Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Oh-Sew-Basic Workshop!

We welcomed our very first group of workshop guests to our new HQ space on Monday for Leah Halliday's Oh-Sew-Basic beginners sewing class. Clare and I primped and preened the room in preparation for the arrival of our happy stitchers. By the time Leah arrived to prepare her work spaces for the class, Clare and I had gone a bit wild with with the furniture polish and the Dettol spray (our new favourite cleaning product)! The room smelled like a mixture between sun-cream and apples. Or - according to everyone's favourite Meat Man - like one of those retro traffic light in-car air fresheners. In short? Quite nice really.


I think we must have been more of an irritating hinderance than a help to Leah as she set up her materials. Excited by the all the beautiful things she was pulling out of her (Cath Kidston) luggage, we ooo-ed and aah-ed and squeaked and squealed everytime she brought out some other sewing tool or crafty aid. We were very nearly sent out of the room when we caught sight of the spotty handmade sewing tool belts! Wheeep!

Oh-Sew-Pretty Workshop

The workshop guests arrived right on time and were each welcomed with their very own handstamped name sticker and piece of shortbread. (We had invested in some Pink Lemonade for our guests - but failed to remember to purchase some suitable drinking vessels - so the bottle remained unopened. Sorry!) Following some pretty hardcore sewing phobia chat, we left the stitchers to overcome their fears and enjoy their Oh-Sew-Basic sewing session.

Oh-Sew-Basic Workshop with Leah Halliday

And overcome their fears they did! When we returned from our meeting in the courtyard, our stitchers were all beaming with pride as their clutched their handmade cushions! We were oh-sew-proud...

Happy Stitchers!

Happy Stitchers!

Leah will be running regular sewing classes at the Made in the Shade HQ - including reruns of the beginners sewing session and a fabulous 6-week dress making course. Keep your eyes on the blog for details or get in touch with us at:

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  1. what a fab time!!! wish I lived near you x x x i think some vino would go down well next time or as its a vintage night what about some babycham!!!!in authentic glasses of course!!!