ;) Oh how we'd love it if The Meat Men were to be our house band! Some day...

Clare and I are super-poor at the minute but we did manage to sneak ourselves a few fabulous finds...

Clare bought herself a denim jacket from Tabitha Vintage and she also hunted out a pretty print of a yellow rose (of Texas?) from Leah Halliday's treasure trove! I was gifted a set of fabulous egg-cups by my husband and also decided to treat myself to a 'lil linen bag with bright red leather trim from Tabitha Vintage. The lovely Rosie of Wonderous Makes very kindly gave me some of her cute felt peas to take home too! Peas please!

Of course, we've got some folks to thank.

Thanks to Morvern, Rupert & Gavin at The Roxy. Thanks to all the smiley faced helpers who spent time trudging the streets of Edinburgh with posters and flyers in the lead-up to the event. Thanks to Katherine, Sarah and Philip for all their help on the day. Thanks to everyone who contributed wonderful gifts and samples to our goody bags: Mr Yen, Asking for Trouble, Emily Moir, Antzin, Atherton Lin, Auntie M, Edwina Simone, Cherrybomb Charm - and everyone else who sent treats and treasure for our earlybirds! Thanks to all the vendors who contributed gifts to Flora the Tombola - and thanks of course to Flora herself for being such a swell dame.

Enormous thanks to The Meat Men for travelling from Glasgow to be with us for the Music Matinee and for putting on such a brilliant show. Thanks to all the folks who Tweeted and blogged and Facebooked in the run up to the event. Special smiles and 'lil waves need to go especially to Gill at Creative Boom, Marti at Qype, Claire at The List, Lynne at The Scotsman and Alex at The Skinny. Oh - and thanks to Cat McLaughlin for putting the little Summertime Hop pinterest board together. That was real sweet! Thanks to John, Garry, Jennifer, Gillian, Clare's mum and Angharad for helping lug and transport things. Thanks to Auntie M for going on the Lucozade Orange run and for presenting us with frosted treats just at the right time. Thanks to the 500 visitors that came to shop with us and who showed their support with lovely comments and pats on the back during the day. And - last, but not least, muchos gracias to the 41 vendors who set up shop with us and showcased their wonderful handmade/vintage work with us! You're all fabulous.

Edinburgh - we'll see you in November!
Glasgow - sit tight. There's BIG event news coming your way!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Attention! Call for Vendors & Contributors

Listen up y'all!

Vendor applications for The Made in the Shade Summertime Hop (GLASGOW) are NOW OPEN!
The event takes place at The Lighthouse (off Buchanan Street) on Saturday 21st August and will be open to customers between 10.30am and 5pm.

We'll be hosting our event in a different event space at The Lighthouse this season and we are SUPER excited about it. Rather conveniently for all concerned, we'll be setting up shop (and the rest!) on Level 1 of The Lighthouse. The room we've hired is very spacious, has fabulous high ceilings, enormous windows, concrete floors and lots of little nooks and crannies for us to jam some super-special event features into!

We are determined to make the Summertime Hop 2010 one of our best shopping shindigs yet and we need your help to ensure things swing along smoothly and that the fun goes off with a bang! Get involved, people! Get involved! :)

Wanna be a vendor?

If you're a designer maker, artist or other creative entrepreneur-type, then we want to hear from you! To register interest in taking part and to request an application form, drop us a line at: Applications close on Monday 26th July so get in quick!

Wanna host a drop-in workshop?

Maybe you'd like to take up a space at Made in the Shade and pass on some of your creative know-how? We're open to all ideas - zine making, knitting, stitching, printing - whatever you're passion - we'd like you to share it at Made in the Shade! Get in touch with us at:

Wanna perform?

If you made it along to our Edinburgh launch event at The Roxy you'll have enjoyed a little musical performance from the lovely Piney Gir. The MITS Music Matinee is something we'd love to introduce to our Glasgow event too. If you'd like to fit into our retro shopping soundtrack with a mini live show, then we'd love to hear from you:

Wanna create a special event feature?

