Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Made In The Shade Marquee @ Big In Falkirk

We had a fabulous time at Big In Falkirk last weekend! Despite a shaky start on Friday - anxiously wondering whether the rain would ever stop or not, the weather did (almost) hold out for the entire duration of the festival! We had to cable tie just about everything in the marquee to prevent the wind from wrecking the place, but we were happy that the event was a dry and sunny one!

Thank yous...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jodie Noble and the production team at UZ Events for doing such a splendid job of organising the festival! Sneaking a peek at event operations on a grand scale was truly eye-popping and we're ever so grateful for being looked after so well! Thanks too to Davie Lauder and chums for lifting and laying things for us and thanks to the man who took Carrie round the site on the bonkers buggy-doodah! Highlight of the month! Thank you to Lisa Watt for helping with the MITS Marquee promo and for being so damned competent! UZ - you are fabulous. You know who else is fabulous? Ruth Hollywood, Jennifer Nicolson, Corinne Robinson and Graham Smith, that's who! Thank you for all your help setting up the marquee and transporting various things to and from Falkirk!

Thank you to the I ♥ Haggis man who fed us on Saturday. Thanks to the fire engine man for the free coffee and for the vintage clothes buying tips! Thanks to Mischief La Bas for allowing me to have my picture taken. Thank to the kind man who offered to buy us ice-cream cones. Thank you to the toddler who blew us kisses. Thank you to Garry for buying us Jelly Babies. Thank you to all the lovely people in yellow jackets who looked after us.

Thank you to all the vendors who took part in the event. It was great to spend the weekend with such a lovely bunch of folks and we really appreciate all the efforts y'all went to to make sure the customers were sufficiently wowed! We hope you had a fabulous time and we look forward to seeing y'all again soon!

The MITS Gals