Wednesday, 4 November 2009

De Courcy's Arcade & The Maisonette - FRONT PAGE NEWS! :)

Well, whaddayaknow? If you pick up a copy of The Evening Times today, you'll see the faces of two very tired Made In The Shade gals and their new neighbours at De Courcy's Arcade staring right back at y'all from the front page!

Yes - 'tis true. The lovely Maureen from The Evening Times interviewed us, alongside the owners of neighbouring businesses Just... For You and Not Now Cato! for a piece on the re-opening of the upper floor of De Courcy's Aracde in the west end of Glasgow.

We're not entirely sure if Cresswell Lane is the new Covent Garden - and we're even less sure whether we want it to be, but hell - there have been worse comparisons! ;) Give us Brick Lane anyday!

You can read the article by following this link - but really, to get the full 'front page/double spread' effect you must buy a hardcopy of the paper! :) Clare thinks we look like NKOTB 'hangin' tough'. I'm Donnie. Clare is Jon. Obviously.

So. Huge thanks to the guys and gals at the Evening Times for their continued support. Come and see us at The Maisonette and support your local indie businesses! There's a revival going on down this little cobbled lane and y'all should be taking part in it!

Keep your peepers on the blog for upcoming events and special indie shopping opportunities in the coming weeks :)

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