Friday, 28 May 2010

Call for Vendors, Volunteers & Contributors: The Summertime Hop 2010

Yes, yes. The sun has got his hat on (inbetween showers when he has his umbrella up instead) and we're gearing up for this year's Made in the Shade Summertime Hop events :)

We are pleased to announce that vendor applications for The Summertime Hop (Edinburgh) are NOW OPEN! The event takes place on Saturday 24th July 2010 at The Roxy Art House, Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh. We'll open our doors to the public between 10.30am and 5pm.

With special event features, live performances, a whole heap of indie shopping, public crafting and DIY fun, our third Summertime Hop event is set to bring a little bit of sunshine to the capital - whatever the weather!


If you would like to apply to take up selling space at The Summertime Hop in Edinburgh, please email us at:


If you would like to offer your services as a promo volunteer or event helper, drop us a line!
We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at:


You might like to get involved in some other way? Maybe you want to perform? Maybe you want to host a mini workshop? Or add a special event feature? Maybe you want to sponsor our event or offer some treats for our event goody bags? Get in touch!
Email us:

Vendor applications close on Monday 14th June 2010 :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Look! We've Been Lesley Toast-ed!

The very fabulous and very talented Lesley Barnes is one of our favourite designer makers whose work we're proud to house at The Maisonette. Lesley doesn't just make our wonderful range of leather bookmarks but she also busies herself with lots of exciting design and animation work. Imagine our delight when we found this little gem in our inbox!

We are truly honoured. Can't wait to pin this baby up on our wall :)

You can find out more about Lesley here.

Say YES To Plastic...

The ridiculously LONG wait is over... The Maisonette is finally fully equipped to accept payment via credit & debit card! How exciting?! How convenient!

Our fancy machine arrives just in time for y'all to feast your eyes on all the new work we're welcoming to the shop in the next few weeks! We've already got lots of new stock from Memo, Julia Pott, Angharad Jefferson, Wooden Tree and the mighty Clare Nicolson! Save up your pocket money! The pretty things are a-callin'!

Come up and see us. Make us smile :)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

We ♥ Piney Gir!

So! What a busy weekend it was! So busy infact, that we're still banging on about it - even though it's Tuesday already. While Saturday was all about exploring new territories and making new friends, Sunday was much more about winding down, enjoying our own 'lil homely space at The Maisonette and welcoming some guests to The Arcade for a sunshiney afternoon of relaxed musical magic.

Fresh from her performance at The Roxy AND The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on Saturday, we were thrilled to play host to Piney Gir & Friends in Glasgow on Sunday. We fixed up a truly DIY, thrifted, raggle taggle 'stage' area using some reclaimed carpet, a borrowed photographer's backdrop stand, some handmade decorations and a whole load of vintage curtains and bedding. Resourceful!

Piney Gir and her band of fabulous musicians entertained us in the hallways of The Upper Floor at De Courcy's Arcade for a little while (it would never be quite long enough for me...) and as hips swayed and toes tapped, it was impossible not to notice that just about everyone who'd taken time out to listen was smiling :) I was grinning. Piney Gir and her pals sure do know how to make a fun, positive and uplifting 'lil noise!

Although we really ought to have been tucked up in bed to stand half a chance of recovering from the 5am start we endured the day before, Clare and I just couldn't miss Piney's full line-up evening show at Brel. I filled my tummy with tasty tapas and enjoyed a (very expensive) beer or two while we grinned our way through the set. The urge to just sing along at full volume and clap along in time here and there was pretty troublesome.

Thanks so much to Piney, Emma, Alex, Henry, Barney and Garo for being such great sports and for thinking our little events were worth the trip in the first place :) Thanks to Holly at Regular Music for putting the night time shows together and for letting us help promote Piney Gir's trip to Scotland!

Y'all might be interested to learn that Piney Gir's latest album, The Yearling, is now available to buy from The Maisonette. Keep your peepers peeled for more releases from Hotel Records coming your/our way soon!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Let's hear it for the EASTSIDE!