Whether it's an interactive art station, a special vintage-inspired service or some other genius fun-filled frolic, we want you to get involved with our showcase! If you think you can bring something special to the Made in the Shade mix, then drop a line to:

Wanna volunteer your services?

We've had some fabulous event volunteers help us out in the past. We always appreciate your help and support. This season we're looking to recruit event volunteers to take up the following tasks: Pre-event promo, event meet & greet, event runners, on-the-day promo and a few other things besides. If you have some time to donate, we'd love for you to join in with us! Email us at:

So. There you have it. Lots and lots of opportunities to engage with Made in the Shade. Let's make the Summertime Hop ROCK and ROLL. Get your thinking caps on! :)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Hey MITS! London Calling!

So. We live to tell the tale of yet another Megabus jaunt to London Town. We may have spent a total of 18 hours on a damn coach, but we still managed to cram in a whole load of fun into our whirlwind 3 day trip.

We arrived at Bethnal Green's newest (and undoubtedly swankiest) hotel, Town Hall, on Thursday evening to be wowed by our super-comfy, super-fancy four person apartment. With two enormous ensuite bathrooms, beautiful lounge-sized bedrooms and a shared kitchen and living space complete with designer sofa, we couldn't believe our luck! Landing home to this design hotel made the Megabus journey seem worthwhile!

After playing in the fancy rocking chair and oo-ing and ah-ing at our memory foam matresses for a bit, we set about planning our activities for the next day.

It was Clare's job to dictate the Friday night plans since we'd be celebrating her birthday! We suspected there may be copious amounts of guacamole involved.

After a quick and excitable run round the Museum of Childhood, day two was all about vintage shopping and exploring the indie boutiques of Brick Lane. Oh, how we love Brick Lane. We trawled through rails and rails of the best vintage and reconstructed fashion in the land at Beyond Retro on Friday morning then continued to saunter our way, in and out of tiny gloryholes of indie design, cutsie gallery spaces and high fashion stores.

We enjoyed a lengthy visit and a fun chat with John - owner of the robot shop (Thus) and bumped into Victoria - organiser of the BUST Craftacular. We felt right at home! Imagine meeting someone we knew on the streets of London Town?! After a tasty burger at Swedish cafe, Fika, and an equally tasty Super Bock in the funny little bohemian bat across the road, we shopped a little in Shelf (what a beautiful store) and explored a pop-up vintage sale at the Truman Brewery.

We enjoyed birthday tea with Clare at the legendary Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden, then with our bellies (far too) full, we headed back east to All Star Lanes for cocktails and chatter with chums - fellow BUST visitors Josie & Freda (Ding Dong Designs) and beauty editor and features writer of Chinese magazine, Little Thing, the lovely Jas Tang.

Some of the sweet treats we enjoyed at All Star Lanes:

1 x watermelon juice
1 x orange ice cream soda
2 x Tiki shake
6 x Pin-Up Girl cocktails
1 x Elderflower Julep

Clare and her beau (John) enjoyed a stroll home in the night time heat, but Beardy and I headed taxi-rank bound since the dreaded London Feet syndrome caused havoc with my mobility yet again! Bedward bound - I love memory foam. And I love sheepskin rugs.

Of course, Saturday was all about one thing and one thing only - the BUST Craftacular at York Hall.

Clare and I were excited and nervous about our "dj" debut as The A-Maisonettes but we needn't have worried. Once we were plugged in and ready to go, we had a rerr ol' time entertaining the visitors and vendors at the Craftacular.

