Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Workshop News: Gem Sweater is GO!

At last! At last! It's time for Gem Sweater!

Everyone's favourite textile artist, Kirsty Anderson (Wooden Tree), leads this super-fun customisation workshop - just in the nick of time to get your woollens spruced up for winter! We'll be livening up dowdy ol' sweaters with a touch of colour, blingy-bling and zsa zsa zsa whilst enjoying trashy snacks, soda pops, special gem sweater punch and Leslie Hall videos!

Bring garments of your own, or pick some from our Gem Sweater closet.

Kirsty will offer instruction on gemology, affixing your embellishments and other crafty ways to bring your sweaters up to scratch for a night on the tiles.

All materials and treats supplied.

Gem Sweater Poster

So! Embrace the gold lame jumpsuit and join us at MITS HQ for a night of Leslie Hall, music, wine and crafting as we gem up our wardrobes and add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise dreary Autumn... Fellas? Ladies? Everybody needs a gem sweater :)

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