Boy, oh boy! What a weekend! :)

After months of deliberation and preparation, The Made in the Shade Boutique Shopping Event finally made it's journey east to the capital for the first time. We set up shop in the Main Hall of The Roxy Art House. Joined by 38 wonderful indie designer makers, the best baker in the land, a marvellous troupe of musicians, a couple of our favourite old time fun attractions AND 800 visitors, we had a flippin' splendid time!

Thanks to Rupert, Morvern & John at The Roxy for ensuring all went smoothly for us at the venue. Thanks to John, Jennifer, Garry, Allan and Clare's Mum for help with heavy lifting and transportation :) Thanks to Piney Gir and her merry band for taking the trip all the way from London Town! Y'all surely did add an extra special touch of musical magic to our launch day! Thanks to Auntie M for uprooting her fabulous Cake Lounge for the day and supplying the vendors and visitors with sugary sustenance during the day. Thanks to Garry (YHFphoto) for working so hard on the MITS Photobooth - and for still managing to capture a few event snaps for us! We would have been in a right pickle with out our trusty team of volunteers! A very special FANK YAOW to Kirsty, Susie, Emily C, Ellen, Rachel, Gillian, Emily M, Katherine and Philip for all your help in the run up to the event and for lending a hand on the day too.

Thanks to Jan & Co. at The Skinny. Shame you guys didn't make it in the end - you missed a fun time. Muchos gracias to Claire Sawers at The List, Lynne McCrossan at The Scotsman, Alex at The Skinny and Sarah at The Coveted Mag for their support and enthusiasm. Thanks too to all the friendly bloggers and makers who made mention of the event on their sites - particularly to Creative Boom (Edinburgh), All Things Original and Craftsville.

Of course, we must offer giant thank yous to the 38 designer makers who took part in the event and embraced the ethos and 'feel' of our 'lil shindig wholeheartedly! And to the 800+ visitors who took the time to come support our first event in Edinburgh, THANKS! We'll be back soon. Pop Saturday 24th July in your diaries, won't you? :)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Piney Gir's A-Comin' To Visit!

So. You've heard us banging on about Piney Gir for quite some time now. Just incase you haven't managed to treat your ears to some melodic Piney Gir musical magic yet, we thought we'd give you a little taster of what you might expect from the pretty, ruby-shoed Kansas gal. Piney Gir heads North this weekend y'see - as she takes to the stage in two Scottish cities four times in two days! She sure is a trouper! :) Piney is here with her band to promote her brand new single, "Abelha: Bumblebee" - the latest release from her album, 'The Yearling' - and we're lucky enough to be hekping promote a coupla fun mini-shows for her!

Saturday 15th May:

Piney Gir plays a very special Made in the Shade Matinee Show at The Springtime Jamboree (The Roxy Art House, Edinburgh). Piney will take to the stage around 2pm. Don't miss it! entry to this event costs just £1. To experience the full Piney Gir show in Edinburgh (on a proper stage, with a full band and a lot more time to meander through her fantastic and varied back catalogue), catch her at The Voodoo Rooms in the evening!

Sunday 16th May:

And... guess what? Piney & Friends will be joining us at The Maisonette on the afternoon of Sunday 16th May for a Pop-Up Matinee Show in De Courcy's Arcade ahead of her night time gig at Brel on neighbouring Ashton Lane! Wheeep! We are SO excited. The fun will begin around 2pm :) Come enjoy some (poorly) homemade coconut ice while Piney takes y'all on a whirlwind musical journey in a super-intimate setting! Of course, if you fancy a double whammy - then we'll see you in Brel on Sunday evening! Special Colouring-In Kits will be available to guests just for good measure :)

About the new single:

Let's qutoe directly from Piney's press release shall we? It's worded so beautifully ;)

"Spring has most definitely sprung, so it's only natural that there are a few more bugs in the air , and betwitching songs upon the breeze. Piney Gir siezes the moment to release "Abelha: Bumblebee", her bossanova tinged tale about what happens when a love affair turns round and really stings you.

Of her latest album offering, The Yearling, Fake DIY says, "[Piney Gir's] latest offering knocks the pants off most records you'll hear around at the moment in terms of originality, style and way out there catchy kookiness".

