Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Well, That's Alright, Mama! We Got Gifts Galore!

I love my mum. She is a very funny, curious little creature. And my oh my, she is WISE. Mums are always wise. They must get a wee tap on the head with The Wise Stick at some point during pregnancy. Mums know all sorts of things. My mum knows a heap of stuff about music and gardening and housekeeping. She knows about the weirdness of boys and children and English grammar. She makes the best mince and potatoes in the land and her homemade soup ain't half bad either. Oh - and she treats me to a mean beef olive on my birthday. Thanks mum!

Sunday (THIS Sunday - 14th March) is Mother's Day. Let's treat our mums. If you'd rather not take the road truly trodden and would instead like to avoid the bleugh and agrhrhr of the high street this weekend, why not shop handmade for your mum at The Maisonette? We have a wonderful collection of fabulous gifts ready and waiting and we're pretty certain that you'll find something your mama will adore and appreciate :)

Here's a little taster of some of the treats we have on offer this weekend...

Squirrel Leap Lavender Bag by Angharad Jefferson £24.oo

Ceramic Rose Brooch by Kitty & Dude £16.oo

Pie Girl by the Cat In The Shoe £28.oo

Seasons Cushion by Showpony £28.oo

We have a range of special and unsual gifts to suit all budgets at The Maisonette; craft kits, writing sets, notebooks, 'lil accessories, gorgeous ceramics and heaps of the prettiest textiles you ever did see. We even have a lovely selection of Mother's Day cards by Konnie Kapow! Everything you need... :)

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