Some of our little mini soundtrack themes included 'Summer' (obviously), 'Naughty' (oo-er!) and 'Money'! I wonder if any of our song choices managed to reach the customers subliminally?!? :)

Extracts from our Naughty/Nice selections:

Strip Polka
Chilli-Dippin' Baby
We Wear Short Shorts
Skinnie Minnie
Mama Goes Where Papa Goes
Fist City

Extracts from our Money/Shopping selections:

I Love You Honey
Cash on the Barrelhead
Money Honey
Pay Me My Money Down

We ended our 2 hour set with the glorious Piney Gir and Big Apple Stomp :)

We may not be technical genuises and we're all too aware that laptop 'djing' is often scoffed at (actually, it was quite openly scoffed at...) - but you know what? We don't care! ;) Clare and I had a whale of a time and there were enough hips swaying and toes tapping in the hall for us to be happy with our choices! Next time - expect co-ordinated outfits, synchronised dance moves and a whole bloomin' stage set! Hahaha! Thanks to Victoria for allowing us to play and thanks too to the nice people who took the time to say nice things to us about The A-Maisonettes afterwards!

Once the musical fun was over, we jumped off the stage and into the indie shopping craziness! Over 60 vendors had gathered at York Hall for this year's Summer Craftacular and the variety and quality of work on offer was fabulous. Just fabulous :) We caught up with some friendly faces too - The Cat in the Shoe, Lost At Sea, Gemma Correll, Louise Graham, The Make Lounge, Leona Baker, Sannapanda, Lush & Lovely, Elaine Eckford - to name just a few. We were also thrilled to bump into the Atherton Lin fellas! Jeremy, Jamie - 'twas great to see you both! We were bouncing off the walls at the thought of Swing Patrol and the Jitterbug/Lindyhop dance class but when it came to the crunch, we just couldn't stir up the energy to join in with the stepping and kicking! Instead we sat on the sidelines and appreciated the efforts of the other novices (and the experts). With limited pennies at our disposal, shopping was limited, but I did invest in a pretty bag of fabric remnants (for book project purposes!) and a fabulous necklace with fancy sewing charms on :) One of the best purchases of the day though - was the super-tasty ham & cheese croissant sarnies on sale in the indie food court! Sadly, we were much too late to sample Leona's iced-tea! 20 litres sold out in the opening hours of the event!!! Yes. It was that hot. Pheweee!

The ultimate highlight of the day? Seeing lots of satisfied early birds enter the Craftacular wearing their Made in the Shade tote bags with pride :) Let's play, 'spot the tote'...

Monday, 5 July 2010

Summertime News: A Monster Update

Summer always seems to wind up a crazily busy time for the Made in the Shade gals. At this point last year, we were up to our hairdos in business plans, cashflow charts, property schedules, NESTA awards and event planning. This year - things are no calmer. Infact - I think these next few months are set to be two or three of the busiest we've had to date! Just looking at the big black diary in our bureau is giving us butterflies in our tummies and shivers of dread in equal measure. Will we manage to get everything done? Will all be well? Will our grand plans come to fruition the way we want? Will y'all like the outcomes? Will you approve? Yikes! The PRESSURE!!!

Here I sit with my nutrious lunch of cigarettes and a (wine) glass of milk. With the all-saved BBC 6music as good company and writing soundtrack, I think it's time we filled you in on all that's shakin' down at Made in the Shade HQ...

1. Made in the Shade at the BUST Craftacular (London)

This weekend, Clare and I take the first of our bi-annual trips to London for the BUST Craftacular event at York Hall, Bethnal Green. We've attended the event as customers and we've taken The Maisonette and set up shop as vendors. This time round we'll be popping along to the Craftacular to rock our little socks off as Made in the Shade dj duo - The A-Maisonettes! (Amazin'-ettes/A-Maisonettes! Get it? Mistress of the pun Clare Nicolson came up with that gem!) We'll be wiring up our laptops like the "dj" cheats we are and treating vendors and visitors to a little 2 hour set crammed full of rock'n'roll raucousness, vintage obscurities and countrified toe-tappers! The A-Maisonettes take to the stage at noon. If you're coming by for some crafty fun, do give us a wave! :) Our very own Beardy (aka YHF Photo) will be official event photographer on the day. If you see him - make sure he takes your snap! Oh - and if you're amongst the first 100 early bird guests at The Craftacular and are lucky enough to bag yourself a bag of swag, then look out! You may well be walking off with one of our brand new Made in the Shade totes! We love them. We hope you will too.


