Monday, 5 July 2010

The Summertime Hop: 24th July 2010

Come on over, baby! There's a whole lotta makin' goin' on! :)

Yes! Made in the Shade is heading eastbound once more! We had such a fun time back in May that we've been itching to get back to the capital ever since. As it happens, we'll be hosting The Summertime Hop in the main hall of The Roxy Art House between 10.30am and 5pm on Saturday 24th July.

With 42 designer makers, vintage sellers and creative businesses setting up shop with us this season, we are proud as punch to present y'all with the pick of indie craft and design + vintage lifestyle from across Scotland. Set to the all important, "hand-picked-by-The-A-Maisonettes" Made in the Shade shopping soundtrack, we invite you to spend the day with us. We'll be rockin', we'll be shoppin' at The Hop!

The MITS Music Matinee this season comes from our very favourite country rock'n'rollers The Meat Men. Expect a whole load of foot stomping as you fight to swallow back the urge to sing (yell?) along to Meat Men originals from their debut album, Redneck Dinner Party and rockabilly classics and rock'n'roll stormers from the likes of Johnny Cash, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. We defy you not to let out a little yelp of glee here and there during this set! The Meat Men have been off plying their musical trade in Dublin for the past few months so we are delighted to welcome them back and we're thrilled to have them perform at our 'lil event.

While you ponder your purchases, relax in Auntie M's (mini) Cake Lounge and enjoy a slice of The Best Cake You Will Ever Taste. I have no qualms in making such massive claims. Bring me the cake that tastes better than Auntie M's coconut cake or indeed Auntie M's sweet potato and pecan cake and I will.... Um... Eat it? :) For those of you who like to keep up to date with the cutting edge of sweet treats, then you will absolutely want to test out Auntie M's whoopie pie! Cupcakes?! Cupcakes?! Those are soooo last season (dahling). It's all about Elvis Pie now dear... Munch 'em up!

Everyone's favourite photographer, YHF Photo returns to The Summertime Hop too. He will be setting up The MITS Photobooth once again and he'll be encouraging y'all to get your grins on and get involved in some high jinx with your friends and family in our makeshift photo studio! Document your visit to Made in the Shade with a professional snap. Funtimes! :)

Of course - as always, we'll be offering early bird visitors a highly covetable Made in the Shade Goody Bag packed full of handmade treats from indie designers, special offers, pretty things and promo items from our favourite creative businesses. Also available from our Welcome Table - the all-new Made in the Shade tote bag! But your's on the day! Use it to carry all your shopping home in!

If you would like to help us promote the event (we do love it when y'all do that!) then, you can make use of our e-promo materials here or you can email us at: and request some hard copy flyers and posters and we'll send 'em to you asap.

Pheweee! So. That's the Summertime Hop. Sounds pretty swell, huh? Will you be joining us? We do hope so. If you want to see what we got up to last year, you can have a peep at our photo album here if you like. Or if you'd like to look back at the fun we had at The Roxy last time round, you can click here for some pretty pictures.

See you on the 24th everyone!

(Look out for the full vendor line-up - we'll be publishing it shortly!)

The Made in the Shade Gals

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