Wednesday, 30 December 2009

January Schmanuary

Good evening Shaders.

My - we have been very poor in keeping up with this blogging malarkey of late haven't we? Christmas chaos had us in its crazy grip there for a while, but I think the shopping shackles have loosened a little now! We're working hard to restock The Maisonette after y'all cleared us out of handmade fabulousness and we're toiling like trojans to lay plans for 2010. We have a lot of stuff buzzing about our heads and we have a LOT of lists to write!

Despite our Made In The Shade boutique shopping event still being... well - homeless, we're concentrating on The Maisonette for the time being and we're super-duper focused and gearing up for another tremendous year. We want to make our shop - as tiny as it is - your favourite place to be, to buy and to nosy around in. January is traditionally a pretty dismal month and even though we have been praying to the goddess of tropical beach lifestyle and sunshine religiously, we're guessing that we'll probably be stuck with sleet and cold air for a good while yet before the sun shows its face and our fingers thaw out long enough to stir a mojito. So. Here's the plan. We'll be unveiling our in-store events schedule shortly. We want to invite y'all to The Maisonette for tea and biscuits, for demos, workshops, meet-ups and general creative fun. We want to brighten up your bleugh winter evenings and we want you to share ideas, learn something new and get to know folks in your neighbourhood. We have some fabulous ideas up our sleeves already (we'll tell you more very soon), but if you'd like to host an event or if you have an idea for a workshop you'd absolutely like to take part in, then drop us a line! Reach us at: We love to hear from you.

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