Monday, 27 September 2010

Supermercado Numero Uno


It is official. The Made in the Shade gals are feeling the pressure. So far though, we have resisted the temptation to pull on our woolly onesies and crawl under our beds for respite from the madness. Armed with plenty of hot donuts, cigarettes and Lucozade orange (why, of course!), we're powering through. We are truly juggling our 'lil arms off. We're hoping, if we juggle hard enough, all will be well and someone might come and give us a huggle at the end. The end?! This is only the beginning!


On Saturday 2nd October (that's THIS Saturday), we'll be opening the doors of The Barras Centre and welcoming Supermercado shoppers to the courtyard for the very first time.
We are excited. We are nervous. We are giddy. And we're a little bit queasy. However, aside from all that, we are utterly thrilled to be involved in the NEW Barras and we're set to work our bobby socks off to make Supermercado a super success. We are in for the longhaul, baby!

To kick things off in week one, we have a splendid group of first time vendors for y'all. You want a wee peek? Here are some of the stalls you'll find in the courtyard on Saturday:

1. Flamingo Bakery

Delectable cakes and yummy (and oh-so-sweet) treats homemade by the lovely Mark and his 5ft flamingo. Seriously. We recommend the strawberry cheesecake cupcake. Flippin' marvellous.

2. Konnie Kapow

The couple Kapow offer up their selection of off-beat greetings cards, stationery items and art pieces especially for you! A schmaltz free-zone :) Screw you Hallmark!

3. Love Me Again

On the look out for the perfect cocktail forks? The most delicate china teaset? Or some pretty table linen? Pay Laura a visit and peruse her wonderful range of vintage and retro homewares and collectables. Droooool.

4. YHF photo

Currently preparing for his next robot-themed exhibit in London Town this Autumn, YHF joins in the Supermercado fun and offers visit a little peep at some of his latest photographic work. Look out for some comedy favourites too :)

5. Sushi:::Baby

The fabulousy talented Joanna Susskind (who you may know as artist and animator extraordinaire), joins us at Supermercdo armed with a stallful of tasty sushi bites ready for you to munch or to take away in beautiful vintage-style packaging! Don't miss it.

6. t-boo

Jewellery maker and crafty queen, Tracey Burns showcases her collection of pretty wearables at Supermercado for the first time. Found objects, vintage treasures, charms, handmade adornments - love it.

7. Breagha

Designer maker, Mairead Macaulay, makes the most beautiful Harris Tweed bags and accessories. I own a dusky pink shoulder bag with a great big retro bow on the front. I adore it. I think everyone ought to own a a little bit of handmade special! Find yours here at Supermercado.

8. Wooden Tree

Our gal Kirsty Anderson swoops in from the 'Burgh to join us at the Supermercado launch event. A wonderful textile artist and flippin' great maker, Wooden Tree will be showing off her latest upcycled, eco-friendly creations. Homewares, gifts, wearables, vintage finds - they're all in there! (Pssst... Kirsty will also be running workshops at Made in the Shade HQ. Keep your peepers peeled for more info. Or - better still - chat to her about our plans on Saturday!)

9. Funky Frilly

We're all about reusing and reinventing at Supermercado - and nobody does it with more style than Jane at Funky Frilly. Come peruse her super-swish collection of upcycled ceramics. Nab yourself a beautiful handmade cake stand, sweet smelling candle, decadent teacup wine glasses or even a ceramic clock! We can't get enough of Funky Frilly.

10. Canary Yellow

Honourary Made in the Shade gal, Jennifer Nicolson, launched her jewellery business last year and my, oh my, is her label in demand?! Jennifer designs and makes a small but perfectly formed range of silver wearables including necklaces, rings and earrings. Canary Yellow has proven to be a sell-out hit at The Maisonette and we've got high hopes for Canary Yellow at Supermercado too!

11. Sparklecandy

Sparklecandy is a jewellery consignment store run by the lovely Lauren Anderson. Stocking some of our favourite labels like Tatty Devine, Love From Hetty & Dave, Biscuit Boutique and Cherryloco - you're sure to find the best of indie jewellery design right here.