A little bit more about Piney Gir...

... with some help from the wise words of some discerning music journos. They always know best ;)

According to Q Magazine, Piney Gir "emanates music hall charm". She surely does. The gal has style, she has pinache, she PERFORMS her material and she really tells a story.

According to BBC Music, Piney Gir's songs deliver "an unfeasibly beautiful whirl of skittering beats". And - that's right. They do. The whirl will pull you along and before you know it (whether you've heard the song before or not), you will be swaying your hips and tapping your toes and maybe even doing a lil 'shoop shoop' dance!

ArtRocker puts it best I think: Piney Gir is "an artist who conjures songs that take you to a lovely , fuzzy place full of lush, warm vocals and violins that swirl around you and make you smile". Yup. That just about sums her up!

To see/hear for yourself, why not follow some of the links we've added to our Facebook Event Group? :)

Find out more at

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Lotte & Bloom Pop-Up Flower Shop

This weekend, we were thrilled to present the very first pop-up shop at The Upper Floor (De Courcy's Arcade). Fabulous florist Charlotte Lawson of Lotte & Bloom set up shop, adding a wonderful splash of colour and a sweet scent of springtime to our otherwise monochrome hallways. Charlotte's natural 'take-away' arrangements spilled out of pretty reclaimed teapots and pretty patterned ceramics and beautiful stems filled giant vases, peeping their 'lil heads over the rim to reveal rich violet and yellow blooms. Wheeeeee! I was excited to find Forget-Me-Nots featured in Charlotte's lovely posies. Alongside snowdrops, daffodils, primroses and bluebells, they're one of my favourite little flowers. I got to take some home :)

Enormous thanks to Charlotte and her merry team of helpers who made such beautiful displays and did such a splendid job of promoting the event :) We hope to welcome the Lotte & Bloom Pop-Up Flower Shop back to The Upper Floor again soon.

If you missed the shop this time around, here are a few snaps (taken by the handsome YHFphoto). Shame we don't have smell-a-vision...

"Esendes' Life" by Hannah Aaron

The Tiny Gallery at The Maisonette is proud to present Hannah Aaron's debut art exhibition, 'Esendes' Life'.

From the imagination of 6 year old artist, Hannah, comes 50s styled cat (as in, feline) Esendes. Meet her, her friends, family and workmates as Hannah introduces us to Esendes' Life through a series of artworks.

Who is Esendes?

"Well, she is a cat of many talents. Edendes is in fact only 17 though many people believe that she is in her 30s due to the many things that she does. Only her close friends and her two sisters (Fesa and Acradiyae) know her true age. We do know that her birthday is on Easter though.

Esendes has a flat in the city centre where she not only lives but also runs a cafe and a music shop called Land Of Music. Her cafe serves Esendes' favourite food and that is wraps. She makes all sorts of strange wraps.

It's no surprise that she also has creative friends, inluding her best friend Yisa of the well known swing band, The Tramp Cats. Esendes herself is a musician as well. Her band is often supported by the great San Maya. On the topic of music, one of her favourite bands is The Ramones whom she has seen live many times.

Esendes went to design school and now is in high demand by circuses the world over looking for her imaginative designs of circus tents. She herself once considered joining the circus and tried her hand at clowning but it wasn't for her.

She drives a large pick up truck but also owns a scooter which uses to get around town. Esendes is married to Paul and they both enjoy going to the cinema in their spare time. However, since Esendes does most jobs in the world, her freetime is somewhat limited.

She also enjoys dancing and occassionally takes part in dance productions."

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Introducing... The Edinburgh Jamboree Vendors!

1. Miso Funky

Handmade gifts and homewares to funkify your life! Our very own subversive stitcher shows off her latest collection of upcycled treats and emo-broidery slogans - bold enough to make you blush!

2. Ding Dong Designs

Mother & daughter duo Josie & Freda offer an ever growing collection of bright and beautiful wearables, accessories and gifts - and, of course the now famous gang of celebrity-style finger puppets!