By now, you'll know us well enough I'm sure to have figured out that we're a pair of crazy control-freak perfectionists. Yeah? So - it'll come as no surprise to you then that we've never been quite satisfied with the design and functionality of our website! We're resourceful gals and we make do with the materials we have - but the time has come for us to sort out once and for all. Thanks to a recommendation from our boy Ian of El Rancho Records and Schnapps fame, we've landed ourselves a flippin' fabulous web design team in the shape of Mr Paul Kelly and his fine associate Katri of Kactus Pie. Paul and Katri have been working hard behind the scenes for us - helping improve the function and scope of our site and making it look just the way we'd like. Pretty? You betcha! Not only will we have neatly seperated, usable sections for y'all to explore and enjoy, but we'll have dedicated areas designed with our different site visitors in mind. You'll no longer need to sift through screeds of event info to find our shopping guides or event calendars etc. Pretty neat, huh? :) There'll be an online shopping facility too and lots of sweet little additions to the site to keep you entertained. We hope to launch the website and virtual version of The Maisonette late July/early August. No doubt, we'll throw a party to celebrate and you're all invited!!

3. The Maisonette - REVAMP!!

Yup. We're ALL about the revamp this summer! We don't do spring cleaning - we do summer transformations! :) Those of you who've managed to visit us at The Maisonette since we opened at De Courcy's Arcade in October, will know that we inhabit a tiny little shop space. We always make sure our dinky retail room is jam packed with wonderful work from our favourite indie makers and vintage collectors, but we've been getting itchy feet lately. Our lovely landlord has kindly agreed to allocate The Maisonette a little bit of extra space :) Now, don't get too excited, we won't be gaining an enormous amount of extra square footage, but we'll be gaining enough to turn The Maisonette into a much more functional space and a much more comfortable and enjoyable place to shop and hang out! Along with the aesthetic revamp, we'll also be introducing a whole load of new lines to our stock offering! New designers, new products, new indie companies, new product categories - NEW NEW NEW!! Of course, this means we'll be closing our shutter for a little while during works, but we won't be gone for long and you can bet your boots you'll hear all about it when we open again! We'll be keeping you updated via the blog and via our social networking sites :) We hope you like your new Maisonette when it's unveiled.

4. The Summertime Hop: Glasgow & Edinburgh!

I'm painfully aware that this newsletter really IS a monster so I'll not bang on too much about the Summertime Hops since we'll be writing and updating about those LOTS in the run up to both dates. However - dates for your diaries are as follows:

The Made in the Shade Summertime Hop (Edinburgh) - Saturday 24th July, The Roxy Art House.

The Made in the Shade Summertime Hop (Glasgow) - Saturday 21st August, The Lighthouse.

5. Book Deal!

Made in the Shade gal, Carrie Maclennan, has been commissioned by special interest publishers David & Charles to write a crafty book about sewing. Yes! 'Tis true!! We need to keep the ins and outs of the big plan under our hats for a while yet, but we can reveal that the book will feature how-to projects from some of your very favourite Made in the Shade designer makers and it will track Carrie's journey as she learns to sew! We are SO excited about this. So excited. The book will have a life of it's own eventually with it's own interactive website and what not :) There will be lots and lots of fun ways for you to get involved with this project over the next few months and in the run up to launch (Summer 2011) so keep visiting our site for updates.

Pheweeee! So - between knocking walls down and relaunching websites, writing books and coping with the torture of Megabus, we sure do have our work cut out for us! If you don't hear from us in a few days - best call 'n' check we haven't had some sort of breakdown.

See you on the other side!


If you want to know more about anything we're up to, drop us a line!

