Monday, 26 July 2010

Whole Lotta Shoppin' Goin' On in Edinburgh!

We've just about recovered from our big Summertime Hop day in Edinburgh. Just about.

We had a lovely, lovely time once again at The Roxy. The Summertime Hop is one of our favourite events of the year and this, our first in Edinburgh, was a swingin', rockin' affair - just as we'd hoped.

Nearly 500 visitors took the time to shop handmade with 41 wonderful indie designer makers during the course of the day. We met some friendly new chums and we got a chance to spend some time perusing handmade and vintage wares and chatting with our talented vendors ourselves this time round! Favourites for us this season include TRASH, Wondrous Makes, Paleface, Leah Halliday, Moody Monday and Plastic Bat.

Auntie M's Cake Lounge did a roaring trade as ever, satisfying the cravings of hungry shoppers with scrumptious cake and sweet treats!

Our Music Matinee was one of the highlights of the day I think, with The Meat Men performing a mixture of original tracks alongside Hop thumpers like 'Hey Good Lookin'', 'That's Alright', 'Shake Rattle & Roll'.

Toes were tappin', hips were swayin' and hands were a-clappin'! The live music element of the afternoon sparked a surge of new visitors and a flurry of sales for our vendors too! Who'd have thought that a dose of rockabilly magic was all that's needed to perk up a weary shopper! ;) Oh how we'd love it if The Meat Men were to be our house band! Some day...

Clare and I are super-poor at the minute but we did manage to sneak ourselves a few fabulous finds...

Clare bought herself a denim jacket from Tabitha Vintage and she also hunted out a pretty print of a yellow rose (of Texas?) from Leah Halliday's treasure trove! I was gifted a set of fabulous egg-cups by my husband and also decided to treat myself to a 'lil linen bag with bright red leather trim from Tabitha Vintage. The lovely Rosie of Wonderous Makes very kindly gave me some of her cute felt peas to take home too! Peas please!

Of course, we've got some folks to thank.

Thanks to Morvern, Rupert & Gavin at The Roxy. Thanks to all the smiley faced helpers who spent time trudging the streets of Edinburgh with posters and flyers in the lead-up to the event. Thanks to Katherine, Sarah and Philip for all their help on the day. Thanks to everyone who contributed wonderful gifts and samples to our goody bags: Mr Yen, Asking for Trouble, Emily Moir, Antzin, Atherton Lin, Auntie M, Edwina Simone, Cherrybomb Charm - and everyone else who sent treats and treasure for our earlybirds! Thanks to all the vendors who contributed gifts to Flora the Tombola - and thanks of course to Flora herself for being such a swell dame.

Enormous thanks to The Meat Men for travelling from Glasgow to be with us for the Music Matinee and for putting on such a brilliant show. Thanks to all the folks who Tweeted and blogged and Facebooked in the run up to the event. Special smiles and 'lil waves need to go especially to Gill at Creative Boom, Marti at Qype, Claire at The List, Lynne at The Scotsman and Alex at The Skinny. Oh - and thanks to Cat McLaughlin for putting the little Summertime Hop pinterest board together. That was real sweet! Thanks to John, Garry, Jennifer, Gillian, Clare's mum and Angharad for helping lug and transport things. Thanks to Auntie M for going on the Lucozade Orange run and for presenting us with frosted treats just at the right time. Thanks to the 500 visitors that came to shop with us and who showed their support with lovely comments and pats on the back during the day. And - last, but not least, muchos gracias to the 41 vendors who set up shop with us and showcased their wonderful handmade/vintage work with us! You're all fabulous.

Edinburgh - we'll see you in November!
Glasgow - sit tight. There's BIG event news coming your way!


  1. I absolutely LOVED your Summertime Hop - it was like an Aladdin`s Cave with all those beautiful and clever people selling their beautiful and cleverly-crafted wares. I spent a fortune! (even got my Xmas Cards!) I LOVED the band - especially `That Girl`s Old Enough to be your Mother`! and the Beatles song that they did. What a great asset they were to the day. I will definitely return and will be telling all my friends about you too - might even consider travelling to Glasgow next time!
    Good Luck with your Great Venture and Well Done!

  2. had a great time at the summertime hop. cant wait for another! good job xx