Sunday, 28 March 2010

'I'm Not Weird' by Neil Slorance at The Tiny Gallery

It's just 6 more sleeps until OSM Neil Slorance reveals his latest body of work, 'I'm Not Weird' at The Maisonette's Tiny Gallery. We just wanted to remind y'all that you will be able to visit Neil's show between Saturday 2nd and Friday 30th April - and, let's face it - you really should.

Exposing all our little foibles, the crazy ambitions we might bury, our secret wonderings about the guy sitting opposite us on the tube - not to mention the judgements we make about our neighbours' curtains, etc., etc., 'I'm Not Weird' explores the spectrum of emotions we slide up and down on daily basis and takes a closer look at our most fleeting thoughts and ideas and encourages 'em to hang around for a little bit longer than usual.

Neil explains the back story...

"For the past few months I’ve been keeping numerous sketchbooks to hand. I've been jotting down all the little thoughts that would otherwise be forgotten. At the same time, I've been talking to other folk, urging them to make note of any funny little thoughts and ideas they have too. The idea being that later, I'll gather all the notes together and illustrate them.
The end result will be a collection of pieces ranging from the funny, personal and sad; to the downright weird and disturbing. Since the work will be presented tightly in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette, coming to the show will be like walking into a collective brain. A weird collective brain."

Made in the Shade in China!

We do love to hear from friendly folks who take a shine to Made in the Shade and the work we do from The Maisonette. It makes us beam inside (and outside too usually). However, we were particularly excited to hear that journalist Jas Tang is a fan of Made in the Shade! Jas lives and works in London Town but writes for BEAUTIFUL Chinese style mag, Little Thing.

We are thrilled to be playing hostess to Jas during her week long stay in Scotland and we're real pleased that she wants to write a feature about the Made in the Shade gals and The Maisonette. We'll be showing her the sights, teaching her to sew and showing her round the Springtime Jamboree event at The Lighthouse ;) We're putting plans in place too to introduce Jas to some of the fabulous designer makers we represent at The Maisonette. Made in the Shade goes to China! Imagine that! :)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Springtime at The Maisonette!

Whether the rainy clouds or the puddles on the pavement like it or not, it is official. Our clocks take a leap forward tonight and, tomorrow, we'll awake to Springtime! We can hardly wait. Of course, we're most excited about longer days and brighter evenings, bluer skies and slightly warmer breezes but we're also kinda giddy about the beautiful Spring-y products we have at The Maisonette right now. I do believe it may be time to spruce up your life with some handmade gorgeousness ladies and gents :) Here are just some of the lovely things we have in store for you...

Bright and breezy printed Tea Towels by Cherith Harrison (£10) and Showpony (£11)

Illustrated U.S gig posters: Jeff Tweedy, Okkervil River, Broken Social Scene, Fleet Foxes, The Shins and Cat Power all available now! (£25 each)

Handmade ceramic gun mug by Kitty & Dude (£24 each)

Alice Rabbit by The Cat in the Shoe (£25)

These are just some of the pretty things we have ready for you to take home. We've a lot more besides including fabulous stationery, accessories, textiles, vintage finds, homewares, art and DIY crafty kits! :) Shop handmade. At The Maisonette. Every day.

Selvedge Magazine at The Maisonette NOW!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that The Maisonette has been confirmed as the latest Glasgow stockist of Selvedge!

One of our very favourite publications, Selvedge is a beautifully designed, beautifully put together magazine jam packed full of textiles, art, interiors and shopping features. If you haven't engaged before, we thoroughly recommend that you do. Take a peek here.

More Maisonette/Selvedge news yet to be announced. Keep your peepers peeled!

What's Shakin' Part 2: The MITS Bunting Bonanza!

Welcome to Part 2 of 'What's Shakin' at the Glasgow Jamboree'. This little post serves, not just as an event newsflash, but also as a call to action. So. Be sure to pay attention guys and gals!

