Saturday, 31 October 2009

An Important Announcement - The Made In The Shade Festive Shopping Weekender

In amongst all the excitement at The Maisonette yesterday, we received a call from our contact at The Lighthouse. We've all been awaiting some news about the future of Scotland's Centre for Architecture, Design and the City since administrators took over the management of the building in August. We are real sad to tell y'all that we've received notification that our Festive Shopping Weekender, scheduled to take place at The Lighthouse in December has been cancelled. The administrators have taken the decision to cancel all events booked after mid-November and a date has been set to officially dissolve The Lighthouse Trust. The building will return to the hands of Glasgow City Council in the coming weeks and months. what happens after that - we have no idea. Let's hope the building is rejuvenated in some way.

We've had a fabulous time working with The Lighthouse and the staff there. The Lighthouse has been integral to the establishment and development of Made In The Shade and we're grateful for all the help and support we've received from 'em over the last two years.

Clare and I will work our socks off to find a new home for our calendar of boutique shopping events in 2010 and in the run up to Christmas you can all rest assured that we will offer tonnes of fantastic indie shopping opportunities through The Maisonette. Let's not think of the event being cancelled, but that we're now able to host a Made In The Shade shopping shindig every single day of the week from now until Christmas Eve! Look out on the blog for more details of our plans.

The Made In The Shade Gals


The Maisonette is OPEN!

The Made In The Shade Maisonette opened its doors to customers for the first time yesterday. We are utterly overwhelmed by the support we've received so far. We've met so many lovely people in the past couple of days who've had such swell things to say about The Maisonette and the talented designers and makers whose work is showcasing with us this season.

Thanks so much to everyone who has visited us so far and a very special thanks to everyone who has delivered cards and gifts! We've had champagne, we've had gorgeous home baking, fresh flowers and umpteen pretty cards wishing us well. You're all so thoughtful and oh-so generous!

Clare and I are real exhausted. We're having a relaxing evening tonight to recoup some energy. Look out for lots of diary entries, photos and Maisonette news appearing on the blog and on the website next week.

We're open 7 days a week. Come see us!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bleary Eyes, Runny Noses & Impending Hysteria

Oh. My. Oh my. Clare and I sure are a pair o' tired gals. Over the last two and a bit weeks, we've spent nigh on every waking hour at The Maisonette, preparing our new multi-functional Made In The Shade retail space for visitors. We've scraped, we've scrubbed, we've painted, we've hammered, we've humphed, we've hung. We've polished and preened and priced. We've shopped and shuffled (and re-shopped and re-shuffled). And here we are - sleep deprived and physically exhausted! Clare has a nasty cold and I my eyes resemble 'pee holes in the snow' - as my dad would say.

Despite having spent far too little time in our jammies over the last while, we are super excited about welcoming visitors to The Maisonette. We'll be adding finishing touches to the space over the next few weeks and we hope you'll visit regularly to keep up to speed with all the plans we're laying. From Friday (that's THIS FRIDAY!!) The Maisonette will be open to customers between 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday (late night opening til 7pm on Thursdays) and between noon and 5pm on Sundays. We do hope you can find a wee minute or ten to come see us.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 18

It's a veritable woodland party at The Maisonette this season! These little creatures have found their home in The Cushion Case :) They like it there. Please do come visit them from Friday 30th October!


Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 17

Clare Nicolson: Sign Writer.

This is our pretty new logo that appears on the back wall of The Maisonette. Wheep!

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 16

So tired. Tired. Tired. Oooooo.

All is well now that the Kitty & Dude peg birds have moved in to The Maisonette. We've left them in charge of the 'to do' list.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Made In The Shade & Central Station

We're thrilled to announce that Made In The Shade is working alongside fresh faced creative online community, Central Station during October/November 2009. Coinciding perfectly with the launch of The Maisonette and the Tiny Gallery therein, we've teamed up with the guys and dolls at Central Station to action a little project. We're inviting proposals from Central Station members interested in taking up a fortnight's worth of free exhibition space in the Tiny Gallery in February 2010 (exact dates tba). Included in the prize is a private viewing party, online promotion (including design work) and a keepsake photography package. Swell, huh? The invitation is open to all Central Station members, regardless of creative discipline or theme. All we ask is that you can think of an ingenious way to utilise tiny space (the floor in the Tiny Gallery measures just shy of 1m sq.!) and that you engage in some way with what Made In The Shade is all about ;)

Take a peep at our Made In The Shade/Central Station project page, here.
Make friends with us on Central Station, here.

If you'd like to submit a proposal, drop us a line at:
Please make sure you include your Central Station username in the message.
All proposals must be received by 9th November 2009.

Central Station is a space where artists, film-makers and designers can talk about their processes, showcase their work, share tools and tips and access resources.

