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Introducing... The Summertime Hop (Edinburgh) Vendors!

It's just a couple more weeks to wait now before we throw open those big ol' doors of The Roxy Art House on our Made in the Shade Summertime Hop event! 42 designer makers will be joining us this season :) Representing the pick of indie craft, design and vintage lifestyle from across Scotland, these guys and dolls are a DIY force to be reckoned with! To get further acquainted with 'em ahead of your visit, scroll down this veritable roll call of emerging talent and plan that shopping route in advance! You don't want to miss a thing! :)

The Made in the Shade Summertime Hop 2010 The Vendors (Edinburgh)

1. Much Too Fun

Creators of everyone's favourite Scottish Slang jewellery collection, Bonnie Bling, set up shop at The Summertime Hop for the second time. These ladies all but sold out of their fabulous 'Och' brooches and 'Peely Wally' necklaces last time round, so y'all best visit their stall fast!

2. Morag Macpherson Textiles

Previously known as 'Global Guru', textile designer Morag Macpherson offers a selection of luxurious handmade wearables and homewares inspired by the palettes and textures of far flung places!

3. Gillian Kyle

Gillian Kyle designs and makes fabulous, accessible products with lasting appeal. By incorporating edible icons of the Scottish larder (Irn Bru, Tunnock's Tea Cakes, Mother's Pride, Creamola Foam) Gillian's textile gifts spark a wonderful nostalgia - and look just swell!

4. Asking For Trouble

Designer and print maker Marceline Smith presents her collection of handmade gifts, stationery and accessories inspired by Japanese design and culture.

5. Rag & Bone Boutique

Rock'n'roll, upcycled homewares and accessories by Claire Macleod for the music lover in you!

6. Jolly Good

Quirky jewellery and accessories by Helen Macdonald all designed and handmade using found objects and upcycled bits and bobs.

7. Pegeggleg

Magpie shopping bags with surprise treats inside! Sugar skull applique AND a whole host of bright screen printed textiles for you and your home by Penny Forbes.

8. Julie Fletcher

Illustrator Julie Fletcher returns to Made in the Shade with a collection of her prints, artwork, cards and pretty books. Beautiful!

9. Dapple Photography

Photographer Gillian Hayes shows a selection of work this season - all of which will look fabulous in your home or workplace! Talk to Gillian about her latest exhibition, 'The Colour Red'. Stunning.

10. Canary Yellow

New jewellery label Canary Yellow is already making a mark on the indie craft & design scene. Jeweller and silversmith Jennifer Nicolson creates delicate, whimsical wearables inspired by nature and FUN!

11. Clare Nicolson

Made in the Shade gal Clare sets up shop at The Summertime Hop. You know those beautiful little lavender birds y'all love so much? Clare made those! She's also the creator of a whole collection of soft furnishings, homewares and stationery items. Be sure to drop by!

12. Neil OSM

Everyone's favourite robot lover, artist Neil Slorance sets up shop at Made in the Shade Eastside for the first time. Visit Neil for a glimpse into a much nicer world full of robots, spacemen and cute shy boys :) Neil accepts commissions too - talk to him about that!

13. Tramp Millinery

Inspired by architecture, nature, old movies and fine art, artist turned milliner Maggie Mowbray handmakes wonderful headpieces to suit all occassions. Glam it up, baby! Glam it up!

14. The Night Owl

Fast becoming a Made in the Shade favourite, designer maker Ellen Munro creates a range of handmade accessories and homewares all with a super-pretty, folksy flavour.

15. Suzy Loves

Jewellery designer Suzy Watson's collections have developed into a sugary little wonderland of joy over the past few years! We're huge fans of her rosette pins and wordy necklaces. I like, 'bulletproof' best :)

16. Magic Alice

Magic Alice aka jewellery and accessories maker Jennifer Field quite simply, makes pretty things! From button badges to fun rings and brooches - all of 'em pretty as a picture!

17. Wooden Tree

Wooden Tree (our gal Kirsty Anderson) brings your granny's linen closet to life by recycling found fabrics into plushies, accessories and art. Love it.

18. Susie Maroon

Susie Maroon is an indie eco label specialising in luxurious leather wearables, gifts and homewares. Hoorah!

19. Tabitha Vintage

Vintage collector Claire Ferguson sets up shop at Made in the Shade for the first time bringing you a collection of her finest finds! Oooo... We do love a fine find! :)

20. Emily Moir

Last season's smiley faced event volunteer returns to The Roxy - this time to showcase her fabulous range of handmade wearables and homewares. We can't wait!

21. Angharad Jefferson

Textile artist and embroiderer Angharad will wow you with her ever-growing collection of gifts, homewares and accessories all made with love and a tremendous amount of skill and care! Look out for lots of lovely new products this season!