You can contact us at:

Or - you can write to us at The Maisonette! We love to receive friendly mail!
Post your snail mail to: The Maisonette, Upper Floor De Courcy's Arcade, 21 Cresswell Lane, Glasgow, G12 8AA

Introducing... The Summertime Hop (Edinburgh) Vendors!

It's just a couple more weeks to wait now before we throw open those big ol' doors of The Roxy Art House on our Made in the Shade Summertime Hop event! 42 designer makers will be joining us this season :) Representing the pick of indie craft, design and vintage lifestyle from across Scotland, these guys and dolls are a DIY force to be reckoned with! To get further acquainted with 'em ahead of your visit, scroll down this veritable roll call of emerging talent and plan that shopping route in advance! You don't want to miss a thing! :)

The Made in the Shade Summertime Hop 2010 The Vendors (Edinburgh)

1. Much Too Fun

Creators of everyone's favourite Scottish Slang jewellery collection, Bonnie Bling, set up shop at The Summertime Hop for the second time. These ladies all but sold out of their fabulous 'Och' brooches and 'Peely Wally' necklaces last time round, so y'all best visit their stall fast!

2. Morag Macpherson Textiles

Previously known as 'Global Guru', textile designer Morag Macpherson offers a selection of luxurious handmade wearables and homewares inspired by the palettes and textures of far flung places!

3. Gillian Kyle

Gillian Kyle designs and makes fabulous, accessible products with lasting appeal. By incorporating edible icons of the Scottish larder (Irn Bru, Tunnock's Tea Cakes, Mother's Pride, Creamola Foam) Gillian's textile gifts spark a wonderful nostalgia - and look just swell!

4. Asking For Trouble

Designer and print maker Marceline Smith presents her collection of handmade gifts, stationery and accessories inspired by Japanese design and culture.

5. Rag & Bone Boutique

Rock'n'roll, upcycled homewares and accessories by Claire Macleod for the music lover in you!

6. Jolly Good

Quirky jewellery and accessories by Helen Macdonald all designed and handmade using found objects and upcycled bits and bobs.

7. Pegeggleg

Magpie shopping bags with surprise treats inside! Sugar skull applique AND a whole host of bright screen printed textiles for you and your home by Penny Forbes.

8. Julie Fletcher

Illustrator Julie Fletcher returns to Made in the Shade with a collection of her prints, artwork, cards and pretty books. Beautiful!

9. Dapple Photography

Photographer Gillian Hayes shows a selection of work this season - all of which will look fabulous in your home or workplace! Talk to Gillian about her latest exhibition, 'The Colour Red'. Stunning.

10. Canary Yellow

New jewellery label Canary Yellow is already making a mark on the indie craft & design scene. Jeweller and silversmith Jennifer Nicolson creates delicate, whimsical wearables inspired by nature and FUN!

11. Clare Nicolson

Made in the Shade gal Clare sets up shop at The Summertime Hop. You know those beautiful little lavender birds y'all love so much? Clare made those! She's also the creator of a whole collection of soft furnishings, homewares and stationery items. Be sure to drop by!

12. Neil OSM

Everyone's favourite robot lover, artist Neil Slorance sets up shop at Made in the Shade Eastside for the first time. Visit Neil for a glimpse into a much nicer world full of robots, spacemen and cute shy boys :) Neil accepts commissions too - talk to him about that!

13. Tramp Millinery

Inspired by architecture, nature, old movies and fine art, artist turned milliner Maggie Mowbray handmakes wonderful headpieces to suit all occassions. Glam it up, baby! Glam it up!

14. The Night Owl

Fast becoming a Made in the Shade favourite, designer maker Ellen Munro creates a range of handmade accessories and homewares all with a super-pretty, folksy flavour.