Members are part of an online community. They have their own showcase area including unique web address, plus the opportunity to get involved in events, projects and discover hidden gems in the collections part of the site.

If you haven't taken a peep already, you oughtta!


The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 15

We had a really exciting day yesterday. Not only did lots and lots of fabulous stock arrive at The Maisonette - sent to us by our very favourite designer makers - but we made our very first sale! Imagine that! We're not even open yet.

Claire Brown of Miso Funky fame stopped by to add some of her lovely cross-stitch samplers and cute mugs to the Maisonette's Autumn/Winter collection. She hung around for a while to have a little 'oo' and a little 'aaah' at all the glorious handmade delights on offer. Before we could say, "Have you seen the fabulous new work by...?" Claire had honed in on the 'moustache on a stick' by Ding Dong Designs. "Can I buy one of these now?" asked Claire. "Uuum. Eeeh...", mumbled Carrie & Clare! With no packaging, no labelling and not even a till to keep the money in, we handed over the moustache in return for 6 of Claire's best pounds! Voila! Our first sale.

You can own your very own moustache on a stick from Friday 30th October! Swing by The Maisonette at De Courcy's Arcade. We'll even give you a bag to take it home in and everything! ;)

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 14

Yes. I am posting Maisonette Peep Show pics at 5.30am. I've been awake since 4am. So far I've sent out launch party invites, have caught up on various bits of emailing and I'm just about to start writing out price tickets. Yaaaawn. I reckon I'll be asleep again by about 8am. We've been so, so busy over the past couple of weeks that the days are all starting to run together into one big Maisonette fest - so please forgive us for the odd glitch in posting the daily pic. Since y'all missed a peek on Monday, I'm posting two insight images today.

Here's Part 14 of The Maisonette Peep Show...

These are our new price tickets for The Maisonette Autumn/Winter collection. They'll be handwritten and attached to beautiful handmade treasures with brown thread.

The Made In The Shade Maisonette opens on the upper floor of De Courcy's Arcade, Cresswell Lane on Friday 30th October 2009. We'll be welcoming our first visitors from 10am. Please do sinwg by and see us. We'll give you sweet treats and maybe a little drink of something. x

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 13

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 12

Check. It. Out.

The Made In The Shade Maisonette opens on the upper floor of De Courcy's Arcade on Cresswell Lane on Friday 30th October. Swing by! Say hi.

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 11

Clare sure is a dab hand with a pot o' polyfilla! Now that the gaps and cracks have been smoothed over and the walls are a nice bright white, the Tiny Gallery is just about ready to receive its very first installation. Jennifer Nicolson launches her new zine, 'Suredy Bop Bop' at The Maisonette in November. In celebration we're hosting a month long exhibit of Jennifer's post-it note illustrations. It'll be swell. If a little creepy.

We reckon the Tiny Gallery must be the smallest exhibition space in the city! At under 1m sq., it fits just one visitor at a time! If you'd be interested in showing work in the Tiny Gallery, holler. We want to hear your ideas.

Friday, 16 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 10

We've enjoyed yet another productive day at The Maisonette today. All the painting is finished, the wallpaper is up and the furniture is waiting patiently in the adjoining unit to be brought into its new home. Once the furniture is in place, we'll be filling it up with lots and lots of fabulous handmade products designed by the pick of creative talent from home and from further afield.
Like this. Obsession Zine. Oh, how we love Gemma Correll!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 9

So many fabulous leaps forward were made at The Maisonette today that it's difficult to pick just one peepshow image. However, one is all y'all are gettin'! We thought you might like to see one of the loveleeeeeey pieces of furniture we'll be installing into the space for the Autumn/Winter season. Our room of choice for this season is, naturally, the cosy living room and this baby will set things off just nicely...

P.S have y'all noticed that my camera lens has been getting grubbier day by day? Must rememebr to clean it tomorrow!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 8

You know, I'm really enjoying this litte blog/photo series. I think we might have to continue this on in some way even after the opening of The Maisonette!

Today, we thought you might like to have a wee look at the De Courcy's Arcade building. The stairs and hallways have been cleaned up and decorated and are looking swish. Rumour has it that the Made In The Shade gals will be contributing some design touches to the look of the hallways and stairwell. What will we do? What will we do? Here's what the spaces look like now...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 7

My oh my, what a busy (and long) day it's been. The Made In The Shade gals are pooped.

Want to see what we've been up to in The Maisonette today?

More tomorrow. Night night!

Monday, 12 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 6

Today is the day, kids! It's Key Day!

Prep. work at The Maisonette commences today! As we await the delivery of our autumnal vintage wallpaper, we get set to sweep and dust and scrub and buff every surface in sight!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Made In The Shade & The Park Gallery

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 5

Whoof! A double whammy today.