As you'll already know if you've visited a Made in the Shade shopping event before, we like to encourage guests to get down to a 'lil bit of public crafting during their visit. This year is no different. The Springtime Jamboree in Glasgow is our very first event of 2010 and we'd like to kick off the crafty fun with an all-new, all-important project. Cue - The Bunting Bonanza!

Now, you all know how much Clare adores bunting, right? The girl is bonkers-obsessed with the stuff and I have to admit that I am a tad partial to a bit of bunting action now and again too. We unpacked our event kit last week to get reacquainted with all our lovely props and decorations ahead of April's event and, I'm ashamed to say, our multi-coloured plastic bunting is slightly worse for wear. Granted - it's been all over the place in the past 2 years! It's been to Oran Mor, it's been to the GU, it's been to a tent in Falkirk, numerous club nights and parties, The Lighthouse (of course) and it's even been to London Town. It has served us well. We've decided though, that it's time to send the old bunting into retirement and get ourselves a whole bundle more! And this is where you come in.

We'll be setting up a very special Bunting Bonanza area at The Lighthouse on 17th April and we'd love for you to get invovled and contribute to the creation and contruction of our new handmade, fabric bunting.

1. Get digging around in your wardrobe, your craft cupboard, your granny's craft cupboard or charity shop linen bin and select a pretty fabric remnant. Make sure it's a fairly good size (about the size of the average teatowel would be perfect I reckon!) .

2. Pop it in your shopping bag and get yourself along to The Lighthouse on 17th April. We'll be rockin' and rollin' and The Bunting Bonanaza between 10.30am - 5pm.

3. When you arrive at The Lighthouse, keep your peepers peeled for the big circular Bunting Bonanza table. Come join in!

4. The Bunting Bonanza will be manned (or ladied) by a couple of talented volunteers who will give you instructions and patterns/templates to transform your remnant into the perfect triangle (well, diamond shape - actually) for adding to the giant string of bunting! Get ready for some simple stitchin'!

5. Add a touch of your own personality to our event decorations! Every time you return to Made in the Shade, you'll be able to point up at the beautiful bunting and say, 'Hey! That's my granny's curtains!' :) Special, huh?

So! What are you WAITING for! Go! Go now! Get rummaging!

See you on the 17th!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

What's Shakin' at the Glasgow Jamboree? Part 1

The short answer? Quite a lot.

For a slightly longer and more useful response, do read on...

Ok. So. Obviously, taking centre stage at the Made in the Shade Springtime Jamboree are the 30+ indie designer makers who'll be setting up shop and offering y'all the perfect chance to nab yourselves a fine piece of handmade treasure. We'll be publishing the full vendor line-up in just a sec so get ready to plan that shopping trip and allot that pocket money budget accordingly!

Aswell as bringing the best selection of off-beat craft & design for you to feast your eyes on, we have a whole host of extra fun times in store for you this season :)

First up, we have The MITS Photo Booth.

Brought to Made in the Shade by everyone's favourite professional camera-bot YHF Photo, we'll be giving you a chance to take away a little momento of your day out at Made in the Shade! Step into the photobooth and let Mr YHF work his snappy magic. Your picture will be printed out for you straight away and we'll even arrange for you to receive e-copies of your images later! How swell is that? Grab a prop, grab your friends and pile in for some old-time retro photo booth fun! Photo packages will cost a measly £4 a go!

And that's not all Shaders... Oh no... We're also setting up the Not Now Cato! Vintage Dressing Room especially for you!