15. Suzy Loves

Jewellery designer Suzy Watson's collections have developed into a sugary little wonderland of joy over the past few years! We're huge fans of her rosette pins and wordy necklaces. I like, 'bulletproof' best :)

16. Magic Alice

Magic Alice aka jewellery and accessories maker Jennifer Field quite simply, makes pretty things! From button badges to fun rings and brooches - all of 'em pretty as a picture!

17. Wooden Tree

Wooden Tree (our gal Kirsty Anderson) brings your granny's linen closet to life by recycling found fabrics into plushies, accessories and art. Love it.

18. Susie Maroon

Susie Maroon is an indie eco label specialising in luxurious leather wearables, gifts and homewares. Hoorah!

19. Tabitha Vintage

Vintage collector Claire Ferguson sets up shop at Made in the Shade for the first time bringing you a collection of her finest finds! Oooo... We do love a fine find! :)

20. Emily Moir

Last season's smiley faced event volunteer returns to The Roxy - this time to showcase her fabulous range of handmade wearables and homewares. We can't wait!

21. Angharad Jefferson

Textile artist and embroiderer Angharad will wow you with her ever-growing collection of gifts, homewares and accessories all made with love and a tremendous amount of skill and care! Look out for lots of lovely new products this season!

22. Haberdash House

Jewellery designer Marie Liddell returns to Made in the Shade! We're thrilled to have her back - and on her home turf too! Marie's unsual perspex accessories are fun and easy to wear. We adore her circus range!

23. Plastic Bat

We've been huge fans of Plastic Bat for years and years and we're so excited to be playing host to designer maker Tracy for the first time this season in Edinburgh! Check out her latest collections: Village Fair & mini range, Bon Voyage.

24. Fantoosherie Fancies

According to jewellery and accessories maker Jennifer, fantoosherie is the new black. We'd be inclined to agree with her! Look out for upcycled fabrics and found objects in Jennifer's range of handmade wearables. We particularly love her textile necklaces!

25. Frajul

Knitwear designer Julie McConnachie joins us at Made in the Shade for the first time this season and we cannot WAIT to cast our peepers (and our mitts) over her range of colourful, quirky knitted accessories.

26. Hingmy by Flore

Hingmy by Flore offers Made in the Shade visitors a range of calico bags and badges, all made in textiles and inspired by the great Russian avant-garde artists.

27. Leah Halliday

A gal after our own hearts, vintage magpie Leah brings her flair for craft & collectables to Made in the Shade this season. Alongside her fabulous offering of vintage homewares, accessories and ephemera, she'll also be offering a range of vintage clothing. Eeep! :)

28. The Lindstrom Effect

Oh, how we love The Lindstrom Effect. Visit Vala and Iain and peruse their beautiful collection of handknitted accessories, gifts and art.

29. Analogue Books

Now, we all know what suckers the Made in the Shade gals are for a good book or interesting zine... Analogue Books is one of our favourite places to shop in Edinburgh and we are super-excited to have 'em along to Made in the Shade for the first time! Come flip through some papery treasure, won't you?

30. Paleface

Paleface (Catherine Barthram) makes clothes and accessories using a combination of re-purposed, vintage and new materials. She designs and makes beautiful dresses, tops, jackets, corsages and purses amongst other things ;)

31. Wondrous Makes

Rosie reminds us of the loveliness of handstitching and the odd little thoughts that cross our minds! She presents her collection of cushions, bags, purses and odd little soft things inspired by real-life stories at Made in the Shade!

32. Laura Donald

Since deciding to leave her Eastenders themed creations behind (sniff!), designer maker Laura Donald has become the Bear Grylls of the craft world - using every waking hour to create new designs and fabulous pieces to share with y'all! We are approving of Laura's latest fascination of miniaturisation and cannot WAIT see what other treats the gal has up her sleeve!

33. Lizzy Stewart

Like us, Lizzy Stewart is a fan of pencils, cardigans and bears. [She's also a fan of Russian history but I cannot proclaim the slightest oodle about Russian history. I'm sure it's fascinating]. Lizzy creates beautiful, entrancing artwork. You must look at it and let you heart a-pitter patter after foxes, bears and beautiful illustrated people.

