Monday, 18 January 2010

YHF Photo Event - THIS Saturday at the Maisonette!

So, y'all came to visit the fabulous YHF Photo exhibit at The Tiny Gallery during December, right?
We hope you enjoyed playing with your 'lil magnifying glasses and we hope you had a swell time exploring the world of YHF Photo and the little people :)

As you will know if you saw the exhibit, YHF shrunk his work specially for his installation in The Tiny Gallery. Normally selling larger photographic work, the 'lil A5 frames with tiny images inside have proven real popular! We've had so many requests from visitors to purchase the shrunken work that we've teamed up with Garry Maclennan of YHF Photo to host a special exhibition closing party this weekend in order that you can do just that! Yes! THIS weekend!

Taking place at The Maisonette between 10am - 6pm on Saturday 23rd January, y'all will be able to nab yourself a little artsy piece of photographic magic! Mindful that we're all still recovering from Christmas madness, we're pleased to announce that every single last miniature frame from the Extraordinary Ordinary exhibit by YHF Photo will be for sale for the VERY special price of just £15 each! Imagine that! We'll be selling work straight from the wall, so swing by, choose your favourite image (or set of images) and we'll package them up for you to take home right there and then.

We're oh-so-lucky too, that photographer Garry Maclennan will be visiting us at The Maisonette on the afternoon of the closing event so - if you'd like to meet the artist behind your photograph, then this is the perfect opportunity. Garry will be happy to talk to you about his exhibit, about his obsession with little people and his plans for future projects. Come say hello, buy art, enjoy a cupcake and maybe a glass of pink lemonade and shop along to our vintage soundtrack!

Need more information about this event? Email us at: the

See you Saturday!

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