Not Now Cato! is the latest addition to Glasgow's cluster of vintage clothing gloryholes. Located on The Upper Floor of De Courcy's Arcade (opposite The Maisonette), this dinky 'lil shop is packed full of 1960s - 1980s gems for gents and ladies - and also carries a whole collection of reproduction/reconstructed retro wear by Pop. Not Now Cato! has recently been featured in the press and media as one of only two stockists of The Retro Guy range - a brand conceived by the timely discovery of a stash of never-worn vintage clothing in a warehouse in the Southside of Glasgow! Owner Alan Brooks brings a selection of Not Now Cato! stock to Made in the Shade in April and will set up the very first Made in the Shade vintage dressing room at The Springtime Jamboree! Manned by our very own stylist and fashionista, customers will be in expert hands as they choose a full outfit from the Not Now Cato! rails. Y'all can handpick individual garments or - you can take advantage of a very special offer of an ENTIRE outfit for just one, easy to understand set price :) Revamp those gladrags why dontcha!

We have more event news for you too. Tomorrow we'll be posting about our all-new, super special public crafting project. We'll need you all to get involved - so please do check back on the site and get ready for crafty action!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Trade Secrets of Lady Luck Rules OK

Now, if there's one 'Trade Secrets' session I'd give up cake to attend, it's this one. For the very first time, Leona Baker (formerly LLROK and currently Lady of the Superette) opens up her little black journal of top secret business hints and tips and shares her know-how and vast experience as designer, maker, studio manager and retailer (yes, she's THAT clever) with budding creatives embarking upon a similar journey.

Click here to read the flyer in a decent size! (The proper size won't fit onto my blog page without shaving off the side. I cannot tell you how much this annoys me).

You know, I can still remember exactly when I learned about Leona and her LLROK accessories label. I was getting ready to go to work (I think I was working with Levi at the time...) and as usual, I was soaking up a 'lil bit of Richard & Judy magic on This Morning before heading off on my bus journey to retail mediocrity. There was a cool cat gal on the television making wonderful rock'n'roll bracelets and necklaces using plectrums as charms and pendants. I remember she had a fabulous hairdo. From the snippets of the story I could make out above the wheeeeeeeeerr of my hairdryer, I knew that this was a DIY enterprise and I knew that I was inspired by this girl's bravery and ambition. I scribbled 'Lady Luck Rules OK' down on a notepad.

Later that week I took a trip to McCormack's (I do love McCormack's) and bought myself a selection of colourful plectrums. I already had some chain and leather thong at home to use in my own personal LLROK inspired jewellery making project. Returning home with my plectrum supply, I got myself set for some serious plectrum craft. Of course, in typical Carrie the Craft Calamity style, my punch wouldn't cut through the plectrums to make a hole and in the end - all I ended up with was a whole bunch of ruined plectrums. I promised myself that when I finally managed to see these LLROK jewellery delights in real life, I would treat myself to an original piece. I found my plectrum bracelet in a 'lil gift shop in Edinburgh. "That's the girl off the telly!" Painless purchase. Who''d've thought that just 5/6 years later, we'd be working in the same circles and collaborating together! BONKERS!

So - getting back to the original point... For those of us who have wondered more than just once or twice what went on behind the scenes at LLROK and just how Leona managed to turn her mini DIY hobby business into a busy studio and retail enterprise, here's the perfect chance to find out! At the LLROK Trade Secrets event Leona will talk through the ins and outs of running a successful independent creative company from design, sourcing suppliers, creating production techniques, setting up a website, the day to day tasks of selling online, PR and marketing, wholesale, the scary stuff like book keeping, employing staff, organising events and much more. How swell is that?! You can learn directly from the mistress of indie business!

It makes sense sometimes for the guys and gals at the helm of creative businesses to keep their cards close to their chests and keep their recipes for success, fun and growth under lock and key (any further use of cliche - anyone?) How refreshing and how exciting is it to hear that one of the UKs most successful and I think most inspirational DIY-ers is revealing all and passing her lessons on to the next gaggle of eager beavers? :) Leona will share her mistakes and 'ouchy' moments as well as her moments of glory - y'all oughta take heed. This gal knows her stuff! And you know what else? She's a right good egg into the bargain.

The LLROK Trade Secrets events take place at Superette, 66a Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR

Tickets to these intimate little business shindigs cost £25 and are available to purchase here.