34. Verity Keniger

Not only does Verity bake an outstanding chocolate beetroot cake (I know!) but she's a fabulous illustrator, printer AND novice knitter. We adore Verity's lion face! Visit her at Made in the Shade and peruse her range of prints, stationery items and greetings cards and gifts.

35. Wildcat Designs

In the market for a space invader scarf? Of course you are! Who isn't? Visit Catriona and sample her collection of kitsch handknitted accessories and wearables - inspired by vintage fabrics, pop culture and graphic prints.

36. Vertiline in Love

We are excited to catch a glimpse of the vintage treasure collected by Vertiline in Love. Clothing, homewares, jewellery and ephemera - lots to explore!

37. Funky Frilly

With a fabulous eye for detail and wonderful taste in crockery (we do love crockery), Funky Frilly aka Jane, offers Made in the Shade visitors the chance to own a piece of handmade, historical homeware of their own. From cake stands, candle cups and clocks to pretty gifts and ornamental pieces, Funky Frilly will leave your head all in a whirl just trying to choose which upcycled pieces to invest in!

38. Kitty & Dude

A longstanding Made in the Shade favourite and now a Maisonette fixture, ceramicist Cosima Sempill never fails to make our jaws drop with her off-beat creations. This season we're all about the pin-up style collection!


Brought to Made in the Shade by interior designer and stylist Caroline Key, Trash is a collection of hand finished upcycled furniture. Caroline trawls her favourite hidey holes for hidden treasure and brings interesting items back to life!

40. Moody Monday

Eliza of label Moody Monday has created limited edition collections of fashion accessories and interiors products. Explore Eliza's handmade bags, accessories, purses and cushions... Mmmmm! Lovely!

41. Andy Murray

Fancy furniture designer Andy Murray doesn't just design and create stylish, practical items for your home or workplace - he's also the crafty mind behind the 'Made By...' book - a little catalogue of ideas of things to make from a lowly teatowel! Andy will be setting up shop at Made in the Shade - helping to inspire you to pick up your craft box and get torn into a satisfying project!

The Summertime Hop: 24th July 2010

Come on over, baby! There's a whole lotta makin' goin' on! :)

Yes! Made in the Shade is heading eastbound once more! We had such a fun time back in May that we've been itching to get back to the capital ever since. As it happens, we'll be hosting The Summertime Hop in the main hall of The Roxy Art House between 10.30am and 5pm on Saturday 24th July.

With 42 designer makers, vintage sellers and creative businesses setting up shop with us this season, we are proud as punch to present y'all with the pick of indie craft and design + vintage lifestyle from across Scotland. Set to the all important, "hand-picked-by-The-A-Maisonettes" Made in the Shade shopping soundtrack, we invite you to spend the day with us. We'll be rockin', we'll be shoppin' at The Hop!

The MITS Music Matinee this season comes from our very favourite country rock'n'rollers The Meat Men. Expect a whole load of foot stomping as you fight to swallow back the urge to sing (yell?) along to Meat Men originals from their debut album, Redneck Dinner Party and rockabilly classics and rock'n'roll stormers from the likes of Johnny Cash, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. We defy you not to let out a little yelp of glee here and there during this set! The Meat Men have been off plying their musical trade in Dublin for the past few months so we are delighted to welcome them back and we're thrilled to have them perform at our 'lil event.

While you ponder your purchases, relax in Auntie M's (mini) Cake Lounge and enjoy a slice of The Best Cake You Will Ever Taste. I have no qualms in making such massive claims. Bring me the cake that tastes better than Auntie M's coconut cake or indeed Auntie M's sweet potato and pecan cake and I will.... Um... Eat it? :) For those of you who like to keep up to date with the cutting edge of sweet treats, then you will absolutely want to test out Auntie M's whoopie pie! Cupcakes?! Cupcakes?! Those are soooo last season (dahling). It's all about Elvis Pie now dear... Munch 'em up!