12. Leah Halliday

Leah Halliday has the eye of a magpie, the style of a retro goddess and the taste of... well us! This woman is damned nuisance! She knows EXACTLY what will make our 'lil hearts a pitter-patter and she tempts us with beautiful rose-adorned decanters and pretty trays, multi-coloured 60s eggcups, squirrel money boxes, gorgeous textiles and wonderful ephemera... Jeez Louise.... And! Budding stitchers! Don't forget to ask Leah about her upcoming workshop dates at Made in the Shade HQ. It's not too late to join in!

13. Clare Nicolson

Yup - our very own Clare Nicolson will be snaffling up a 'lil stall space at Supermercado! Check out her fresh new textiles designs, greetings cards, homewares and stationery items.

14. Lady Wurlitzer

Now - I bet you haven't heard THAT name in a while, huh? Take this rare opportunity to nab yourself some handmade, sudsy treats from the Lady, Wurlitzer (aka Carrie) herself!

15. Made in the Shade Trunk Sale

Hunting for a bargain? Then the Trunk Sale is for you! Bag yourself a raggle haggle bargain from our suitcases brimful of thrifty textile treasure. We got vintage clothing (everything from western shirts to retro denim, pretty frocks, accessories and shoes), linen, craft remnants and tonnes of soft homewares!

Sounds pretty swell, huh? I know! We are excited.

Not only do we welcome you to the courtyard to enjoy some shopping and chatting with great indie business owners, but we want you to come hang out. Enjoy a wee seat on our benches. Have a cup of tea in the all-new Che Marche Cafe and explore the shops and creative workspaces round about. Viva Las Barras!

This is... Supermercado

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dressmaking Workshop: Get Frocked Up!

Yes! Get frocked up with seamstress extraordinaire, Leah Halliday, at our new dressmaking course!

Make A Frock Workshop Series

Make your very own 50s-style frock in time for glamourous festive fun. You'll be the envy of the Christmas soiree in your handmade, made-to-measure gown!

Make a Frock

During this six week course, you will build on your existing basic sewing skills. You will learn how to read a commercial pattern, you'll learn oodles of dressmaking techniques AND Leah will treat y'all to some indispensable hints and tips of the trade!

Sounds pretty swell, huh? Read on for further details...


A fabulous 1950s-inspired frock. You will make your dress from vintage Vogue pattern V8615. The pattern fits UK sizes 8 - 24. It includes two style variations. You will take your pattern home at the end of the course so why not make one dress style in class and tackle the other on your own at home using your new found skills?


You will learn how to do all these things...

1. Take your measurements

2. Understand & use a commercial pattern

3. Put a dress together

4. Sew darts

5. Sew eased seams

6. Sew a basic hem

7. Sew pockets

8. Insert zip

9. Line a garment

10. Get to grips with topstitching

11. Pinning, cutting & ironing techniques

12. Insider hints & tips of the trade!

Level: Intermediate

Course Length: Six 3-hour workshops

Cost: £30 per 3 hour session = £180

Date: Starts on 11th October and runs every Monday evening until 15th November.

Time: 6.30pm till 9.30pm


Materials provided:

Vogue Pattern V8615

Basic tools of the trade*

Materials required:

Fabric: No more than 4 metres of Fabric

Lining: No more than 4 metres of polyester lining

Zip: 40cm

Thread: 2 x 100m polyester thread spool

More information on sizes, buying fabric and a list of suppliers will be emailed to you on booking.

Please Note:

This is NOT a beginners class. This is a great introduction to dressmaking but basic sewing experience is required. If you’re new to sewing or just a little rusty you can sign up to our Oh-Sew-Basic class in preparation for fancy dressmaking. Simple!

*If you have your own sewing machine, please do bring it with you - but don’t forget the instruction manual.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Workshop: 'Oh-Sew-Basic'

We're thrilled to announce details of the very first workshop session booked to take place at our new Made in the Shade HQ at The Barras Centre :)


A beginners sewing class...

...with seamstress extraordinaire, Leah Halliday!

Monday 4th October

6.30pm - 9.30pm

Course fee: £30

Never used a sewing machine before? Or just a bit rusty and keen to get back on that pedal? This class is for you!

During this 3-hour workshop you will learn to use a sewing machine and you'll complete a simple textile project - a pretty cushion cover - as you pick up oodles of new skills! You'll leave with your cushion cover at the end of the class AND you''ll take away the pattern too so you can make even more cushions on your own at home!

Seamstress and dress-maker extraordinaire Leah Halliday will lead this class. She'll teach you how to do all these things...

