Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Season! New Look Maisonette :)

It doesn't take much time of us sitting still before we get ants in our pants, does it? We've decided that this winter has lasted far too long. We're sick of the cold and the dark and so we've decided that, at The Maisonette at least, it's Spring :)

As y'all know if you visit us regularly, The Maisonette isn't really your average sort of shop. We do sell things of course, but we also use the dinky space to do all sorts of work and we invite people to join us there in the evenings sometimes for workshops and meetings and nice 'lil get togethers. Oh. And we also have an old changing room that we use as a Tiny Gallery.

When we opened The Maisonette back in October '09, we styled the room as a cosy lounge or living area. We wanted to feel at home and we wanted you to feel at home too. Now that Spring is round the corner, we thought we ought to zing things up a little bit and give The Maisonette a mini makeover. In the end, we didn't manage to do the repaint we'd planned, but we have revamped and rejiggled our existing fittings, we've wallpapered and reupholstered and we've rearranged just about every last thing. Did I mention that we also bagged ourselves some AMAZING 1950s kitchen cabinets? We adore them.

Here's a little photo tour for those of you who can't make it up to De Courcy's to see us and our new look Maisonette in person :)


  1. Am gobsmacked! It's amazing - next time I visit bods in Glasgow I'm defo dropping in - looks magic! Jen x

  2. It looks amazing. Can't wait to see it. Well done. Nicky (FrugalCool)

  3. Woweee, you ladies certainly have an eye for this interior re-decorating business! The washing line is my absolute favoutite touch. Kandy x

  4. Yayee! Thanks everyone! We're really pleased with our new layout - think it's much friendlier and makes better use of the wee tiny space we have :) Y'all MUST come to visit! x