Feast your eyes on these little fellas. We love Wooden Tree. 'Tis true that we do. Handstitched right here in Scotland by the lovely Kirsty Anderson, cloud pins will be on sale at The Maisonette from Friday 30th October. You can wear your very own silver lining. Swell.

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 4

Gosh darn it! The days are whizzing by so fast now that we're missing 'em! We'll have two peeps today since we missed the peep yesterday!

Carrie & Clare's 'To Do' List
The Maisonette

Pick up keys to The Maisonette
Buy a feather duster
Take a trip to B&Q
Await delivery of fabulous furniture
Hang fabulous wallpaper
Remember to eat dinner (not crisps)
Send launch party invitations
Order a new needle for the record player

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Maisonette on Indie Quarter

The gals and fellas at Indie Quarter have been really, really supportive of Made In The Shade since we launched the boutique shopping event in May 2008. We're pleased to see that Indie Quarter approves of the opening of The Maisonette too!

For those of you who haven't visited Indie Quarter yet - what is WRONG with you?
Get over there.

Click here to read about The Maisonette on Indie Quarter.

Festive Shopping Weekender - Vendor Applications OPEN

My oh my, these sure are exciting times at MITS HQ. Not only are we inches away from opening our very first permanent retail/ space (The Made In The Shade Maisonette @ De Courcy's Arcade) but we are pleased to announce that bookings for our next shopping event are... NOW OPEN!!

The second annual Made In The Shade Festive Shopping Weekender will take place at The Lighthouse, Glasgow on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2009.

The event will open to customers between 10.30am - 5pm on Saturday 12th December and between 12 noon and 5pm on Sunday 13th December.

If you are a designer, maker, artist, vintage seller or other creative entrepreneur and you'd like to set up shop with us, then please get in touch!

For details on how to apply, drop a quick line to the MITS gals at:

Applications will close again on Friday 23rd October, so be sure to register interest quickly!

You can find out more about Made In The Shade at:

You'll also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Come join us!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Maisonette Peep Show - Part 3

It's day 3 of the Maisonette Peep Show blog series. Just a quick note this evening as the gals are winding down to enjoy the novelty of a night infront of the magic box of lights and digi images.

Here's another sneaky product peek to whet your appetite for all things Maisonette...

This is a piece of fabulous handmade textile art by the lovely Angharad Jefferson. This fella has attracted the attention of a fancy book publisher. He's scheduled to appear in a book all about everyone's favourite facial adornment - the moustache! You can own a moustache of your very own come Friday 30th October!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 2

Oooo! Wheet whoo! Who is this?

This, my friends, is Pie Girl. She's handmade by Lucy at The Cat In The Shoe and I love her. She and her pie (and pumpkin!) pals will be moving into The Maisonette with us. The Cat In The Shoe - exclusive to Glasgow. Exclusive to The Made In The Shade Maisonette. Come meet her on Friday 30th October!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 1

Every day, in the run up to the grand opening of The Made In The Shade Maisonette, we'll be giving you a tiny glimpse into the lives of the Made In The Shade gals as we work our socks off to prepare The Maisonette for visitors. We might post a sneaky product pic. We might post a 'To Do' list. We might post a photograph of Clare up a ladder. Or of Carrie in an apron and marigolds. You get the idea.

To start this mini blog series off, here is a rather saucy picture of The Maisonette. Naked.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Made In The Shade Maisonette

I know, I know... We've been teasing y'all for far too long with dribs and drabs of information about The Made In The Shade Maisonette. We're sorry. The time has arrived for us to reveal all. Wheep!

The Made In The Shade Maisonette is our permanent, dynamic retail, gallery and social space dedicated to showcasing and promoting off-beat design, creativity and vintage lifestyle. The Maisonette, or 'little home', is a friendly hub of activity set in a friendly space in Glasgow's old-time indie shopping institution, De Courcy's Arcade on Cresswell Lane. We'll be opening our doors to customers on Friday 30th October 2009.

Not just a one-stop shop for all things handmade, unusual and beautiful, The Maisonette is also home to the Tiny Gallery AND to a fabulous program of creative and sociable get-togethers. From October 2009, the Made In The Shade gals will continue to conduct their event and agency work in The Maisonette too. We'll have a real-life Made In The Shade home at last!

Although small and dinky, the vintage styled Made In The Shade Maisonette showcases work by directional Scottish designers, makers and artists and introduces the work of creatives from across the UK and beyond. Crossing disciplines, product categories and styles, the Maisonette offers customers the pick of handmade delights and vintage finds.

We are so excited about The Maisonette and we really, really hope you are too.

Keep visiting the blog for more information and details of our launch week celebrations!