Tuesday, 24 August 2010

As One Door Closes...

It seems such a long time ago since the first Made in the Shade event took place at The Lighthouse. It's not that long ago really, but so much has changed in the city and the craft scene has grown and developed at a crazy rate in these past three years that it's hard to remember a time when craft markets were few and far between and 'handmade' was a dirty word. Glasgow now boasts a healthy calendar of fun, quality events for crafty types and vintage lovers and the interest in making, mending, making do and living it up vintage style has increased dramatically. Hooray!

While this is very good news for the good people of Glasgow and for designer makers and vintage sellers all over, for Made in the Shade it means it's time to get to work on some new projects and time to overhaul existing ones. Exciting!

Saturday marked the end of a chapter for us. Our Summertime Hop at The Lighthouse was the last in the series of the Made in the Shade Boutique Shopping Event in Glasgow. And what a lovely farewell shindig it turned out to be!

Farewell Summertime Hop - August 2010

Thanks so much to the 40+ vendors who set up shop with us. Thank you to the 1789 (very specific!) customers who took the time to come visit. Thank you to Hana at Benefit for adding an extra special touch of retro glamour to the whole affair and to Auntie M for packing up the Cake Lounge and making sure everyone's sugar cravings were satisfied. Kirsty Anderson (aka Wooden Tree) did a sterling job as our workshop hostess! It was a joy to see visitors (small and big) wandering around The Lighthouse sporting their handmade fox and owl masks. Fabulous. Thank you to Much Too Fun and Emily Moir and thanks too to 61 Steps South for choosing Made in the Shade as the launch platform for their new projects and collaborations. We hope you had a lovely time and that the experience was a productive one.

Farewell Summertime Hop - August 2010

There are a load more people we'd like to mention. Special thanks to Nikki Kane - our wonderful event volunteer. Nikki did an excellent job and we couldn't have managed to get everything organised without the addition of her capable hands! Thanks to Jennifer, Laura and the team at The Lighthouse for their continued support. Thanks to Ken, John, Jennifer and Garry for helping out at this event (and all the others!) Thanks to Claire at The List, Alex at The Skinny, Rachel at The Evening Times and to all the other bloggers and social networkers who helped promote the event and who continue to take an interest in what we're up to!

Farewell Summertime Hop - August 2010

I am absolutely sure that I've missed some folk out (too many to list by name!) - but rest assured we're super, SUPER grateful for your help and support.

So. Glasgow. We hope you've enjoyed our Made in the Shade events. We hope that we've been able to offer a little something special from season to season and we hope that you will be just as excited by our new event ventures as we are. It's Made in the Shade - but not as we know it. We'll be back with a new shopping experience for y'all in December 2010. Keep your peepers peeled!

Edinburgh - we'll see you at The Roxy in November! :)


  1. I can just see my coat and bag in the picture, on the left hand side!!

    I really enjoyed the event, but my daughter lost her fox mask on the way home :0(


  2. Thanks for coming along, Emma! So sorry to hear about the lost fox mask... I'm sure there will be a chance to make another one sometime soon! Or - of course, we stock DIY fabric versions at The Maisonette ;)