Monday, 7 December 2009

The Maisonette goes BUST! (No, no, no... in a GOOD way!)

Yes, this weekend sees the Made In The Shade Maisonette travel southbound to London Town where MITS gal Carrie and her fine beau, Beardy, will set up mini shop alongside some of the country's finest crafty maker types.

In the spirit of supporting and nurturing new talent, we'll be handpicking some of our favourite Maisonette residents to represent The Maisonette during our debut at the BUST Craftacular. Perhaps rather predictably, we're placing a 'homeware' slant on our product selections this time around. If you're in London on Saturday 12th December and you're hankering after high quality, unusual and gosh darn beautiful cosy, homey wonderfulness, then do swing by and see us!

Amongst others, we'll be showcasing the work of needle mistress and textile designer Angharad Jefferson, ceramicist Kitty & Dude, subversive cross-stitcher Miso Funky, box art champion Navarone Paul and of course, Clare Nicolson and Lady Wurlitzer. It'll be a blast!

by Angharad Jefferson - available at the BUST Craftacular 12.12.09

by Angharad Jefferson - available from the BUST Craftacular 12.12.09

The BUST Craftacular takes place at York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday 12th December between 12 noon and 7pm. There'll be music and crafting and cake and fun and loveliness.


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