Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Maisonette Peep Show - Part 8

You know, I'm really enjoying this litte blog/photo series. I think we might have to continue this on in some way even after the opening of The Maisonette!

Today, we thought you might like to have a wee look at the De Courcy's Arcade building. The stairs and hallways have been cleaned up and decorated and are looking swish. Rumour has it that the Made In The Shade gals will be contributing some design touches to the look of the hallways and stairwell. What will we do? What will we do? Here's what the spaces look like now...


  1. vinyl decals in big vintage style florals, using old patterns and fabric prints - like your logo, or trompe l'oeil 50s maisonette concept - retro oven, kettle, clock, flying ducks etc!
    I could do them for you! (alright, cheap sales pitch, I know...)

  2. oooooh! looks a lot nicer since I had been in last. go to for huge doily decals called Lacy Sunday. They would be perfect for the Maisonette!!

  3. Ooooo! Intrigued and excited by both these suggestions ;) Thank you! x