3. Gillian Kyle

Homegrown superstar Gillian Kyle brings her range of nostalgic Scottish-themed textiles to The Roxy. Check out the all-new Creamola Foam line! It's amazing!

4. Rosita

Indie designer maker Anna Judd makes oh-so-pretty textile items - from cupcake lavender bags to aprons, totes and wide-eyed dollies! This gal is all about beautiful pattern and fabulous prints.

5. Rag & Bone Boutique

Rock'n'roll maker Claire Macleod offers up her fun line of vinyl record clocks and music inspired jewellery, accessories and gifts for the home.

6. The Night Owl

We're becoming increasingly obsessed with Ellen Munro's work! Expect a handmade range of wooden jewels, gingham table cloths, handpainted egg cups, stripey shoppers, frilly showercaps and a whole load more! Swoon!

7. Angharad Jefferson

Angharad's embroidered art, gifts and homeware pieces have been going down a STORM at The Maisonette lately! If you're lucky, she might bring her all-new embroidered ceramics for you. Yes. Embroidered ceramics. Don't miss 'em!

8. Wooden Tree

Designer and collector Kirsty Anderson creates work with a fantastical, yet old-time feel. Reclaimed fabrics and vintage objects are upcycled and given new life. Find the perfect gift here! We love the supersized Wooden Tree pieces. I'd love a cloud cushion. Or a Miss Foxette. Or a Little Mountain. Or an owlface pin. Or...

9. Susie Maroon

A fellow Starter for 6 award winner, design label Susie Maroon make and sell real cosy and nostalgic collections of homewares and fashion pieces incorporating luxurious fabrics, leather and wonderful embroidery. My favourite? The disco lamp.

10. The Dropped Stitches

All the way from London Town, we're pleased to welcome a superstar knitting troupe of indie designer makers. In their collective guise as knitting group, The Dropped Stitches, these gals offer a varied selection of handknitted wearables, homewares and gifts. The Dropped Stitches are: Leona Baker (Superette proprietor and formerly of Lady Luck Rules OK), Tanya Robinson (Strikk), Sanna King (Sannapanda), Mary McDermott (We Make/Dainty Pretty Things), Claire Squared (button obsessive and happy crafter) & Kali Anderson (Lush & Lovely).

11. Astrid Weigel

Astrid Weigel designs and makes beautiful handprinted and appliqued gifts for the home. Expect gorgeous table runners, cushions and host of other textile pieces. Astrid's Matryoshka dolls are on the Made in the Shade wishlist!

12. Lost in the Forest

Handmade jewellery, accessories and giftware by Emily Chandler. Love Magnetic Fields? Emily has the perfect handmade treat for you. Be sure to check out Emily's new range of beautiful velvet and lace adorned purses and pouches won't you?

13. Suzy Loves

Bright and quirky jewellery pieces by Suzy Watson - these cheery little wonders will brighten your day, not just your wardrobe!

14. Magic Alice

Crafty maker Jennifer Field offers up her latest range of handmade jewellery and accessory pieces to customers at The Springtime Jamboree :)

15. Stella My Star

With a keen eye for hidden gems and found obejcts, super duper maker Jo Gurney produces an eclectic range of pretty accessories and charm jewellery.

16. t-boo

Home of the ever-popular Scrabble piece charm bracelet, Tracey Burns offers a splendid array of vintage inspired, quirky and fun jewellery.

17. Much Too Fun

Superkitsch jewellery and accessories to have Much Too Fun with! Vintage style charm necklaces, kitschy bracelets AND all new Perspex Scottish slang range, Bonne Bling. Look out too for Much Too Fun's very special, limited edition summertime collection! We LOVE it.

18. Fantoosherie Fancies

A Made in the Shade favourite, Fantoosherie Fancies showcase the latest collection of textile accessories and jewellery incorporating upcycled vintage pieces - all from the fair hand of the lovely Jennifer.

19. Jennifer Nicolson

Jewellery designer and silversmith, Jennifer Nicolson showcases her first complete collection of jewellery and accessories in Edinburgh for the first time. Be sure to say hello to her!