22. Haberdash House

Jewellery designer Marie Liddell returns to Made in the Shade! We're thrilled to have her back - and on her home turf too! Marie's unsual perspex accessories are fun and easy to wear. We adore her circus range!

23. Plastic Bat

We've been huge fans of Plastic Bat for years and years and we're so excited to be playing host to designer maker Tracy for the first time this season in Edinburgh! Check out her latest collections: Village Fair & mini range, Bon Voyage.

24. Fantoosherie Fancies

According to jewellery and accessories maker Jennifer, fantoosherie is the new black. We'd be inclined to agree with her! Look out for upcycled fabrics and found objects in Jennifer's range of handmade wearables. We particularly love her textile necklaces!

25. Frajul

Knitwear designer Julie McConnachie joins us at Made in the Shade for the first time this season and we cannot WAIT to cast our peepers (and our mitts) over her range of colourful, quirky knitted accessories.

26. Hingmy by Flore

Hingmy by Flore offers Made in the Shade visitors a range of calico bags and badges, all made in textiles and inspired by the great Russian avant-garde artists.

27. Leah Halliday

A gal after our own hearts, vintage magpie Leah brings her flair for craft & collectables to Made in the Shade this season. Alongside her fabulous offering of vintage homewares, accessories and ephemera, she'll also be offering a range of vintage clothing. Eeep! :)

28. The Lindstrom Effect

Oh, how we love The Lindstrom Effect. Visit Vala and Iain and peruse their beautiful collection of handknitted accessories, gifts and art.

29. Analogue Books

Now, we all know what suckers the Made in the Shade gals are for a good book or interesting zine... Analogue Books is one of our favourite places to shop in Edinburgh and we are super-excited to have 'em along to Made in the Shade for the first time! Come flip through some papery treasure, won't you?

30. Paleface

Paleface (Catherine Barthram) makes clothes and accessories using a combination of re-purposed, vintage and new materials. She designs and makes beautiful dresses, tops, jackets, corsages and purses amongst other things ;)

31. Wondrous Makes

Rosie reminds us of the loveliness of handstitching and the odd little thoughts that cross our minds! She presents her collection of cushions, bags, purses and odd little soft things inspired by real-life stories at Made in the Shade!

32. Laura Donald

Since deciding to leave her Eastenders themed creations behind (sniff!), designer maker Laura Donald has become the Bear Grylls of the craft world - using every waking hour to create new designs and fabulous pieces to share with y'all! We are approving of Laura's latest fascination of miniaturisation and cannot WAIT see what other treats the gal has up her sleeve!

33. Lizzy Stewart

Like us, Lizzy Stewart is a fan of pencils, cardigans and bears. [She's also a fan of Russian history but I cannot proclaim the slightest oodle about Russian history. I'm sure it's fascinating]. Lizzy creates beautiful, entrancing artwork. You must look at it and let you heart a-pitter patter after foxes, bears and beautiful illustrated people.

34. Verity Keniger

Not only does Verity bake an outstanding chocolate beetroot cake (I know!) but she's a fabulous illustrator, printer AND novice knitter. We adore Verity's lion face! Visit her at Made in the Shade and peruse her range of prints, stationery items and greetings cards and gifts.

35. Wildcat Designs

In the market for a space invader scarf? Of course you are! Who isn't? Visit Catriona and sample her collection of kitsch handknitted accessories and wearables - inspired by vintage fabrics, pop culture and graphic prints.

36. Vertiline in Love

We are excited to catch a glimpse of the vintage treasure collected by Vertiline in Love. Clothing, homewares, jewellery and ephemera - lots to explore!

37. Funky Frilly

With a fabulous eye for detail and wonderful taste in crockery (we do love crockery), Funky Frilly aka Jane, offers Made in the Shade visitors the chance to own a piece of handmade, historical homeware of their own. From cake stands, candle cups and clocks to pretty gifts and ornamental pieces, Funky Frilly will leave your head all in a whirl just trying to choose which upcycled pieces to invest in!

38. Kitty & Dude

A longstanding Made in the Shade favourite and now a Maisonette fixture, ceramicist Cosima Sempill never fails to make our jaws drop with her off-beat creations. This season we're all about the pin-up style collection!


Brought to Made in the Shade by interior designer and stylist Caroline Key, Trash is a collection of hand finished upcycled furniture. Caroline trawls her favourite hidey holes for hidden treasure and brings interesting items back to life!

40. Moody Monday

Eliza of label Moody Monday has created limited edition collections of fashion accessories and interiors products. Explore Eliza's handmade bags, accessories, purses and cushions... Mmmmm! Lovely!

41. Andy Murray

Fancy furniture designer Andy Murray doesn't just design and create stylish, practical items for your home or workplace - he's also the crafty mind behind the 'Made By...' book - a little catalogue of ideas of things to make from a lowly teatowel! Andy will be setting up shop at Made in the Shade - helping to inspire you to pick up your craft box and get torn into a satisfying project!

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