Saturday, 13 December 2008

Breaking News: The Parsonage

Oh! How exciting?!?! Breaking news! Breaking news!

We are utterly, splendidly, delightfully thrilled to confirm that our very favourite choir (of all time), The Parsonage, will be entertaining Made In The Shade customers with a special set of alt. classics and country tunes (and maybe even a Christmassy vibe or two?) at our special Festive Shopping Weekender at The Lighthouse.

The choir, led by choir mistress Janis Fyfe Murray, will perform around 3.30pm on the afternoon of Saturday 6th December.

If you have never heard The Parsonage sing before, you oughtta purchase your tickets for their Hank Williams tribute afternoon on Sunday 1st November. The Parsonage (and chums) will perform at Glasgow University's Debating Chamber from 2pm. Visit the choir's Myspace for more information. Oh. And be sure to take along plenty Handy Andies. I'm not sure if this is just me, but I become a little 'overwhelmed' when I hear those voices swirl around! Just beautiful. Best be prepared! :o)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dear Senor Santa Clause

Dear Santa,

It's that time of year again. It doesn't seem so long since my last letter. Thank you for last year's lovely gifts. You really do have fabulous taste.

I have been a very good girl this year. I have worked hard alongside my fabulously talented friends to create a wonderful new shopping event in Glasgow. It's called Made In The Shade. People seem to like it. I admit, there has been a little pouting and even a little crying on the odd occasion during the past twelve months, but over all I think I have been very well behaved. Though you probably know that already, huh?

There are lots and lots of things I'd like for my Christmas this year. Since I can't decide, I thought I'd send you a huge list and you can just choose what you like. I won't be disappointed.

Ceramic Russian dolls by Kitty & Dude

Scrapbook jotter by Helen Gallogly

Beautiful fabric shopper by Emoni

Oh-so-cute domino pin by *pipless jam

Illustrated doillie by Made By Mother

Pretty pony by Lullabylily

Handmade books by Bindy Boo

(Etsy store coming soon!)

Thanks so much Senor Santa Clause. I'll be sure to leave you a pink wafer biscuit and a glass of pear juice for when you arrive at my house on Christmas Eve.

Say hi to Mrs Clause and the elves for me won't you.

Yours faithfully,



Monday, 8 December 2008

MITS III Loves You!

My! Hasn't time flown!? The Made In The Shade team have successfully made it through an entire year's worth of events, positioning Made In The Shade as a key showcase for neo-craft, quirky design and vintage lifestyle in the UK.

Since the event launched in May we've welcomed around 9000 discerning shoppers through the Made In The Shade galleries at The Lighthouse and we've established an ever growing population of loyal fans and visitors. The feedback we have received from customers has been fabulous. Handmade lovers and vintage aficionados have truly embraced the arrival of Made In The Shade and I suspect we may even have converted some mainstream high street shoppers too as the Made In The Shade word has spread via enthusiastic chatter and press coverage! We have exciting plans for 2009 and we look forward to telling y'all about 'em soon!

For now, we'd like to thank a few folks who made our Festive Shopping Weekender such a success last weekend. 2886 visitors came to see us on Saturday and another 1896 came to see us on Sunday! Quite remarkable really! Thank you to all those customers who showed their interest and support in the event. Thank you to the 70+ exhibitors who set up shop over the two days, providing customers with a vast array of wonderful design pieces and vintage items to browse (and purchase!) and thanks to the makers who offered Christmas gifts up to our gift tree! Thank you to Hollie & Gillian and the staff at The Lighthouse. Thank you to the CEC members for taking part in the CEC showcase. Thank you to Ken, Jennifer, Dominic, Garry and Pauline. Thank you to the team at The List and the team at Selvedge. Thanks too to Maureen Ellis at the Evening Times, Jennifer at Indie Quarter and Caishnah at She's Crafty. Special thanks must go to Janis & The Parsonage for their beautiful peformance on Saturday. We have probably missed some names, but rest assured all your efforts are truly appreciated and we're thrilled to have your support.

We wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a swell New Year and we look forward to sharing our 2009 plans and events calendar with you shortly.

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Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Press News

Made In The Shade is featured on the very splendid Indie Quarter design blog this week ahead of our Festive Shopping Weekender! Follow this link to read the lovely feature. Product images by Pea Millinery included!

The event also appears in The List's trusty Hit List this week and we are featured in the special Christmas Shopping Directory too as part of the mag's seasonal gift guide. Made In The Shade sellers' products feature in the guide. Hooray! Oh - and our beautiful ad is in the issue aswell! Oh how pretty!

Keep your peepers peeled today for a Made In The Shade mention in the Evening Times.

Our gorgeous ad appears in this season's Selvedge magazine. We are SO excited!

Many thanks to those who have posted Made In The Shade promo on their websites and blog sites and thank you to those who have been adding the event to listings sites aswell. We appreciate all your efforts! We thank you in advance for helping make Made In The Shade a success!