Your ticket includes a tea and cake reception, private view of Lady Luck Rules OK exhibition, 90 minute talk and Q+A session. You'll also get to hear all about Leona's plans for the future and for Superette! EXCITING!

P.S If anyone would like to organise me a trip to this event, that'd be just great ;)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Call for Vendors & Contributors: Made in the Shade EDINBURGH!

Phew.... FINALLY we are ready to open applications for our Springtime Jamboree event in Edinburgh! The 'enhanced shopping experience' (thanks to The List for that little gem!) takes place on Saturday 15th May 2010 between 10.30am and 5pm at The Roxy Art House (Roxburgh Place).

We have never held an event in Edinburgh before, but we've finally decided to listen to our vendors and our customers and give it a go! We are real excited to be setting up shop in the capital and we're working our socks off to make sure we make a real splash with our debut! Event attractions confirmed so far include a live music performance from the fabulous Piney Gir, Auntie M's Mini Cake Lounge and cool-cat knitting club The Drop Stitches (featuring Leona Baker of Superette, We Make London and a whole gaggle of achingly talented creative gals and guys!)

We are looking to offer selling/showcase space to fabulous designer makers, vintage sellers, public crafters and creative businesses that engage with the Made in the Shade ethos. Representative of the best in off-beat design, vintage lifestyle and DIY culture in the UK, you will be ready to greet your public in a fun, friendly and supportive environment! :) We try real hard to make sure that Made in the Shade is never 'just a market' and we'll be pulling out all the stops this year to ensure that we continue to offer a truly engaging and fun experience.

If you would like to take part in the event, please email us at and we'll send you all the event details + an e-application form!

Springtime Jamboree: The Glasgow Line-Up!


My fingers are sparking! The keyboard is going WILD these days! Between tying up loose ends for the Springtime Jamboree (Glasgow) and getting things rolling for the Edinburgh edition, my hands may well just fall off! Rest assured that I AM typing as fast as I can guys and gals and all the info y'all need will be posted here in the next two seconds! (Maybe not in the next two seconds to be fair, but I will try my darndest). While you wait, why not grab a root beer float from Auntie M's Cake Lounge and listen to the Shangrilas or something?

Introducing... The Glasgow Vendors!

Ding Dong Designs

Local purveyors of the legendary handknitted celebrity finger puppet, this mother-daughter outfit offers whimsical, textile based gifts and accessories for children and adults


By reclaiming and reusing vintage charms and pretty objects, t-boo creates a range of fabulous jewellery and accessories

The Maisonette

The permanent home of Made in the Shade, The Maisonette will transport a range of work from designer makers and artists from all over the UK and showcase them in Glasgow!

YHF Photo

Photographer Garry Maclennan produces photographic work based around street art, sneakers, robots and tiny little people. He'll be bringing prints, stationery and quirky gifts to Made In The Shade this month.

Dapple Photography

Gillian Hayes is a wonderful photographer. Her collections take nature, vintage lifestyle and found objects as inspiration.

Gillian Kyle

Designer Gillian Kyle returns to Made in the Shade with a whole new collection of printed gifts, wearables and homeware - all lovingly adorned with our favourite motifs of Scottish culture! Look out for the all new Creamola Foam range!

Electra French

Design star/rock star Dougie Kennedy brings his collection of music inspired, acid coloured wearables to Made in the Shade. Think French electro art! Oh - and check out Dougie's band, Mitchell Museum. Hotly tipped by 6Music as one to watch, they're just swell!


Jennifer Lemon is a textile artist who produces a variety of work. Whether you are in the market for a large-scale art piece for your home or work place or a unique necklace, Lemonart can meet your requirements. Love maps? Love Lemonart.

We Are The Robots

Visit the home of the pixelated pendant! We Are The Robots produce a fabulous collection of fun, quirky jewellery handmade from treasure and found objects.

La La Loop

Making a Made in the Shade debut this season is textile outift La La Loop. If you're looking to brighten your life with some fabulous knits - then, you're in for a treat!

