Monday, 18 January 2010

Last Chance Saloon

As you'll be aware if you're a regular visitor to the blog or if you keep in touch with us via our social networking pages, we're welcoming a whole heap of new designers and makers into The Maisonette this season. We're making room for lots of new faces and for stacks of fabulous new and exciting products.

Now, we've said it before - but we'll say it again. The products we showcase and sell at The Maisonette are all designed and handmade by talented folks from all over the UK and beyond. They are made with care in small quantities and are often available in limited runs. That's the beauty of handmade and that's one of the things that makes oru shop special. Below you will find a little catalogue of lonesome items that are the last of their kind at The Maisonette. If you want to grab hold of these fellas, you best do so quick smart! This is the Last Chance Saloon.

Pie Gent by The Cat In The Shoe

Aaaww... His gal left him, his best pal left him and he was ditched by his Siamese relatives. At Christmas! This guy needs a loving home. This is the last Pie Gent by The Cat In The Shoe that we have at The Maisonette :(

The Cowardly Hedgehog Pin Cushion
by Angharad Jefferson

He is lonely.
Take him home.

We have just 2 *pipless jam Poetry Calendars (£10.oo) left at The Maisonette and just ONE large Mexican Wrestler badge by Fiona Hamilton (£3.oo). The wooden Medal Pin you see there by Lost At Sea (£12.oo) is the last in stock and of course, Tom by Angharad (£70.00) is a one-off. Grab 'em quick!!

We have just one solitary Ornamental Grenade by Kitty & Dude left.
Been coveting for a while? Well - now's the time to pounce! This gorgeous gal costs £36.oo.

Other Items in the Last Chance Saloon...

Embroidered owl wall canvas by Angharad Jefferson - £70.oo
Let's Ride! tote bag by Gemma Correll - £12.oo
Pretty Pin Cushion by Mae Bishop - £6.00
Ceramic Sitting Bird Brooch by Kitty & Dude - £20.oo
Little Owl by Madness of Many - £15.00
Small guilt-free taxidermy (rabbit) by Madness of Many - £20.00

If you would like us to set aside a Last Chance Saloon item for you for collection at The Maisonette or if you would like to buy any of these fabulous products from a distance, we can accept mail orders vua Paypal. Get in touch with Carrie & Clare at: and we'll do all we can to help.

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