Monday, 23 November 2009

YHF Photo at The Tiny Gallery - Coming December 2009

As sad as we are to bid a fond farewell to Jennifer Nicolson and her hilarious post-it note exhibit, we are excited to welcome long-time friend of Made In The Shade (and husband to Made In The Shade gal, Carrie) YHF Photo to the Tiny Gallery this season.

From Tuesday 1st December until Thursday 31st December, YHF Photo (aka photographer Garry Maclennan) will show a series of work at The Maisonette in keeping with the tiny theme of the space.

We'll be releasing full details this week, but for now, we'd like to give you a sneaky peek at a couple of pieces you can expect to find in the gallery come December. Fabulous aren't they? All work will be for sale and Garry may have some extra exhibit momentos to offer y'all too. Keep the 1st December free in your diaries. We'll be throwing an exhibit opening bash for Garry at the Maisonette. Don't miss it

"Can we just nip into Primark?"
Photo by Garry Maclennan (YHF Photo)

"What're you doin' after this, Joe?"

"F*ck all".

Photo by Garry Maclennan (YHF Photo)