20. Hannah Zakari

Owner of one of the best online indie boutiques IN THE WORLD, Rachael Lamb, sets up real-life shop as a special treat for Edinburgh Made in the Shaders. Expect an array of wonderful work from the most talented indie designers from across the globe! Be sure to ask Rachael about her exciting new venture!

21. Dapple Photography

Gillian Hayes is a wonderful photographer. You may have seen some of her Made in the Shade event photography featured in our press campaign this season? Gillian's collections take nature, vintage lifestyle and found objects as inspiration. Clever gal :)

22. Small Stories

Small Stories is the latest project of hotly tipped Scottish artist Gabrielle Reith. Gabrielle designs and makes a delightful collection of giftware and printed items, including art & illustration pieces, greetings cards, tea towels, jewellery and accessories.

23. Leah Halliday

Leah offers a wonderful mixture of handmade gifts and keepsakes with handpicked vintage pieces. From ceramics to art, jewellery to stationery, Leah has an eye for those stand-out objects that demand your love and attention!

24. We Are The Robots

Visit the home of the pixelated pendant! We Are The Robots' fabulous collection of fun, quirky jewellery and accessories has gone down a treat at Made in the Shade over the last two years. We are thrilled that Kerri is now designing and stitching her very own fashion range now too! Get your peepers around that!

25. Little Sister Lucy

The talented Lucy Balloch designs and produces unique handmade jewellery, accessories and clothing. With a passion for fabric and texture, Lucy works with both print and stitch and has a penchant for embellishment.
We particularly love Lucy's collection of beautiful silk nightwear!

26. bYMi

Designer maker Hannah Snell brings her beautiful silk origami jewellery and accessories to Made in the Shade Eastside!

27. Rachael Albert Boutique

Influenced by the eccentricity of Tokyo street style and vintage culture, fashion design Rachael Albert brings her latest line to Made in the Shade. Rachael designs clothing for a body - not a clothes hanger. Hooray! We particularly love her bloomer-style playsuits and bright, bold, swing dresses!

28. Pinski's... Lil Bubba Things

This talented duo are specialists in in bespoke children's wear and accessories. Handmade with love using contemporary and recycled vintage fabrics, each garment is unique - just like the 'lil guys and dolls that'll be wearing 'em!

29. Paleface

Rejecting mass-produced 'off the peg' fast-fashion, Catherine Barthram (Paleface) offers limited edition, handmade wearables for the discerning fashionista. Paleface makes dresses and tops and jackets and necklaces and all sorts of lovely goodies. We think Paleface is very clever.

30. Funky Frilly

Wheeep! As gals with a penchant for vintage pattern and vintage ceramics, Funky Frilly sets our hearts all a-flutter! Jane, the brains and the hands behind this little upcycling, indie empire makes fabulous fancy cake stands, candle-cups, plate clocks and... and... (Faints).

31. Kitty & Dude

A Made in the Shade favourite, designer ceramicist Cosima Sempill returns to our event with her devilishly covetable selection of quirky, cheeky ceramic pieces. Look out for the all new Hanky Panky/High Jinks range!

32. Lindsay Grime

Did you see Lindsay's Home Sweet Home exhibit in out Tiny Gallery? Did you? This season at Made in the Shade Lindsay showcases a selection of illustrated ceramic earrings, brooches, fancy tiles, plates AND prints and illustrations. Giddy just thinking about it...

33. Lizzy Stewart

Artist & illustrator Lizzy Stewart will be selling a range of screen prints, gocco prints and giclee digital prints as well as greetings cards, notebooks, badges and bags. Wheep!

34. Dazed Dorothy

Designer, maker and leathersmith, Corinne Robinson sure has an eye for detail. Her growing collection of clutch bags and accessories are so beautiful and so detailed, they'll make you drool!
We've seen it happen.

35. Catherine Aitken

Scottish limited edition handbags created from Harris Tweed, Mohair and Tartan - with a twist! Catherine produces creative and innovative accessories that are both elegant and luxurious.

36. Pegeggleg

Magpie shopper bags with surprise treats inside! Sugar skull applique AND a whole host of bright and bold screenprinted textiles are coming your way from designer maker Penny Forbes!

