Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Supermercado is HERE!

So. We opened the big silver shutters of The Barras Centre to Supermercado vendors and visitors for the first time on Saturday (2nd October). My, it was nerve wracking... There were a few hairy moments where we feared we may have lost a couple of our star-turn vendors to stupid taxi drivers and unfortunate incidents, but in the end, everyone arrived in (just about) one piece and we were able to get fully set up, ready for kick off.

Supermercado at The Barras Centre

Made up of some friendly new faces and a whole load of smiley loyal residents, our vendor line-up for mercado numero uno was quite, quite splendid. Jo Sushi provided guests with tasty sushi boxes for lunchtime nibbling and Flamingo Bakery made darn sure that sugar cravings were satisfied. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm as big a fan of Pia's Fish & Chicken Bar on The Gallowgate as much as the next person(they do a real mean steak pie supper), but I'm guessing that Jo Sushi - without too much of a doubt - offers the healthiest snack in The Barras aside maybe from the fruit & veg guy.

Jo Sushi! at Supermercado

As far as cakes and buns go, Flamingo Bakery surely has to be up there with some of the best quality Barras treats! :) I enjoyed a veggie sushi box for lunch and chipped in with Beardy to take a box of 6 cupcakes home for private living room enjoyment!

Albert the Flamingo

Made in the Shade newcomer Sparklecandy and crafty old-timers (?!) t-boo and Stella My Star showed off their respective jewellery collections in style. Jewellery consigner, Lauren Anderson, stocks all the best indie accessories brands including a few of our very favourites Love From Hetty & Dave, Cherryloco and Tatty Devine. Stella My Star & t-boo make their handcrafted collections from found objects, vintage charms and other upcycled treasures to style a range choc-full of one-offs. Perfect additions to the Supermercado.

Love Me Again and Leah Halliday set up shop with their respective spreads of fabulous vintage finds and crafty ephemera (oh how we drooled over Love Me Again's French teaset!) and the lovely Kirsty Anderson of Wooden Tree showed off her beautiful display of textiles, homewares and gifts. She even hosted a mini badge making workshop at her stall! ;)

The lovely Mairead Macaulay (aka Breagha) wowed our visitors with her latest collection of beautiful handmade tweed bags and accessories and Jane (Funky Frilly) stocked up her market barrow with her upcycled ceramics. We'll be looking forward to seeing Funky Frilly and Breagha back at Supermercado again soon! :)

We welcomed a lovely bunch of customers to The Barras Centre during the day. We noticed a great mixture between familiar Made in the Shade faces and new visitors and everyone we spoke to reported that they enjoyed hanging out with us in the courtyard. The overwhelming piece of feedback we've received was that The Barras needs Supermercado - and that Glasgow needs The Barras.

Supermercado at The Barras Centre

So - 'tis a good job that we'll be setting up shop every Saturday from here on in then, huh?
This week, come along to sample handmade sushi, tasty cake and coffee by our all-new artisan roaster. You'll also find handmade jewellery by Florence Box, fashion and accessories by We Are The Robots, art & photography by YHF photo and a wonderful collection of secondhand film, culture & lifestyle books by Ottoline Books. We'll also be joined by the fabulous Bedcrumb and new comer Eilidh Muldoodles! Look out too for our very own Clare Nicolson and our favourite new jewellery designer, Canary Yellow :)

Oh! And if you missed out last time, we'll be setting up the Made in the Shade Trunk Sale again this week. With a bargain suitcase of past designs by Primarko, secondhand retro clothing and accessories from the likes of Top Shop and H&M AND a brilliant selection of vintage dresses, jackets, shoes, bags, blouses, knits and accessories - you can't possibly not find the perfect thrifty fashion steal!

The MITS Trunk Sale at Supermercado

We love The Barras - warts and all. We don't wanna change the overall feel of the market district - we just want to add something new. Come join us! We need vendors, we need visitors, we need folks to get chittering about Supermercado and we need y'all to explore The Barras and embrace it as an integral element of shopping culture in Glasgow. You don't get much more indie than The Barras now do you? More chatter about the Supermercado and the wider landscape later. Viva Las Barras!


  1. Congratulations guys and gals - looks awesome sauce (I learned that from one of my American Blog Pals!). Good Luck with Supermercado. Would love to see one in Edinburgh?!

  2. I came for a wee nosy, had a strawberry cheescake cupcake and some sushi and it was fabby! :) Now I've been paid I cant wait to come back! Haha. Great work girls xx