Friday, 11 June 2010

Planning Ahead: Father's Day at The Maisonette

Is it just me - or does this summertime seem to be one of the busiest summertimes EVER? I'm losing my marbles a 'lil bit just trying to keep up with everything. I was just getting tuned into the local artsy buzz of The Westend Festival, The Hidden Lane Festival, The Degree Show(s) and The Edinburgh International Film Fest and then the blinkin' World Cup kicked off in spectacular style, adding to the hullabaloo. I won't include the launch of the last ever series of Big Brother to the whirl of activity for fear of upsetting y'all (*but inside, my heart is a-pitter pattering with glee at the return/demise of this god forsaken circus - in equal measure and IS, at least in my head, another exciting 'thing' happening right this minute*). On top of all these distractions, we're trying to organise a shop refit and a website launch! It's a busy, busy time!

But! Woah, there! Let's not forget your ol' Da. You may well be out and about playing the culture vulture or be glued, square-eyed to your tv screen watching blinky images of footballers/reality tv crazies dart around - but mind n set aside some time for your Daddy. It's Father's Day next weekend. Our Dad's are pretty great. We'll definitely be spending some quality time with 'em next weekend. Though, whether they'll even know/care we're there as they 'f' and 'blind' at the football commentators in TV land, who can say? But on the offchance that they do, we thought it might be nice to gift them a little something to let them know we love 'em.

Here are some of our Father's Day present ideas from The Maisonette :)

'The Vested Fox' print by Julia Pott (£7), Bird Badge Sets by Kate Broughton (£4 each), Scented Toadstool by Angharad Jefferson (£14)

Upcycled Annual Notebook by Little Silver Leaf (£10), Wooden Medal Pins by Lost At Sea (£12 each), Croos-stitch Anchor Pin by Memo (£9)

Greetings Cards by Konnie Kapow (£3 each), Pistol Mug by Kitty & Dude (£24)

The Blue Bits Zine by Antzin (£5), Moustache-To-Go by Ding Dong Designs (£6), Moustachio Pin by Memo (£8)

Wall-Mountable Stagface by Wooden Tree (£50)

Emergency Tea Badge by Nikki McWilliams (£2.50), Grow-Your-Own-Veg Greetings Cards by Kate Broughton (£4 each), Weak Tea Weak Mind mug by Miso Funky (£10)

Inspiration! :) For more ideas, have a nosey around our Flickr profile.

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