Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Barras Peepshow - Part 2

Eeeep. I do love the Peepshow blog, you know. I kind of wish we had reason to run it all the time. Today, we're offering up a double whammy peep.

The Barras Peepshow - Part 2a

Yes, yes. It's a 'coming soon' sign stuck on our window. Pretty ain't it? Even prettier are the pieces of freshly painted furniture you can just about spot through the window - if you have a keen eye and sneaky streak!

The Barras Peepshow - Part 2b

And this! This is just one of the beautifully restored barrows that live in The Barras Centre courtyard. We ADORE these. You can expect to be seeing a lot more of these fellas in the coming weeks and months. Rumour has it, that we might - just MIGHT be getting our hands on a Made in the Shade branded barrow all of our very own! Imagine that! (Carrie gazes off into the distance and imagines that...)


  1. Hi when are you planning on opening and will there be a grand opening party?? Can't wait to pop along

  2. Aloha Pene! We're hoping to be up and running later this month though we're still waiting for some work to be done on our unit. We surely WILL be having a grand opening shindig! You betcha! Dates and plans will be announced once the plumbers and builders have done their thang and we're 100% ready to rock'n'roll :)