Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Made in the Shade ♥ One Creative Scotland

Well - it surely seems to be a year for collaborations! Made in the Shade has been invited to take on a rather exciting styling project with the guys and dolls at One Creative Scotland :) If you haven't heard already, following 4 successful and very distinct arts/music/creative mash-up events hosted at The Tollhouse Studio, the tiny team have decided to branch out a little bit! The next step? One Creative Scotland TV!

Presented by radio gent and Glasgow rock music figure, Jim Gellatly and arts correspondent Katie Russell, the planned 56 minute pilot show will be based on the existing format of the bi-annual One Creative Scotland event combining live music, visual art and indie film features.

Our gal Clare (with a helping hand from Carrie here and there) will be taking on the task of styling and dressing the music rooms for the programme! Clare cannot WAIT to get going and is already scheduling trips to all her favourite treasure troves. We visited The Tollhouse Studio for the first time last night. Owner and creative entpreneur Chris Deeprose showed us around the sprawling space and described the proposed layout of the spaces. Not only is the converted factory space AMAZING, but we have every faith that the TV pilot edition of the artsy bash will go off without a hitch and prove to be an inspirational (and fun) event for everyone!


If you would like to attend the pilot-show recording event, then you can! You can buy 'em NOW from here To find out more about One Creative Scotland and/or the pilot show, email organiser and project manager Clare Kelly at: clarekelly137@hotmail.com



  1. 人不能像動物一樣活著,而應該追求知識和美德.................................................................

  2. oh yay, that sounds fab, well done!! :)