Monday, 6 September 2010

Introducing... Supermercado!

Judging by Scotland's now choca-bloc craft/music/vintage events calendar, the lowly craft fair has been well and truly revived - and our work here is well and truly done. Hoorah! So. We've bid our boutique shopping event adios. It's time to move on to pastures and projects new. Our new pasture? Glasgow's most famous marketplace. Our new project? Read on!

Made in the Shade is flippin' thrilled to (finally) announce details of our new indie shopping venture: The Made in the Shade Supermercado. (We just call it 'Supermercado' - less of a mouthful!)

This is... Supermercado

Based indoors in the cobbled courtyard of The New Barras Centre, Supermercado offers a fresh, new dimension to city centre market culture. Taking place every Saturday, Glasgow finally has its own permanent weekly indie shopping hub. Pheweee. Thank goodness for that. These are exciting times. They really are.

Supermercado kicks off it's Saturday residency at The Barras Centre on 2nd October.


  1. I cannot wait to come and visit! Haha Viva Las Barras :) x

  2. Awesome! I like the name too :)

  3. Viva Las Barras indeed! That could become our new catchphrase! :)