Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Maisonette: Workshops, Demos & 'Lil Get Togethers

It's official. We are sick and tired of this weather. It's even truer to say that we're sick and tired of TALKING about this weather. Truer still - we're really sick of listening to OTHER people talk about it. We have decided to take action.

Rather than succumb to the snowy conditions (Are you slumped infront of CBB in some sort of reality tv induced catatonic state? Gedowttavit!) we encourage you instead to don your wellington boots, your hat (the one with ears and chin ties) and head on up to The Maisonette!

During the next month or so we'll be trying our hardest to peel y'all off the sofa and into our cosy little living room space for some creative fun, some crafty exploits and some good old fashioned chatting. Imagine that! We have a lovely gate-leg table, an hilarious mish-mash of seating, a brand new set of halogen heaters, a cute little fan heater (for that added emergency blast of cosiness), a fully stocked drinks and treats cabinet and a whole host of clever people who are more than happy to come teach y'all how to do something new.

We'll be posting a full, pretty and info packed calendar of events onto the site in the next day or two, but right now we can share a few dates and snippets of info with you. Get your peepers around these babies:


WEDNESDAY 13th January
6.30pm - 9pm

Country Crafting Revival with Clare & Carrie!

Learn to knit cowboy inspired facial hair (we're going for beards, taches, eyebrows, lambchops), get to colourful grips with Clare & Jennifer's Keep It In The Lines (for grown ups) or answer the question on everybody's lips, "What's Up Plate Face?" in Clare's latest project. 'Let's Face It' involves a load of paper plates and craft supplies and results can look a little something like this:

WEDNESDAY 20th January

6.30pm - 9pm
The Sewing Session with Clare Nicolson

Join Clare Nicolson (yes, yes - the Clare Nicolson) for a lesson is sewing basics! Learn to stitch, get to grips with cross-stitch and experiment with basic embroidery techniques. It'll be swell!

Eventually, you might be able to make something just like this...

THURSDAY 21st January
6.30pm - 9pm

Get creative with Kirsty Anderson of Wooden Tree!

Our gal Kirsty is very clever. Not only is she the crafty brainbox behind design enterprise Wooden Tree, but together with her other clever chums, she's responsible for bring a touch of crafty DIY magic to Edinburgh with artsy selling event Marche Marche :) We are thrilled that Kirsty has agreed to come host a little workshop in The Maisonette this winter and we're sure that you'll enjoy the project she has lined up. We haven't heard a definitive title yet, but there has been much talk of foxes, masks, clouds and anchors. We can't WAIT to see what Kirsty comes up with! When we know the full plan - y'all will be the first to know!

This is a little taster of what Kirsty's own work looks like. Pretty ain't it? We love it.

SUNDAY 24th January
1pm - 3.30pm

Demo Day at The Maisonette with Kirsty Anderson of Wooden Tree

Kirsty has very kindly agreed to design and make a range of fabulously quirky DIY kits for us to sell here at The Maisonette. We want to help unleash your inner maker! We thought a little step by step 'craft class in a bag' might help you along! Screw you Hobbycraft! Get down with some craft action Wooden Tree style! We're thrilled to announce that Kirsty will be instore on Sunday 24th January to launch and showcase her kits. You can watch her at work and take the chance to clear up any crafty conundrums you might have!

MONDAY 25th January
6.30pm - 9pm

Textile Workshop with Emily Chandler of Lost in the Forest

One of our favourite makers and Made In The Shade event vendors, Emily Chandler, is the gal behind jewellery and gift label 'Lost in the Forest'. We're so pleased to have Emily involved in our little workshop series. She'll be coming by to teach y'all how to make your very own fabric necklace! Swell, huh? :)

Emily Chandler made this little brooch. Clever, huh? :)

WEDNESDAY 27th January
6.30pm - 9pm

Sewing Machine Basics with Clare Nicolson

Are you (like me), a little bit scared of the sewing machine? You really WANT to stitch those cushion covers but you're just not sure about that whole threading the needle/whirring really fast stuff that comes with it? Well - fear not! Queen of Stitch, our very own Made In The Shade gal Clare Nicolson will quell all those frighpy thoughts. Clare will cover all the basics of getting started with your sewing machine and will provide helpful hints and tips for staying in control of the darned thing! :)

So - there you have it. This is the calendar so far. We'll be adding a few more treats here and there in the next few days and we'll have all the finer details set in stone by the weekend. If you are interested in taking part in any of these sessions, please drop us a line to book your place: Space is limited so y'all gotta get in quick!

We'll be offering added treats alongside the sessions - lots of opportunities to drink pink lemonade (and maybe even some rum?) + a great soundtrack + sweet temptations in the form of cake and biscuits + 10% discount on all products at The Maisonette during the get-togethers. More special touches to be announced!

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