Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bleary Eyes, Runny Noses & Impending Hysteria

Oh. My. Oh my. Clare and I sure are a pair o' tired gals. Over the last two and a bit weeks, we've spent nigh on every waking hour at The Maisonette, preparing our new multi-functional Made In The Shade retail space for visitors. We've scraped, we've scrubbed, we've painted, we've hammered, we've humphed, we've hung. We've polished and preened and priced. We've shopped and shuffled (and re-shopped and re-shuffled). And here we are - sleep deprived and physically exhausted! Clare has a nasty cold and I my eyes resemble 'pee holes in the snow' - as my dad would say.

Despite having spent far too little time in our jammies over the last while, we are super excited about welcoming visitors to The Maisonette. We'll be adding finishing touches to the space over the next few weeks and we hope you'll visit regularly to keep up to speed with all the plans we're laying. From Friday (that's THIS FRIDAY!!) The Maisonette will be open to customers between 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday (late night opening til 7pm on Thursdays) and between noon and 5pm on Sundays. We do hope you can find a wee minute or ten to come see us.


  1. Thanks so much for all the good vibes! We're having a lovely time settling into our new home and we hope y'all will come shop with us soon!