Dazed Dorothy

Designer, maker and leathersmith, Corinne Robinson sure has an eye for detail. Her growing collection of clutch bags and accessories are so beautiful and so detailed, they'll make you drool!

Lost In The Forest

Handmade jewellery, accessories and giftware by Emily Chandler. Love Magnetic Fields? Emily has the perfect handmade treat for you.

Angharad Jefferson

Another first-time Made in the Shader, Angharad's embroidered art, gifts and homeware pieces have been going down a STORM at The Maisonette lately! If you're lucky, she might bring her all-new embroidered ceramics for you. Yes. Embroidered ceramics. Don't miss 'em!

Love Me Again

Attention vintage lovers! Love Me Again answers all your internal pleas of gorgeous vintage homewares, craft items, ephemera and accessories. 'Tis always worth spending time at Love Me Again. You never know what treasure you might find.

Silly Lily

Browse a collection of gorgeous giftware by Sharon Goodwin. Cute yet understated textile pieces make the perfect pressie or the perfect addition to your home!


Designer maker, Eva Gustavsson returns to Made In The Shade with her adorable range of handmade, handbound books and journals. A favourite.

Global Guru

Global Guru, aka textile designer Morag Macpherson takes inspiration from all over the world. her work is eclectic, colourful and highly covetable!

Kabloom (Darren)

Kabloom is a small product design firm based in Glasgow. These dudes specialise in eco-friendly, ethical, innovative products. Seedbom is a flippin' wonderful guerilla gardening product that we - quite simply - can't get enough of!

Neil OSM

Neil loves robots. He paints wonderfully engaging pictures of robots going about their daily business. He lives with his friend, Herman. He's a tortoise.


Designer maker Mairead Macaulay returns to Made in the Shade to showcase her latest collection of beautiful, contemporary bags and accessories made from luxurious tweed fabrics

Wooden Tree

Designer and collector Kirsty Anderson creates work with a fantastical, yet old-time feel. Reclaimed fabrics and vintage objects are upcycled and given new life. Find the perfect gift here!

Susie Maroon

A fellow Starter for 6 award winner, design label Susie Maroon make and sell real cosy and nostalgic collections of homewares and fashion pieces. My favourite? The disco lamp.

Laura Donald

As you will see from the Craft Juice blog link we've posted above, our gal Laura Donald is well known for her stitchin' interpretation of our very favourite Eastenders character, Dot Cotton! What more do you need to know?

The Cake Goddess

Made In The Shade favourite, Laura Macdonald returns to fill our tummy with chocolate goodies, sugary sweet treats and a range of cute cakes. Yum yum.

Konnie Kapow!

Ms Kapow makes her Made in the Shade debut this season - showcasing her range of off-beat greetings cards. The gal got a 'lil something for every darn ocassion! None of your namby-pamby Hallmark tosh here!

Leah Halliday

Leah offers a perfect mix of handmade gifts and keepsakes with handpicked vintage pieces. From ceramics to art, jewellery to stationery, Leah has an eye for those stand-out objects that demand your love and attention!

Suzy Loves

Bright and quirky jewellery pieces by Suzy Watson - these cheery little wonders will brighten your day, not just your wardrobe!

Magic Alice

Crafty maker Jennifer Field offers up her latest range of handmade jewellery and accessory pieces to customers at The Springtime Jamboree :)

Florence Box Jewellery

Inspired by the treasure found in her relative's button box, jewellery crafter Sally Reid upcycles pretty objects and vintage fixins to create a delightful collection of wearables

Jolly Joyness

Clever gal Kyla McCallum offers up her range of art, hand-crafted gifts and fabulous lighting range at Made in the Shade for the very first time

Miss Lottie Lou

Totally immersed in vintage lifestyle in all aspects of her life, Charlotte Newell presents her collection of 1940s/1950s reproduction and vintage inspired clothing designs to the retro hungry Made in the Shade clientele!

