Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 15

We had a really exciting day yesterday. Not only did lots and lots of fabulous stock arrive at The Maisonette - sent to us by our very favourite designer makers - but we made our very first sale! Imagine that! We're not even open yet.

Claire Brown of Miso Funky fame stopped by to add some of her lovely cross-stitch samplers and cute mugs to the Maisonette's Autumn/Winter collection. She hung around for a while to have a little 'oo' and a little 'aaah' at all the glorious handmade delights on offer. Before we could say, "Have you seen the fabulous new work by...?" Claire had honed in on the 'moustache on a stick' by Ding Dong Designs. "Can I buy one of these now?" asked Claire. "Uuum. Eeeh...", mumbled Carrie & Clare! With no packaging, no labelling and not even a till to keep the money in, we handed over the moustache in return for 6 of Claire's best pounds! Voila! Our first sale.

You can own your very own moustache on a stick from Friday 30th October! Swing by The Maisonette at De Courcy's Arcade. We'll even give you a bag to take it home in and everything! ;)

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