Everyone's favourite photographer, YHF Photo returns to The Summertime Hop too. He will be setting up The MITS Photobooth once again and he'll be encouraging y'all to get your grins on and get involved in some high jinx with your friends and family in our makeshift photo studio! Document your visit to Made in the Shade with a professional snap. Funtimes! :)

Of course - as always, we'll be offering early bird visitors a highly covetable Made in the Shade Goody Bag packed full of handmade treats from indie designers, special offers, pretty things and promo items from our favourite creative businesses. Also available from our Welcome Table - the all-new Made in the Shade tote bag! But your's on the day! Use it to carry all your shopping home in!

If you would like to help us promote the event (we do love it when y'all do that!) then, you can make use of our e-promo materials here or you can email us at: and request some hard copy flyers and posters and we'll send 'em to you asap.

Pheweee! So. That's the Summertime Hop. Sounds pretty swell, huh? Will you be joining us? We do hope so. If you want to see what we got up to last year, you can have a peep at our photo album here if you like. Or if you'd like to look back at the fun we had at The Roxy last time round, you can click here for some pretty pictures.

See you on the 24th everyone!

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Lady Luck Rules OK Jewellery Workshop & Trade Secrets Talk

Look out Glasgow! Look out Scotland! Everyone's favourite oracle of indie business is a-headin' your way! Leona Baker, creator of cult indie jewellery brand Lady Luck Rules OK, will be bringing her Jewellery Workshop & Trade Secrets talk to our very own De Courcy's Arcade on Sunday 29th August. Made in the Shade is thrilled to play hostess to Leona on the only Scottish date of her final UK tour!

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Let's hear all about it from the gal herself shall we?
Over to you, Leona!

"After 3 sold out Trade Secrets Talks and 5 sold out Jewellery Workshops in my London studio I’ve combined the two events to take on a mini tour around the UK!

The trade secrets talk will cover topics such as how to start, run & grow an independent creative business; how to successfully sell online; PR, marketing and social media; wholesale & trade shows; and how to deal with the tough stuff like competitors and copycats!

The jewellery workshop will reveal all our unique production methods & materials including how we made our personalised jewellery, enamel & gold charms, glittery broken hearts, printed acrylic pendants, fuzzy wooden animals & mixed media Midnight Forest designs. I’ll also detail the importance of sampling, working with manufacturers, where to source and practical tips on how to achieve the best results. The techniques involved can also be applied to many other products including accessories, clothing, home wares, greetings cards and stationery.

My London talks and workshops have been attended a wide variety of people from artists, graphic designers & illustrators, boutique owners, jewellery designer/makers, fans of LLROK wondering just how we made everything and folk researching how to turn that first seed of an idea into a product to make and sell. My students have also included a Central St Martins Design Tutor and girls who’ve traveled from Paris and Italy!

The jam packed 3 hour event will fill your head with oodles of inspiration and a wealth of knowledge enabling you to transform your ideas and designs into awesome products to make, promote and sell."

Now that's what we call a SESSION. So! We anticipate by previous patterns that tickets for this event will sell like hot whoopie pie (?!) so y'all best save that date and book those (limited) spaces quick smart! Leona has had some excellent feedback on her past talks and workshops. If you'd like to sample some testemonial chat and get a feel for what to expect, then snoop on over here.

The Lady Luck Rules Jewellery Workshop & Trade Secrets Talk

Sunday 29th August (2pm - 5pm)

Auntie M's Cake Lounge

The Upper Floor De Courcy's Arcade (opposite The Made in the Shade Maisonette)

21 Cresswell Lane, G12 8AA

Tickets cost £25 (+ a small booking fee to cover Paypal charges).

Book your space here.

For all enquiries, please contact Leona Baker here

To see the full LLROK UK Tour newsletter, please click here