Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 14

Yes. I am posting Maisonette Peep Show pics at 5.30am. I've been awake since 4am. So far I've sent out launch party invites, have caught up on various bits of emailing and I'm just about to start writing out price tickets. Yaaaawn. I reckon I'll be asleep again by about 8am. We've been so, so busy over the past couple of weeks that the days are all starting to run together into one big Maisonette fest - so please forgive us for the odd glitch in posting the daily pic. Since y'all missed a peek on Monday, I'm posting two insight images today.

Here's Part 14 of The Maisonette Peep Show...

These are our new price tickets for The Maisonette Autumn/Winter collection. They'll be handwritten and attached to beautiful handmade treasures with brown thread.

The Made In The Shade Maisonette opens on the upper floor of De Courcy's Arcade, Cresswell Lane on Friday 30th October 2009. We'll be welcoming our first visitors from 10am. Please do sinwg by and see us. We'll give you sweet treats and maybe a little drink of something. x

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