Thursday, 14 January 2010

Beards: The New Black

As any fool will know, Clare and I both have a penchant for a boy with a beard. Hell! I married Beardy for crying out loud! If you've been following our crafty exploits for some time, you may remember that we (not Made In The Shade per se, but Clare and I under another guise) hosted a birthday party for country legend Kris Kristofferson? We hosted a few parties for Kris Kristofferson actually, but at one particular soiree a couple of years back, we decided to pay crafty homage to the bearded one by running a casual 'knit your own beard' session. What a hoot. We decided to get back to our Country Crafting roots this winter and we felt the time was right to revive the facial fuzz fun :)

Last night we hosted our very first Country Crafting session at The Maisonette. Despite the fact we'd laid places at the table for just 6 guests, we managed to squish in three times as many people thanks to some nifty furniture shuffling and some begging and borrowing (thanks for the chairs Beanscene!)

With Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Gram Parsons blasting out of our 'lil stereo and plate-fulls of fairy cakes set for the scoffing, we ready to get down to some casual crafting with our new found friends. Some folks coloured in. Some folks made crazy faces on paper plates in Clare's latest game, 'Let's Face It' and others, well... others knitted beards!

In a rainbow of colours that Joseph himself would be chuffed with, the Country Crafting guys and gals stitched and stiched for two and half hours until it was time to cast off and hang those ear-loops from those lugs to proudly wear their oh-so-cowboy handmade face decorations!

We all had a super-swell time. Cake, pink lemonade, bucks fizz and a whole load of country carry-on made for a real cosy night in and a much needed break from the Hollyoaks monotony of a standard evening. It was great to finally be able to invite guests to our home for a little shindig and we can't wait to do it again! We've decided that we'll host a Country Crafting session at The Maisonette once a month. We'll be setting dates soon and will definitely be keeping y'all posted on plans. Country Crafting will continue to be free to attend but we do have a little tips jar (always happy to accept donations to cover supplies and treats!) and of course, you are very welcome to shop in The Maisonette during the sessions to help us pay our leccie bill! ;)

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