Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rock Around OUR Christmas Tree at Supermercado!

Yes! Ditch boring ol' Buchanan Street for the bustle of The Barras this Christmas. Swap bad-mannered elbow jabbers for loud-hailer-voiced traders, hot donuts and a whole heap of bargain hunting and off-the-beaten-track gift options!

Christmas starts here. We're not ashamed. We're not hiding the tinsel any more. It's coming out. We're hanging it up - and by Saturday? We'll be rockin' round the ENORMOUS Christmas tree at The Barras Centre like a pair o' crazy ass elves. To save us looking like eejits, we need you to join us.

Over the next four Saturdays, Supermercado comes over all 'festive'! And why not, huh? It IS blinkin' Christmas! If ever there was a year to make Christmas last a little bit longer than usual, it's this year. Dance your cares away - save your worries for another day. Eat, drink and be merry (etc., etc.). Complete with free edibles and drinkables, live music, Christmas craft-offs, swap shop stalls and the customary pick of handmade wonders, vintage treats and super-special gifts - now is the time to get in touch with your East Side - and venture 5 measly minutes beyond town and join in with the spirit of Supermercado!

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