37. Julie Fletcher

Artist illustrator Julie Fletcher brings her upbeat range of cards and board books to Made in the Shade for the first time :)

38. Jolly Good

Helen Macdonald, a veritable star in our midst, was the brain and the hands behind the product voted most innovative by none other than Wayne Hemmingway in the Folksy/Sue Ryder Christmas Upcycle Competition in 2009! Imagine that! We can't wait to peruse Jolly Good's collection of jewellery and accessories. Think upcycling. Think vintage charms and secondhand finds - jolly good, indeed!

39. Clare Nicolson

Made in the Shade gal, Clare sets up shop at the Springtime Jamboree and showcases her range of beautiful digitally printed textiles, vintage fabric gifts and homewares. Look out for Clare's all-new range of gorgeous lavender bags and supersized lavender filled birdies! You might even get a sneaky peek of some of her brand new designs! Wheeep! How exciting?!?! :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

We ♥ Antzin

If you were lucky enough to be one of our early bird visitors to the Glasgow Jamboree at The Lighthouse last month, you just might have received a very special gift from one of our very favourite indie artist makers, Anthony Zinonos, aka Antzin. You may have bagged a notebook? Or a zine? A mini DIY kit?

Since his first parcel of stock arrived in January, we have become thoroughly obsessed with Anthony's work - and judging by how well our last 'lil Antzin delivery was received at The Maisonette, we're guessing you have a soft spot for 'im too!

Well. Guess what? He's BACK! We're pleased to let ya'll know that Antzin has made his return to our shop and we have a fabulous collection of zines, stationery and DIY kits here waiting for you.

I already own two of these amazing collage kits. I've not opened them yet cos I think they look beautiful as they are. If I had enough pocket money, I would buy up all the DIY kits we have in the shop! You best get in quick before I beat you to 'em! Bumper kits cost £6 each and little 'uns cost just £2.50.

If you loved Le Dot zine as much as we did, then you will LOVE The Blue Bits :)
Both zines are now available at The Maisonette and they've also been joined by a third volume! Whoop!

Another personal favourite and Maisonette hit, The Hounds makes its return to our little shop! These fellas didn't hang around for long last time, so come quickly, won't you? Grab yours for £8.

To find out more about Anthony, visit his website here.

Flora the Tombola at The Maisonette!

You may already have met our good friend Flora the Tombola at our shopping events. She's the pretty white wooden barrel with the bow in her hair that dishes our fun prizes and donates money to charity each season. We love her.

Flora has been a little bit restless these days. She's made it known to us that she'd like to play a more central role in Maisonette life. We've decided that it's time for Flora to be fully playable in our little shop - every day! The Flora the Tombola game works like this: you pay your money down and we spin the barrel. You select a ticket. If your chosen number ends in either a '0' or a '5', then you will win a very special prize!

Flora prizes at The Maisonette are super-special. We'll be offering y'all the chance to pick up prizes worth between £3 and £60! All gifts are either handmade, vintage or crafty at heart. From zines to jumbo craft grab-bags, from cushions and fancy textiles to cute ceramics and kitschy trinkets, Flora will offer you a fun opportunity to leave The Maisonette with a piece of treasure - even if you're shopping budget is tight! Great, huh? Of course, we'll have a load of swell 'lil booby prizes for you to take home even if you don't pick a winning ticket! No one will leave empty handed.

For a little peek at some of the tombola treats we have in store for you, scroll down. Flora will be kitted out and ready to be played from Thursday 6th May. Come up and see us, win a prize! :)

Illustrated jotter by I Like Pens

Illustrated colouring book by Kate Broughton

Zine by Memo!

Speed Crafting Tote Bag Kit by Lady Luck Rules OK

Stitch-Your-Own Animal Kit by Loglike

We've got plenty more treats up our sleeves too including postcard sets by Eleanor Grosch, fancy screen prints, bath & beauty treats by Lady Wurlitzer, vintage finds by Nana Moon, sticker sets and notebooks by Audrey Jeane, embroidery supplies, knitting kits and much MUCH more! :)