Monday, 2 August 2010

Big News

We can't hold it in any longer. We have news. Big news. And it's not anything to do with any of the big news we've already been banging on about. It's nothing to do with our brand spanking new website. It's nothing to do with our extra 70cms of space at The Maisonette. It's nothing to do with book deals either.

Guess what?

We're opening a second Made in the Shade premises HERE!

This, my friends, is the newly refurbished Barras Centre. And that shiny new unit you can see peeking out there inbetween the two pretty wooden barrows? That's our NEW MADE IN THE SHADE HQ!! Infact, if you squint, you can just about see Clare and I standing outside it :) Billed as Glasgow's new cutting-edge creative quarter, we'll be working alongside Camille Lorigo and some of Scotland's most exciting fashion & design talent to make darned sure the fabulous vision for this East End creative hub comes to fruition!

Made in the Shade premises number 2 will serve as our new office, as an interactive workshop & events space and as a shop. We cannot WAIT to move into our new home and we can't wait for you to come visit us - and our wonderful new neighbours - very, very soon.

Oh phewee. Feels good to have that out there...

Watch this space for further updates and regular wheeping and whooping about it all.


  1. wow! any spaces left for an animator/illustrator?

  2. There could well be, Lesley! :) We'll surely try & keep you informed. Wheep!

  3. Well done guys, you deserve it. Were I 20 years younger, I might ask you for a job too!Can't wait to see inside your new premises.

  4. oh wow. Had heard about a crafty regeneration thing going on in the barras but didn't realise yous were a part of it!