Monday, 18 January 2010

We're All Full Up! (Ah-huh-huh)

Yes - once again, the most fitting catch phrase heard at The Maisonette is... "If y'er no' fast - y'er last". We're thrilled (and wee bit sorry) to announce that both the January Sewing Session (hand-sewing basics workshop) and the Sewing Machine Basics evening are now fully subscribed.

Since these 'lil classes seem to be particularly popular, we're thinking about hosting another round over the next few months. Before we go get organising, can we just have a show of hands - who'd be interested in attending a couple o' wee sewing workshops? Email us at themaisonette@wearemadeintheshade or drop us a note on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you think. If y'all want 'em - we'll provide 'em! :)

To those of you who have managed to sneak a place - we'll see you soon!

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