Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Attention! Call for Vendors & Contributors

Listen up y'all!

Vendor applications for The Made in the Shade Summertime Hop (GLASGOW) are NOW OPEN!
The event takes place at The Lighthouse (off Buchanan Street) on Saturday 21st August and will be open to customers between 10.30am and 5pm.

We'll be hosting our event in a different event space at The Lighthouse this season and we are SUPER excited about it. Rather conveniently for all concerned, we'll be setting up shop (and the rest!) on Level 1 of The Lighthouse. The room we've hired is very spacious, has fabulous high ceilings, enormous windows, concrete floors and lots of little nooks and crannies for us to jam some super-special event features into!

We are determined to make the Summertime Hop 2010 one of our best shopping shindigs yet and we need your help to ensure things swing along smoothly and that the fun goes off with a bang! Get involved, people! Get involved! :)

Wanna be a vendor?

If you're a designer maker, artist or other creative entrepreneur-type, then we want to hear from you! To register interest in taking part and to request an application form, drop us a line at: madeintheshadebookings@gmail.com. Applications close on Monday 26th July so get in quick!

Wanna host a drop-in workshop?

Maybe you'd like to take up a space at Made in the Shade and pass on some of your creative know-how? We're open to all ideas - zine making, knitting, stitching, printing - whatever you're passion - we'd like you to share it at Made in the Shade! Get in touch with us at: madeintheshadebookings@gmail.com

Wanna perform?

If you made it along to our Edinburgh launch event at The Roxy you'll have enjoyed a little musical performance from the lovely Piney Gir. The MITS Music Matinee is something we'd love to introduce to our Glasgow event too. If you'd like to fit into our retro shopping soundtrack with a mini live show, then we'd love to hear from you: madeintheshadebookings@gmail.com

Wanna create a special event feature?

Whether it's an interactive art station, a special vintage-inspired service or some other genius fun-filled frolic, we want you to get involved with our showcase! If you think you can bring something special to the Made in the Shade mix, then drop a line to: madeintheshadebookings@gmail.com

Wanna volunteer your services?

We've had some fabulous event volunteers help us out in the past. We always appreciate your help and support. This season we're looking to recruit event volunteers to take up the following tasks: Pre-event promo, event meet & greet, event runners, on-the-day promo and a few other things besides. If you have some time to donate, we'd love for you to join in with us! Email us at: madeintheshadebookings@gmail.com

So. There you have it. Lots and lots of opportunities to engage with Made in the Shade. Let's make the Summertime Hop ROCK and ROLL. Get your thinking caps on! :)

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