Sunday, 28 March 2010

Made in the Shade in China!

We do love to hear from friendly folks who take a shine to Made in the Shade and the work we do from The Maisonette. It makes us beam inside (and outside too usually). However, we were particularly excited to hear that journalist Jas Tang is a fan of Made in the Shade! Jas lives and works in London Town but writes for BEAUTIFUL Chinese style mag, Little Thing.

We are thrilled to be playing hostess to Jas during her week long stay in Scotland and we're real pleased that she wants to write a feature about the Made in the Shade gals and The Maisonette. We'll be showing her the sights, teaching her to sew and showing her round the Springtime Jamboree event at The Lighthouse ;) We're putting plans in place too to introduce Jas to some of the fabulous designer makers we represent at The Maisonette. Made in the Shade goes to China! Imagine that! :)


  1. I know! We are EXCITED! We're throwing a little shindig while Jas is here - I'll send you an invite :)