Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Last Chance Saloon

A little bundle is accumulating on our mobile office (aka the Maisonette hostess trolley). As beautiful handmade items fly out of our doors, destined for new homes and new owners, we inevitably reach a stage where one little lonesome gift is left behind :( Rather than neglect these little pieces of handmade treasure, we'd like to encourage y'all to come and adopt 'em!

This is the Last Chance Saloon. If y'all don't grab these while you got the chance, you'll be sorry.

Cherished Coin Purse by Dazed Dorothy £15

Knitted Tea Cup Coaster by Knit & Destroy £4

Little Vintage Linen Notebook by Leah Halliday £7

Other items you might want to nab sharpish before the disappear include...

Cat Mart print by Gemma Correll £12

Knitted Bow Scarf (Pink/Blue) by Knit & Destroy £20

Ceramic Ornamental Grenade by Knitty & Dude £36

Bow-Tie Brooch (Lilac/Powder Blue) by Ding Ding Designs £8

Insect Badges (ladybug, dragon fly small, dragon fly large) £1.50 - £3

Small Stag (guilt free taxidermy) by Madness of Many £20

When we say, 'If y'er no' fast - y'er last', we really do mean it!

Swing by The Maisonette and ask us about Last Chance Saloon items. We'll sort you out ;)

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