Monday, 27 October 2008

Made In The Shade II Thank Yous

My word... Two days on from our second event at The Lighthouse and the Made In The Shade team are still exhausted! Although I am most pleased to see that the darn rain has dried up (albeit temporarily) and that the blue skies are back to lift our spirits for a little while, it is taking all my might not to just curl up and slip back under my duvet!

Anyway... Firstly, we have an enormous amount of thanking to do. Many, many thanks to the 2000 handmade and vintage lovers who came to visit us at Made In The Shade despite the gale-force winds, the hail and the torrential rain! Glasgow shoppers truly are dedicated followers of fashion. Thank you so much for supporting our event and the 55 makers, designers and vintage collectors who showcased their work.

Of course, Made In The Shade would not have had such a prestigous home were it not for the fabulously talented Lynsey Smith, Manager of the Creative Entrepreneurs Club at The Lighthouse who invited us to hold the event in Gallery 5 in the first place. Lynsey has worked in tandem with the Made In The Shade organising team over the last year or so, ensuring that Made In The Shade runs smoothly and that the event continues to develop and grow. Lynsey took up the role of Mistress of Ceremonies at Made In The Shade II and my oh my, we are grateful to her for all her running around! Lynsey - you are wonderful x Thank you too, to the staff at The Lighthouse for overseeing the event and for ensuring that all Made In The Shade visitors were well looked after! Special mention must go to The Lighthouse Conference & Events team and to the lovely Gillian and her helpers. Muchos gracias!

Without the pick of wonderfully creative and talented makers, designers and vintage collectors eager to take part, Made In The Shade simply wouldn't work would it?! Why would thousands of people come to walk around an empty room? Thank you so much to all the exhibitors who went out of their way to build interesting, stunning, effective product displays and thank you to those who really embraced the theme of the day and got a little dressed up for the occasion! We appreciate your efforts and we appreciate your support and interest in Made In The Shade. May the event continue to flourish!

Thanks also to: Ken Robertson, Jennifer Nicolson, Ruth, the promo gals, Claire Sawers, Susie Cormack, Diana Kiernander, Maureen Ellis, Kirstin Innes, She's Crafty, Indie Quarter, The Skinny, Robson & Mason, the exhibitors who donated items to our goody bags, Joanne Quinn... and thank you to the exhibitors who noted the amount of work, time and energy that goes in to building a Made In The Shade event and took the time to thank the team (Carrie, Clare, Suzanne and Jo) for their efforts. Flora - thank you so, SO much for your thoughtful gift! Carrie Slug has moved in to my house and is having a lovely time. Gini, Elfie - thank you for your messages. Thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to help us in the last few months and thank you to those who have positive, encouraging things to say! xx

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