Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Trade Secrets of Lady Luck Rules OK

Now, if there's one 'Trade Secrets' session I'd give up cake to attend, it's this one. For the very first time, Leona Baker (formerly LLROK and currently Lady of the Superette) opens up her little black journal of top secret business hints and tips and shares her know-how and vast experience as designer, maker, studio manager and retailer (yes, she's THAT clever) with budding creatives embarking upon a similar journey.

Click here to read the flyer in a decent size! (The proper size won't fit onto my blog page without shaving off the side. I cannot tell you how much this annoys me).

You know, I can still remember exactly when I learned about Leona and her LLROK accessories label. I was getting ready to go to work (I think I was working with Levi at the time...) and as usual, I was soaking up a 'lil bit of Richard & Judy magic on This Morning before heading off on my bus journey to retail mediocrity. There was a cool cat gal on the television making wonderful rock'n'roll bracelets and necklaces using plectrums as charms and pendants. I remember she had a fabulous hairdo. From the snippets of the story I could make out above the wheeeeeeeeerr of my hairdryer, I knew that this was a DIY enterprise and I knew that I was inspired by this girl's bravery and ambition. I scribbled 'Lady Luck Rules OK' down on a notepad.

Later that week I took a trip to McCormack's (I do love McCormack's) and bought myself a selection of colourful plectrums. I already had some chain and leather thong at home to use in my own personal LLROK inspired jewellery making project. Returning home with my plectrum supply, I got myself set for some serious plectrum craft. Of course, in typical Carrie the Craft Calamity style, my punch wouldn't cut through the plectrums to make a hole and in the end - all I ended up with was a whole bunch of ruined plectrums. I promised myself that when I finally managed to see these LLROK jewellery delights in real life, I would treat myself to an original piece. I found my plectrum bracelet in a 'lil gift shop in Edinburgh. "That's the girl off the telly!" Painless purchase. Who''d've thought that just 5/6 years later, we'd be working in the same circles and collaborating together! BONKERS!

So - getting back to the original point... For those of us who have wondered more than just once or twice what went on behind the scenes at LLROK and just how Leona managed to turn her mini DIY hobby business into a busy studio and retail enterprise, here's the perfect chance to find out! At the LLROK Trade Secrets event Leona will talk through the ins and outs of running a successful independent creative company from design, sourcing suppliers, creating production techniques, setting up a website, the day to day tasks of selling online, PR and marketing, wholesale, the scary stuff like book keeping, employing staff, organising events and much more. How swell is that?! You can learn directly from the mistress of indie business!

It makes sense sometimes for the guys and gals at the helm of creative businesses to keep their cards close to their chests and keep their recipes for success, fun and growth under lock and key (any further use of cliche - anyone?) How refreshing and how exciting is it to hear that one of the UKs most successful and I think most inspirational DIY-ers is revealing all and passing her lessons on to the next gaggle of eager beavers? :) Leona will share her mistakes and 'ouchy' moments as well as her moments of glory - y'all oughta take heed. This gal knows her stuff! And you know what else? She's a right good egg into the bargain.

The LLROK Trade Secrets events take place at Superette, 66a Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR

Tickets to these intimate little business shindigs cost £25 and are available to purchase here.

Your ticket includes a tea and cake reception, private view of Lady Luck Rules OK exhibition, 90 minute talk and Q+A session. You'll also get to hear all about Leona's plans for the future and for Superette! EXCITING!

P.S If anyone would like to organise me a trip to this event, that'd be just great ;)

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