Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Big Fat Boo-Boo

Y'all might have spotted a picture of the Made in the Shade twosome in the home supplement of The Herald last week? You may even have spotted us - not once, but twice? We just wanted to pop a little line or two here to clarify that the journalist who wrote the article got utterly confuddled and managed to confuse two crafty and creative Clare/Claires. Contrary to what the article says, Clare Nicolson does not run Miso Funky and she doesn't make quirky samplers. Claire Brown does. Clare Nicolson didn't found the Glasgow Craft Mafia either. That was Claire Brown aswell. Clare Nicolson has run her own textile business for over three years and has been a Made in the Shade gal for two years. Aside from the bizarre melding together of two creative girlies who happen to have similar first names and the ensuing factual inaccuracies, the piece was really rather lovely and we do agree that it IS cool to craft! :)

Click the image below to read the article (just remember to substitute the correct names!)

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  1. We posted this 'lil note to clarify facts and to undo any confusion that has arisen/may arise for the 'lil creative enterprises involved. The post is not unkind in any way and I have to disagree and say that being vague, in this instance, would have helped nothing or no one. It's muddied info that gets folk in a tizzy mess in the first place! The muddle has since been unmuddled and we're all rockin' and rollin' once more. No big shakes, duderoo! :)