Friday, 12 March 2010

Pie in the Press! Pie in The Maisonette!

If you have picked up your copy of Homes & Interiors Scotland this month, you will have spotted a familiar face gracing p103. Yes! Our very own Pie Girl has made the glossies!

Designed and handmade by Lucy Brasher of The Cat in the Shoe, the Pie People originally stole our hearts at the BUST Craftacular event in London in Summer 2009. Of course, when we came to make our stock picks for the launch of The Maisonette, we were in no doubt that the Pie People ought to come move in with us and meet our Glasgow customer chums. An enormous hit over the festive season, the pie people have made their return to The Maisonette - this time set for Springtime! Dressed in their 'lil sugar coloured outfits, they're rockin' the candystripe look for 2010 :) Look at 'em go!

You can take home your very own Pie Gent or Pie Girl for just £28.oo :)


  1. Am I too old for candy-striped tights - suddenly want some!!! I was awarded a Sunshine Blogger award by Two Hippos, so wanted to award it to you guys too! Pop over to pick it up. Love Jen xxx

  2. You will never be too old for candy-striped tights :) A Sunshine Blogger award? That sounds delightful! x