Jennifer Nicolson

Jewellery designer and silversmith, Jennifer Nicolson makes her Made In The Shade debut this season. Jennifer will be showcasing her first full collection of jewellery and accessories. Be sure to say hello to her!

Fantoosherie Fancies

Crafty duo Fantoosherie Fancies showcase their latest collection of textile accessories and upcycled vintage pieces


A newcomer to Made in the Shade, artist, designer and tattooist Kelly Espindola brings her new line of off-beat rockabilly style clothing for tots and little people to Made in the Shade! Oh so cute.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

A New Neighbour!

Y'all know that we run the Made in the Shade business from our dinky little shop on the Upper Floor of De Courcy's Arcade, right? Well. We have a new neighbour. And my goodness, what a fabulous new neighbour she is!

We are so excited that craftster, mistress of the cupcake and all round good egg, Michelle Aaron is now just two sleeps away from unleashing her brand new venture, Auntie M's Cake Lounge! Situated opposite The Maisonette, Auntie M's Cake Lounge transports visitors to a wonderfully styled version of the 1950s lounge/kitchette.

Auntie M serves up a selection of her fine (home)baked goods from the central cake buffet area and tempts sweet toothed shoppers with handfuls of sweeties - some handmade, some rare, some imported - all divine.

Guests get comfy round cafe-style tables (dressed beautifully in vintage table cloths of course) or relax on the 1950s setee while enjoying a flick through Auntie M's vintage lifestyle magazines. Auntie M offers bottomless cups of coffee while y'all listen to her old-time track selections on the wireless!

Do we really have to state the obvious here and say that Auntie M's Cake Lounge is a Made in the Shade gal's DREAM COME TRUE. I'm guessing by the dedication, attention to detail and resolve Michelle has shown in the past 6 months to bring her new business together that it's HER dream come true too! :)

Look at these sneaky peek images of Auntie M's, drool a while then make a date to visit on or after opening day - Monday 22nd March :) We'll see you there! (We'll be the greedy cretins in the corner covered in frosting and cake glitter!)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

We ♥ Lamont & The Cat in the Shoe

Collaboration is becoming a major theme at Made in the Shade HQ this year. Not only are we nurturing exciting new relationships, but our designers are too!

The Cat in the Shoe has teamed up with her honey, Lamont to imagine and create a gang of truly wondrous little beings. Alice Rabbit & 'Four' (Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum) have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland (of course).

Other characters personify calm, beauty and contentment. Sleepy heads and stylish, muted outfits are coupled with a sprinkle of magic and mythical charm to conceive the likes of Deer Girl. Oh, how I love Deer Girl. Her spindley legs, her boney hips and her antlers... Swoon.

Three members of the gang have moved out of The Maisonette already to set up home with new owners but there's still time to adopt a creature! Come meet The Cat in the Shoe/Lamont hybrids. You will not be able to resist them.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Pie in the Press! Pie in The Maisonette!

If you have picked up your copy of Homes & Interiors Scotland this month, you will have spotted a familiar face gracing p103. Yes! Our very own Pie Girl has made the glossies!

Designed and handmade by Lucy Brasher of The Cat in the Shoe, the Pie People originally stole our hearts at the BUST Craftacular event in London in Summer 2009. Of course, when we came to make our stock picks for the launch of The Maisonette, we were in no doubt that the Pie People ought to come move in with us and meet our Glasgow customer chums. An enormous hit over the festive season, the pie people have made their return to The Maisonette - this time set for Springtime! Dressed in their 'lil sugar coloured outfits, they're rockin' the candystripe look for 2010 :) Look at 'em go!

You can take home your very own Pie Gent or Pie Girl for just £28.oo :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Neil Slorance Is Not Weird

We've been both friends and fans of Neil Slorance and his illustrations and paintings for several years. A fella after our own hearts, Neil leads a super-busy quadruple life as worker bee, studious college boy, rock'n'roll musician and artist. How he finds the time to balance all aspects, I'm not sure - but we sure are glad that he does!

