Monday, 28 September 2009

Made In The Shade Homecoming Thank Yous

Wowee! What a weekend! It may be Monday already, but we're still reeling from the fun we had on Saturday at the Made In The Shade Homecoming. We've received so many kind messages from vendors and customers in response to this weekend's event. We love to hear that you've had a splendid time at Made In The Shade and we love to hear all about your purchases! If you would like to share a story or a photo of your handmade haul, then please get in touch.

As always, we have a number of people we need to thank for helping make the Made In The Shade event swing along hitch-free. Preparations for this season's event were particularly challenging at times and without a whole load of support from a gang of wonderful people, we could have ended up in a real pickle!

Many, many thanks to the staff at The Lighthouse - to Sallyann and Cat in particular. The Lighthouse staff did everything in their power to accomodate us in difficult circumstances and went out of their way to make sure the event went ahead at all. We really, really appreciate that. We'd also like to thank all of our Homecoming vendors for their patience and support when we were struggling to keep the event afloat in light of developments at the venue. Thank you to everyone at the Glasgow DIY Festival, Central Station, The Lighthouse: Renewed, Scottish Craft, The Research Club and other creative organisations that helped us spread the word about the event at such short notice. Muchos gracias! Thanks too to everyone who Facebooked and Tweeted and Myspaced their fingers off to help promote The Homecoming. Of course, special thanks need to be afforded to the 1000+ customers that took the time to come see us and shop handmade!

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers: Davina, Julie, Lynne, Charlotte and Joanne. Y'all did an amazing job and we couldn't have managed without you! Thanks to everyone who contibuted prizes to Flora the Tombola. And, as always, we're grateful to YHFphoto, Prpl Photography and Ken Robertson for documenting the day and allowing us to play our Made In The Shade shopping soundtrack respectively!

We'll see you all again in December for another installment of the Made In The Shade event but remember - we'll also be launching our very first permanent shopping and creative space in October 2009. Keep your peepers peeled on the blog and our social networking profiles for updates and launch party news.

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