1. How to thread a machine

2. How to change a needle

3. How to use the presser foot

4. How to fill and load the bobbin

5. How to stitch in lovely straight lines and how to get to grips with back stitching

6. How to adjust stitch length

7. Basic pinning + cutting and ironing techniques

Material included. Basic tools of the trade are provided*. So all you have to do is show up!

*If you have your own sewing machine bring it with you but don’t forget the instruction manual :)

To reserve a place at Leah's 'Oh-Sew-Basic' workshop session, email:

Let's get stitchin'!

Supermercado: Call for Vendors!

Glasgow's new (and only) weekly indie marketplace sets up shop in the courtyard of The Barras Centre for the first time on Saturday 2nd October. Eeeeep! Excited.

Are you a prospective vendor? Wanna join in? Stall bookings are OPEN NOW!

Whether you want to showcase your original handmade designs, sell your fabulous vintage stash or peddle your thrifty wares and secondhand collectibles - we want you to get involved in Supermercado.

We're open to all stall ideas but we're particularly keen to welcome traders that might fall into these broad categories: Fashion, homewares, edibles, music, books/magazines.

Supermercado offers customers a brilliantly balanced, but varied and fun, indie shopping experience.

Supermercado offers crafters, designers, artists, vintage collectors, thrifters and other small indie businesses an affordable retail platform.

Get on it!

For all the event info you need and details on how to make a booking, email us at

Supermercado needs YOU!

The Barras Peepshow

Oh, we are mean aren't we? We start off what we intend to be a daily peepshow of all the developments at our new unit in The Barras Centre and then we leave you hanging after just a couple of days. Booo! Booo!

Well, you see, our moving in plans hit a few unexpected glitches last week. None of these glitches would have made particularly fun or attractive photographs (leaky pipes, rickety stairs, creeping holes...). All in all - there wasn't much to peep at. However, we are pleased to say that problems have been resolved and the big move will gain momentum over the next few days. There will be peeping-galore by the end of the week!

Stay tuned :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

Introducing... Supermercado!

Judging by Scotland's now choca-bloc craft/music/vintage events calendar, the lowly craft fair has been well and truly revived - and our work here is well and truly done. Hoorah! So. We've bid our boutique shopping event adios. It's time to move on to pastures and projects new. Our new pasture? Glasgow's most famous marketplace. Our new project? Read on!

Made in the Shade is flippin' thrilled to (finally) announce details of our new indie shopping venture: The Made in the Shade Supermercado. (We just call it 'Supermercado' - less of a mouthful!)

This is... Supermercado

Based indoors in the cobbled courtyard of The New Barras Centre, Supermercado offers a fresh, new dimension to city centre market culture. Taking place every Saturday, Glasgow finally has its own permanent weekly indie shopping hub. Pheweee. Thank goodness for that. These are exciting times. They really are.

Supermercado kicks off it's Saturday residency at The Barras Centre on 2nd October.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Barras Peepshow - Part 2

Eeeep. I do love the Peepshow blog, you know. I kind of wish we had reason to run it all the time. Today, we're offering up a double whammy peep.

The Barras Peepshow - Part 2a

Yes, yes. It's a 'coming soon' sign stuck on our window. Pretty ain't it? Even prettier are the pieces of freshly painted furniture you can just about spot through the window - if you have a keen eye and sneaky streak!

The Barras Peepshow - Part 2b

And this! This is just one of the beautifully restored barrows that live in The Barras Centre courtyard. We ADORE these. You can expect to be seeing a lot more of these fellas in the coming weeks and months. Rumour has it, that we might - just MIGHT be getting our hands on a Made in the Shade branded barrow all of our very own! Imagine that! (Carrie gazes off into the distance and imagines that...)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Barras Peepshow - Part 1

As we gear up to unveil our new space at The Barras Centre, we thought we might rekindle the good ole Peepshow blog series to give you a little taster of what we're up to.

Today, the lovely Salvation Army delivery men popped round with our new (old) filing cabinets. We have four altogether but not all are ready for their close-up just yet. However, we're particularly pleased with this fella. Look at him! Isn't he handsome? Inside his bottom drawer I found a remnant of old newspaper dated 1994. Russ Abbot was on the front page.

Barras Peepshow - Part 1

Part 2 coming your way tomorrow :)