We are thrilled to announce that Neil has chosen to show his very first solo exhibition in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette next month. Entitled 'I'm Not Weird', the show offers visitors a peep into the mind of Neil and into the minds of others.

Exposing all our little foibles, the crazy ambitions we might bury, our secret wonderings about the guy sitting opposite us on the tube and the judgements we make about our neighbours' curtains, etc., etc., 'I'm Not Weird' explores the spectrum of emotions we slide up and down on daily basis and takes a closer look at our most fleeting thoughts and ideas and encourages 'em to hang around for a little bit longer than usual. We managed to chat to Neil about his latest collection of work and the underlying concept behind, 'I'm Not Weird' inbetween classes and gigs!

"For the past few months I’ve been keeping numerous sketchbooks to hand. I've been jotting down all the little thoughts that would otherwise be forgotten. At the same time, I've been talking to other folk, urging them to make note of any funny little thoughts and ideas they have too. The idea being that later, I'll gather all the notes together and illustrate them.
The end result will be a collection of pieces ranging from the funny, personal and sad; to the downright weird and disturbing. Since the work will be presented tightly in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette, coming to the show will be like walking into a collective brain. A weird collective brain."

'I'm Not Weird' by Neil Slorance will be showing in The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette between Saturday 3rd April and Friday 30th April 2010.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Well, That's Alright, Mama! We Got Gifts Galore!

I love my mum. She is a very funny, curious little creature. And my oh my, she is WISE. Mums are always wise. They must get a wee tap on the head with The Wise Stick at some point during pregnancy. Mums know all sorts of things. My mum knows a heap of stuff about music and gardening and housekeeping. She knows about the weirdness of boys and children and English grammar. She makes the best mince and potatoes in the land and her homemade soup ain't half bad either. Oh - and she treats me to a mean beef olive on my birthday. Thanks mum!

Sunday (THIS Sunday - 14th March) is Mother's Day. Let's treat our mums. If you'd rather not take the road truly trodden and would instead like to avoid the bleugh and agrhrhr of the high street this weekend, why not shop handmade for your mum at The Maisonette? We have a wonderful collection of fabulous gifts ready and waiting and we're pretty certain that you'll find something your mama will adore and appreciate :)

Here's a little taster of some of the treats we have on offer this weekend...

Squirrel Leap Lavender Bag by Angharad Jefferson £24.oo

Ceramic Rose Brooch by Kitty & Dude £16.oo

Pie Girl by the Cat In The Shoe £28.oo

Seasons Cushion by Showpony £28.oo

We have a range of special and unsual gifts to suit all budgets at The Maisonette; craft kits, writing sets, notebooks, 'lil accessories, gorgeous ceramics and heaps of the prettiest textiles you ever did see. We even have a lovely selection of Mother's Day cards by Konnie Kapow! Everything you need... :)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Springtime Jamboree (Glasgow): Vendor Applications CLOSED

Yep - I'm afraid it's one of those 'if yer no' fast, yer last' scenarios folkeroos... If you haven't submitted an application to take part in the Springtime Jamboree at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on Saturday 17th April, then it's too late :( Applications closed on Monday 1st at 5pm. We have a bank of over 50 prospective designer makers and vintage sellers in line to take up space at our first boutique shopping event of 2010. We're looking forward to announcing our full vendor line-up on Monday 8th March.

If you've submitted your application, then keep your peepers on your iboxes next week for updates and if you're keen to get planning your shopping trip, we'll be posting the line-up on the website at the end of the week. Whoop!

You may be too late to apply for selling space, but we are looking for guys and gals to take part in the Springtime Jamboree in different ways. More calls for contributors coming shortly!

These Are Pin-Up, Pin-Up, Pin-Up, Pin-Up Niiiights!

