Monday, 23 November 2009

Central Station/Tiny Gallery Project! And the winner is...

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the Central Station/Tiny Gallery project is...
artist Lindsay Grime.

Lindsay will install a collection of hand painted ceramic plates, tiles, tablets and cameos exploring imagery relating to the notion of 'Home Sweet Home' in The Tiny Gallery in February 2010.

Rather fittingly, Lindsay's inspiration for this particular piece of work comes largely from her granny's dining room. As Lindsay explains so eloquently, "One vast wall of my granny's dining room... was adorned entirely with china plates, collected over many years and each with a significance and history all its own – some precious, others populist; some flawless, others rendered whole by clumsily applied glue, oozing grubbily between the cracks. My installation would aim to examine this nostalgic aesthetic - redolent of family heirlooms, souvenirs of an antiquated domesticity - and conjure fragments of invented personal histories. Curiosity shops and the worlds of European and American folk art also inform my vision for the space, which I would veritably line with objects, creating an environment rich in domestic narratives and glistening with intrigue and neo olde wordly charm."

We are thrilled that our Tiny Gallery space appealed to Lindsay and we cannot wait to play hostess to her - and her fabulous collection of ceramics early next year.

We'd like to offer a big "Thanks!" to everyone who submitted proposals and we'd like thank all the guys and dolls over at Central Station for suggesting Made In The Shade take part in a joint project - 'twas a lotta fun! :)

To find out more about Lindsay in the meantime, please visit her online profiles:

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