Ok - so we're a little bit slow on the ol' bloggin' updates these days - but we're doing all we can to catch up on all that's going on in Made In The Shade land! There's just so much darned news that it can be hard to keep up! My fingers can only type so quickly! ;)

As you know, the Made In The Shade gals were invited by the Pin Up Nights boys (what a combo, huh?) to oversee the running of the Ladies' Night Vintage Village at The Flying Duck. On Friday 26th February Clare packed up her little blue suitcase, crammed it with Maisonette treats and headed downtown to join the rest of the fabulous Vintage Village vendors for a rock'n'roll evening of shopping and shimmying.

I was tucked up in bed by 10pm so can't really give you much of an insight to all the nocturnal goings on, but I'm sure you'll agree, the little photostream below gives a fair idea of the fun and games enjoyed by all! Ha! :) I'm only sad that Clare didn't get a photo with secret hunky treat... Justin Currie (?!?!)

The Maisonette sets up shop at Pin Up Nights

Much Too Fun & Konnie Kapow settle in to a short stay in Vintage Village

Jennifer's lookin' pretty for the boys! :)

Thanks so much to John D for inviting us to take part and to the fine fellas at The Flying Duck for recommending us in the first place! We think you're all just swell. x

Adios 'Home Sweet Home' :(

Now, we have had some stonking exhibits in our oh-so-tiny gallery space at The Maisonette. That much is true. Y'all will remember 'Suredy Bop Bop'? Jennifer Nicolson's hilarious/scary collection of illustrated post-it notes? And of course, YHF Photo's peep into the world of the miniature people, 'Extraordinary Ordinary'? If you have been lucky (or organised) enough to get along to the Tiny Gallery between the 16th - 28th February, you will have had the joy - and I mean sheer JOY - of experiencing Lindsay Grime's first solo art & ceramics exhibit, 'Home Sweet Home'.

A collection of handpainted ceramic plates, platters, tiles, tablets and cameos, 'Home Sweet Home' offered visitors a nostalgic insight into the notion of home and of domesticity. With a pinch of sentimentality for a bygone era and an imagined aristocracy, a smattering of melancholy and a big hearty dose of humour, Lindsay's installation engaged, challenged and entertained our Maisonette dwellers.

From our little bureau in The Maisonette, we're in the perfect position to direct customers to the Tiny Gallery hidden at the back of the store behind our wardrobe door. It's kind of like Narnia I guess? :) There's nothing more satisfying for us (or for the artist, I'm reckoning) than to hear a little gasp of surprise or a gleeful giggle coming from the gallery! Better still, we love to hear outloud, real-life exclamations of wonderment! "Oh my goodness! Look at THIS!" That happens quite a lot. We heard a lot of this during the two week run of Home Sweet Home.

We've grown rather accustomed to having every last inch of our own private little cubby hole adorned in Lindsay's fabulous handpainted characters. We really will miss fictional, upper class family Hamper and we'll really miss the 1950s inspired wall of interior and lifestyle snap shots taken through Lindsay's lens.

A few pieces of the collection won't be venturing too far away though. Michelle Aaron, owner of Auntie M's Cake Lounge (coming soon to The Upper Floor of De Courcy's Arcade) purchased two wonderful pieces that are soon to hang proudly in the Cake Lounge and I've also managed to save enough pocket money to bag myself a circular plate. It was incredibly difficult to whittle my list of favourites down to just one item but in the end, after a whole load of to-ing and fro-ing, I landed on a circular plate called 'Silver Cross'.

We had such a fun time looking after Lindsay's little show of work and we had a lovely time meeting her friends and welcoming fans to The Maisonette every day. We have every intention of keeping in touch with Lindsay from here on in and if y'all keep your fingers crossed real tight, we just might be seeing some more handmade ceramic pieces by Lindsay Grime at The Maisonette :)

We were introduced to Lindsay and her work via a call for proposals we ran on online creative community, Central Station. Lindsay submitted an idea and her plans and vision for The Tiny Gallery seemed to be tailored especially for us, and indeed, made for the space. We'd like to thank Central Station! Thanks @CenSta! You are wonderful.